Clash of Clans: How to beat the Revenant Royalty Challenge

A tricky challenge!

After the Clan Capital challenge, we go once again Clash-O-Ween with the ongoing October 2023 season of Clash of Clans. The second challenge in the game has arrived, and it is another spooky base to three-star. As Clash of Clans players are eager to take on the fresh challenge, we have devised effective strategies to 3-star this Clash-O-Ween Challenge #2 or in the game called as Revenant Royalty Challenge.

Introducing the Revenant Royalty Challenge in Clash of Clans

Once again, you’re dealing with a Town Hall 15 base that is a bit tricky when you first see it, because you don’t see a lot of defenses. But that’s the twist, plenty of hidden defenses and traps that are going to make it a tough ride. But don’t worry, you have both the Barbarian King and Archer Queen in their Halloween skins to bail you out.

Clash of Clans Revenant Royalty Challenge
Image via Supercell

Once more, the reward structure remains consistent with previous challenges. Along with the extra resources that are provided, players can gain 400 XP, 25 Gems, and 1x Hero Potion.

How to beat the Revenant Royalty Challenge in Clash of Clans

Before launching your attack in this challenging scenario, it’s crucial to be aware of the numerous traps, especially those pesky skeletons. To tackle this, the strategy is to lure them all out before initiating your main attack. Start by carefully examining the base and deploying your troops strategically to identify the trap locations.

Now that you’ve scouted the base and have a good understanding of the trap placements, it’s time to execute your plan. Begin by deploying your wall breakers on three sides of the base: the bottom, left, and right. Save three wall breakers after this. This strategic placement will effectively lure out the skeletons and any witch troops, clearing the path for a more successful attack, with the help of the Poison spell.

Clash of Clans Revenant Royalty Challenge
Image via Supercell

Following the initial step of luring out the skeletons and witch troops, the next part of your strategy involves deploying your heroes, the Barbarian King and Archer Queen, ideally in a corner, with the left side being a good choice. Give it a moment, allowing the skeletons to approach the Barbarian King.

Once you’ve drawn the skeletons into the proximity of the Barbarian King, it’s time to use the Poison Spell and kill off the opponent base troops. Next up, when the King and Queen move to the left to the Tesla + Inferno, drop the remaining wall breakers to open the base so that they get an entry to the inside of the base.

Once the Hidden Tesla on the left side has been triggered, unleash your Bat Spells in that direction. These spells will automatically track down and destroy any hidden Teslas, ensuring a smoother path for your assault. Simultaneously, as your Barbarian King approaches the town hall, activate his ability.

Then, as the bats are closing in on the remaining Inferno Tower situated to the right, deploy your Skeleton Spells to distract the Inferno Towers. Employ your Archer Queen’s special ability as needed as she closes in on the Town Hall and that is it. You don’t need to worry much about the rest of the base and get an easy 3-star.

Did you find our guide on the Clash of Clans Revenant Royalty Challenge helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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