Clash Royale: A guide to beat your opponent who has the same Deck as yours

Mirror Mirror, who's going to be the winner?

Decks in Clash Royale are something players like to switch out now and then. While the majority of them prefer to stick to a specific deck for a push or challenge, the others try to experiment with the cards they have. The challenges are interesting because they require players to step outside their comfort zone and prepare decks accordingly. However, the situation becomes complicated when both players end up with identical decks. Most players are perplexed as to how to counter the opponent, and mistakes can cost the game. So we created this guide to help you defeat your opponent in Clash Royale who has the same deck as you.

Facing the player using the same deck

Usually, there are two instances where players might be using the same deck. In the first case, meta decks which will be shared in the community in Clash Royale make people use the same deck. These decks can be really good as they will be practised and tested, and hence many players prefer to use these decks for crown pushing.

mirror deck in Clash Royale
Image via Supercell

The second instance where you might find the player using the same deck is during events. There are events where you will have mirror deck challenges, and here just like the name suggests, the opponent will have the duplicate deck. Players might feel that it is confusing, but again if you play your cards right, it’ll be easy to beat.

Steps to beat the player with the same deck as yours in Clash Royale

1. Elixir Management

Elixir Management is the best way you can break your opponent. Try to keep an eye on the elixir usage of your opponent and accordingly adjust how you play your cards. If they are down on elixir, you can play a more aggressive game, and try to take down a tower early. But if they have a lot, you might want to concentrate on holding your ground until you can launch a counterattack.

Even during counters (explained below) play a game of elixir advantage. Even if your opponent is getting the better of you, you can just defend and wait for the sudden death, where the excess elixir will help you in getting a head start in the first second.

2. Card Counters

Every card can be countered. The same is true for mirror decks, where you must play smart counters to gain an advantage. For example, if your opponent deploys a PEKKA, make sure you wait for an opportunity to counter him, and, as previously mentioned, manage your elixir to counter with cheaper cards. Launch your attack once you have gained an advantage and most importantly, time them well.

Card counters in Clash Royale
Image via Supercell

It will also result in several pushes by the opponent, allowing you to beat him by time. Make a point of luring him cheaply while your towers perform the trick. You choose the cheapest and most efficient card from your deck and play it based on the type of card he has deployed. Yes, he’ll use the same trick you did, but he’ll try to blow his chance with a surprise move or two.

3. Understand your deck

This is the most important thing for players to remember. Creating a deck or playing with the deck in challenges against the same opponent is not the point, but understanding your deck is. Everything about the deck you are using needs to be learned about the deck’s strengths and weaknesses, what types of counters it is good at, how to deploy your cards and in what order.

And how are you going to do it? Through practise. You can practise with the deck you’ll use in friend matches. Don’t play too many matches to get a sense of how good the offensive and defensive capabilities are, as well as the loopholes. You’ll know the cards before facing a mirror opponent or in the event, and you won’t fall into the opponent’s traps.

Final Thoughts

Players will gradually learn how to gain an advantage over their opponent as they gain experience. In some cases, the decks may be nearly identical, but there may be one or two cards that differ. Although your skill is important in beating the opponent, sometimes capitalising on the opponent’s mistake will give you a significant advantage.

So, don’t panic while making your moves. Simply look for a chance to break, and after that there’s no turning back. Patience is key for sure, and don’t loose hope at any moment of the game.

Did you find this guide to beating players with the same deck in Clash Royale helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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