Clash Royale deck archetypes: The secret behind a successful deck

Have you ever guessed how pro-players are able to understand the opponent’s deck just by looking at the first few cards? This is because decks are not created randomly. Everything follows a rule in Clash Royale, and these rules are formed by deck archetypes. Let’s see what they are and how they work!

deck archetypes in clash royale

What are deck archetypes in Clash Royale?

An archetype is basically the winning strategy that you use with your deck. Each archetype, in fact, has very different strategies and handles the match-ups in very different ways. Every archetype also has different win conditions or different ways to use them. In fact, many decks might have the same win condition, but they also might use a different strategy with it. It pretty much depends on which cards surround your deck.

All the different deck archetypes in Clash Royale

Once we saw what an archetype is, let’s list the main ones:


This is one of the most popular archetypes in the game. It mainly consists in having a fast cycle deck based on chipping away the enemy tower. The win conditions which get used the most with it are the Hog Rider or the Balloon.

Example of a Hog Cycle deck.


This archetype consists of creating really big pushes with a tank in front. Giant, Golem and Hound decks are all considered beatdown, even if they are usually made of different variants.

Example of a Giant beatdown deck.


while in beatdown you can sacrifice a bit of elixir in order to make the biggest push ever, with control decks you do the exact opposite. Your goal is to defend as efficiently as possible and then counter-push. Pekka, Mega Knight, Miner and Graveyard decks are all considered control.

Example of a Miner control deck.


This is one of the most popular archetypes ever. It consists in baiting your opponent spells and then using your win condition while they are out of the cycle. These decks usually have Goblin Barrel as a win condition, but we can also find Royal Hogs and Skeleton Barrel decks in there.


This archetype consists of attacking the opponent from your own side of the map. Mortar and X-Bow are the only siege win conditions in the game.

siege decks in clash royale, Clash royale deck archetypes
Example of a siege deck.

Bridge spam

This archetype revolves around spamming troops at the bridge and overcome the opponent this way. It’s quite similar to the control archetype, though it usually is faster and more offensive.

bridge spam
Example of a Bridge Spam deck.

Dual Lane

This new archetype was born in the last year with the introduction of many splittable cards. It mainly consists in attacking the opponent’s towers from both lanes. Three Musketeers decks with Royal Recruits, Royal Hogs or Zappies are the perfect example of this archetype.

dual lane decks in Clash Royale, Clash royale deck archetypes,
Example of a Three Musketeers dual-lane deck.

Of course, depending on which deck you create, many of these archetypes can also be merged together and make some hybrids.

These are basically all the archetypes in the game! Of course, with the addition of new cards, some of them will modify over time. And we will update this article as archetypes change.

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