Clash Royale Guide: Tips to reach King Level 14 quickly

Reach King level 14 with ease!

Experience is one of the most basic things in Clash Royale. Generally, speaking experience determines the strength of the player’s king and princess towers, gaining Exp in Clash Royale is no easy task and with that in mind, one cannot simply max their king tower overnight. In this article, we will learn about some tips for reaching king level 14 in Clash Royale.

How to reach King Level 14 quickly in Clash Royale

1. Upgrading the lower-level cards first

Clash Royale King Level 14
Image via Supercell

Lower-level cards in Clash Royale give better Exp per gold value. For example, players get 0.8 Exp per gold value when upgrading cards from levels 1 – 2, while players get 0.02 Exp per gold value when upgrading cards from levels 13 – 14. This places a lot of Impact on the experience system and players should consider upgrading their lower-level cards first for Experience.

2. Donations

When in a clan players can request and donate cards to clan members. Donating cards also give an experience that helps players to upgrade their king tower.

  • Donating 1 common card gives: 1 Exp and 5 gold
  • Donating 1 rare card gives: 10 Exp and 50 gold
  • Donating 1 epic card gives: 10 Exp and 500 gold

However there is a daily donation limit to it, players are allowed to donate only nine times the request capacity they have. The requirements :

Clash Royale King Level 14
Image via Supercell

Gold is required to upgrade the card levels, it takes gold to upgrade them to their max level. The gold required can be obtained from challenges, chests, Clan wars, battles, donations, and gems.

  • 240,625 gold for common cards
  • 240,600 gold for rare cards
  • 239,400 gold for epic cards
  • 230,000 gold for legendary cards

3. Experience

it is used to upgrade the king and princess towers. The total amount of Exp to upgrade the king tower from levels 1 – 14 is 203,770. The total amount of card Exp we get from the card of each rarity when upgrading it from its base level to the max is: 

  • 5,800 Exp from common cards
  • 5,791 Exp from rare cards
  • 5,725 Exp from epic cards
  • 5,250 Exp from legendary cards 


Experience can only be gained by upgrading cards and donating cards to clan members, it is a slow process and can’t be done overnight. Following the tips given above will boost the amount of Exp gained by the players.

Did you find our guide on tips to reach King level 14 in Clash Royale helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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