Clash Royale: The complete Card Mastery Guide and Tips

Know everything about Card Mastery!

Clash Royale is a popular mobile strategy game developed and published by Supercell. In the game, there’s a Card Mastery feature that incentivizes players to complete certain tasks with Cards during Battle. By completing the tasks, players can earn various rewards. Players can only access Card Mastery once they reach King Level 7. Here is our complete guide on Card Mastery in Clash Royale.

How to unlock Card Mastery Tasks in Clash Royale

Here’s how to unlock Card Mastery tasks:

  • To access the Card Mastery tasks your King tower must have a minimum level of 7. Navigate to your card collection tab and select any card. Here, you’ll find a new button called “Mastery”.
Clash Royale Card Mastery
Image via Supercell
  • To unlock tasks of mastery, you must win 5 battles using that specific card. Once you have achieved 5 victories, you’ll gain access to a list of tasks.
Clash Royale Card Mastery
Image via Supercell
  • There are 3 levels, each level contains 3 unique tasks. Level 3 tasks for some cards are coming soon. You can check your Mastery progression after every Battle by tapping the Badges at the top of your screen.
Clash Royale Card Mastery
Image via Supercell
  • Tasks may vary from card to card like damage dealer, efficient attacker, tower tapper, etc but the first task is the same for all the cards. Play accordingly, to complete tasks and earn rewards.

Note: You can only complete Mastery tasks in battles on the Trophy Road, Clan Wars, party modes, and Special Challenges

Types of Card Mastery Tasks 

Currently, there are three types of card mastery tasks: 

  • Type 1: The card mastery tasks for this type are quite simple most of the tasks consist of requirements like dealing Damage to enemy troops/buildings etc.
Clash Royale Card Mastery
Image via Supercell
  • Type 2: this type of task requires some more complex requirements to complete like destroying an enemy tower or hitting troops several times.
Clash Royale Card Mastery
Image via Supercell
  • Type 3: these are the most complex types of tasks available for players in Card Mastery. Players get tasks like “land a certain number of attacks with a single deploy of certain troop several times“.

Clash Royale Card Mastery Task: Rewards 

When players complete a Mastery Task, they are awarded a cards stack, gold or gems, banner tokens, and experience and a Mastery badge of that card will appear on their profile, the appearance will be based on the number of Mastery levels accomplished. Once you complete your first Mastery Task, you will receive a Mastery Badge. As you progress on your tasks and complete objectives, your Badge will get upgraded.

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