Clash Royale: The Complete Star Level Guide and Tips

Cosmetics and enhancements are something most fans like in a game, and Clash Royale has been doing it brilliantly. Although the new Star Levels have been arriving for a while, understanding them would be a good thing to do. So in this article, let us look at what does star level do in Clash Royale.

Understanding the Star Level Clash Royale


First, let us learn what does star level do in Clash Royale. When we talk about Star Level, we’re actually talking about the cool cosmetic enhancements you can apply to your cards to make them look even more pleasing. It’s important to note that Star Levels don’t have any impact on how the cards perform or the game itself.

In fact, they’re simply there to make your cards stand out and look more impressive. First added in the December 2018 update, Star Levels can be earned starting from Level 6. The below table gives an indication of the level requirements for cards and points.

Star LevelStar Points RequiredCard Level Required

Accumulating Star points

To begin enhancing a card’s Star Level Clash Royale, you shall need to gather some Star Points. You can accumulate Star Points by doing things like donating cards to your fellow clan members, taking part in special events, and achieving certain trophy milestones in the game. You can check your accumulated star points by clicking your level bar on the top indicating in gold.

clash royale star level upgrade
Image via Supercell

Obtaining max-level cards through various means such as opening chests or trading will not only grant you Star Points but also Gold. You’ll receive 1 Gold for each Common card, 10 Gold for each Rare card, 100 Gold for each Epic card, 1,000 Gold for each Legendary card, and 2,000 Gold for each Champion card.

How to perform Star Level upgrades

To perform an upgrade in Star Level Clash Royale and access the Star Level, you have to start by navigating to the Cards tab within the game. Once you’re there, choose the particular card for which you want to enhance the Star Level. On the card’s page, you’ll notice an option to upgrade using Star Points, just beside the upgrade option.

clash royale star level upgrade
Image via Supercell

If you have enough Star Points available, you can proceed to upgrade the Star Level of that specific card by simply clicking on the upgrade button. Before upgrading, you can even get an overview of how the Star Level would enhance the card cosmetic upon upgrade.

That’s all for our guide! We hope that you got a good understanding of what does star level do in Clash Royale is and helped you implement it for your cards

What are your thoughts on this guide on what does star level do in Clash Royale? Do let us know in the comments below!

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