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Click Deity Hero Tier List for August 2023

Adventure with the best team of Heroes!

Click Deity is a casual RPG developed by DH-Games based on the theme of Greek mythology. This amazing game comes along with a wide set of Heroes for the players to choose from. The Heroes are one of the key elements in the game and thus, the players must know about the different heroes precisely and then choose wisely among the list of heroes to fight with against the enemies. Therefore, not wasting any further time let us dive into this detailed hero tier list and get to know about all the heroes, their skill sets, and their rankings in Click Deity.

Click Deity Hero Tier List for August 2023

The heroes over Click Deity are categorized into three major tiers namely: S, A, and B.

Strong (S)Antigone,
Venus Twins,
Good (A)Eros,
Average (B)Nemesis,

Best Meta Heroes in Click Deity for August 2023

Warrior Class Hero – Antigone

Warrior Class Heroes are the ones who will fight the enemies from the frontline with all of their might and strength. Thus, for this role, Antigone fits in best with her warrior skills among all the Warrior Class Heroes with an HP of 7000. The character also has an ATK and DEF score of 1100 and 250 respectively.

Click Deity Warrior Class Antigone character
Image via DH-Games

The most powerful skills of Antigone include Strike and Dark Bone which helps the character to provide fatal damage to the enemies using her sword strategically. These powers enable the character to break the armor of the frontline targets and increase self-ATK by 10%.

Tank Class Hero – Prometheus

Tank Class Heroes are the frontline supporters known best for their rage and aggressiveness against their enemies. The characters of this particular class battle alongside the Warrior class heroes and thus help them fight the monsters. Prometheus is considered as the best Tank Class Hero in the land of deities.

Click Deity Tank Class Prometheus Character
Image via DH-Games

This character comes with an HP of 8400 while having ATK and DEF scores of 825 and 275 respectively. Shield and Tenacity are its most powerful weapons against the monsters. These skills allow the character to increase the DEFs of all its allies, also increasing self Block by 10% thus proving to be a valuable asset during a battle.

Mage Class Hero – Zeus

Mage-class heroes are the ones who use their mystical abilities and manipulate their energy to attack their enemies with the best set of different elemental skills namely: earth, air, water, fire, and the void. Zeus is thus considered the best Mage Class Hero in the land of Click Deity.

Click Deity Mage Class Zeus Character
Image via DH-Games

This character holds an initial HP of 12K and ATK and DEF scores of 2378 and 487 respectively that depicts their ability to deal with fatal physical damage during a fight. Destruction and Light of Holy Dome are the two most powerful skills that help the character destroy the enemies while increasing the DMG and ATK of other heroes by 10% within seconds. 

Priest Class Hero – Athena

Priest Class Heroes are the characters of the class made to support the player from the rear position while providing healing aids to the other heroes during a fight. Athena is the best Priest-Class Hero players will come across. This character comes with an HP of 8764 along with ATK and DEF scores of 1190 and 312 respectively.

Click Deity Priest Class Athena Character
Image via DH-Games

The most powerful skills of Athena include Hymn and Self-Cure which enable her to restore energies and physical damage taken by healing the other heroes in a fight. These skills help the character to restore the HPs of all allies by 200% of Athena’s HP all the while restoring her self HP by 80%.

Final Thoughts

Click Deity is one of the best RPG games with excellent graphics and a set of heroes players will get to choose from. Therefore, go through this detailed hero tier list to select the best heroes having outstanding skill sets and establish the strongest team to win over enemies across the globe.

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