Code Geass: Lost Stories Reroll Guide and Tips

Reroll efficiently and obtain 4-star pilots!

Code Geass: Lost Stories is an engaging game that combines RPG and Action elements with Tower-defense strategy mechanics. Developed by f4samurai and DMM Games and published by KOMOE TECHNOLOGY, it transports players into the immersive universe of the Code Geass anime series. This Code Geass: Lost Stories Reroll Guide helps players efficiently obtain their preferred characters in the game.

You can engage in strategic battles using beloved characters while enjoying a thrilling gaming experience. Whether you’re a long-time Code Geass fan or new to the series, this game promises an exciting journey through its captivating story and gameplay. Prepare to embark on this one-of-a-kind adventure in Code Geass: Lost Stories.

How to reroll efficiently in Code Geass: Lost Stories

In mobile games, Gacha systems are widely popular, and players often want to start with their preferred characters or items. This often leads to players resetting their accounts to get better initial rewards. Rerolling in Code Geass: Lost Stories is straightforward; you just need to follow specific steps to save time and reroll effectively.

Code Geass Lost Stories Free Scout

When players start the game, they have some quick character interactions. The game is very reroll-friendly at this point because players can skip the tutorial entirely. Afterward, they receive various beginner rewards and gain access to the Gacha system, where they can obtain powerful and rare characters through the Gacha feature.

Code Geass: Lost Stories Reroll Guide for Android Devices

As a new player in the Gacha system, you’ll get a bunch of in-game rewards for free. Then, you’ll have different drawing options to choose from. To efficiently reroll, concentrate on the Featured Draw, also known as the Time-limited banner, where you have a chance to get powerful and rare characters.

Code Geass Lost Stories Recover Data

If you’re not satisfied with the Legendary character you received or didn’t get one due to low odds, you can reset your game account and skip the tutorial to quickly access the Gacha system again. This allows you to reroll multiple times. To reroll on Android devices, follow these steps closely:

  • Log in using a Komoe account, not FB, Google, or Apple.
  • Skip the tutorial and do your first 10 pulls during the scout tutorial.
  • Use Sakuradite (gacha currency) to summon a character, aiming for a 4-star pilot.
  • If you didn’t get the desired character, log out of the game.
  • Create a new Komoe account or use Google/Apple IDs to make new accounts.
  • Exit the game, then reopen it.
  • Click “log out” without entering the game.
  • Log back in using a different ID to re-roll again.

Code Geass: Lost Stories Reroll Guide for iOS

Rerolling in Code Geass: Lost Stories is the same on both iOS and Android. Just follow the steps mentioned above to successfully re-roll in the game.

How to reroll on an Emulator in Code Geass: Lost Stories

For an efficient reroll in Code Geass: Lost Stories, it’s advisable to use emulators like BlueStacks, LDPlayer, or Memu. These emulators allow you to manage multiple reroll options at once. They come with user-friendly features and functions for a smooth rerolling process.

If you face any setup issues, check official guides or search online. To start rerolling with emulators, follow these simple steps:

  • Install the game on a 64-bit emulator instance for better performance and stability.
  • Open the game and complete the full download process, then close it.
  • Alternatively, download the game’s APK file and use the emulator’s APK Installer to install it.
  • Create multiple copies (clones) of the game from the emulator’s Manager menu, adjusting the number based on your computer’s capabilities.
  • Start the reroll process on each cloned instance one at a time.
  • If you don’t get the desired result, delete the cloned instance and create new ones from the main instance.
  • Once you obtain the desired card or result, designate that account as your official one and continue playing the game with it.

How to bind a game account in Code Geass: Lost Stories

When you first start the game, you’ll see various login options. Choose the one you prefer to Link your account. Follow the instructions to connect your game account to third-party services like Google for Android, iCloud for iOS, or directly through KOMOE games.

Code Geass Lost Stories Bind account

This linkage ensures your game data is securely saved and can be accessed across different devices. An important thing to mention is that there’s no guest option in the game. This means you need to use multiple accounts or explore other login options to reroll efficiently.

That’s all from us for the Code Geass: Lost Stories Reroll Guide! Did you find our Code Geass: Lost Stories Reroll guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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