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Combat Master: Best Settings and Sensitivity Guide

Top optimized settings for visibility, speed, accuracy, and control.

Combat Master is a popular FPS mobile game that features smooth graphics intense 5v5 multiplayer battles and a whole new battle royale map. With the right settings and sensitivity, you can move like a pro and dominate your opponents. This guide will break down combat master settings and sensitivity mechanics for fast and fluid movement in Combat Master.

How to set the Best Settings for Combat Master

The game tab within Combat Master’s options menu houses a trove of settings that can significantly impact your gaming experience. From body camera options to weapon sway sensitivity, these adjustments are crucial to fine-tuning your gameplay. The body camera, for instance, offers variations like hands-free, helmet-mounted, or chest-mounted perspectives which can heavily impact how you approach any fight. Let’s discuss this in detail below.

Basic Settings

1. Body Camera

The body camera feature shows a first-person view from your character’s perspective. You can enable or disable this under the Game tab in the Options menu. Most players prefer this turned off for a cleaner viewing experience.

Basic Settings in Combat Master
Image via Alfa Bravo Inc.

2. Weapon Sway

Weapon sway makes your weapon shift slightly when moving left and right. Turning this off under the Game tab will keep your aim steady and allow for more precise shooting while strafing.

3. Field of View

For Field of View set the slider to the maximum of 100. This gives you a complete view without any peripheral obstruction, allowing you to spot enemies earlier. Some players may want to adjust down to 90-95 if they find 100 too distorted on their device’s screen.

4. FPS Counter

Turn on the FPS counter under the Graphics tab. This displays your frame rate in the top left corner. Cap your frames per second to what your device can steadily handle, ideally 60+ FPS. Capping the frame rate prevents stuttering or frame drops during intense firefights. Set transparency to 100% so it isn’t distracting.

Combat Master Best Sensitivity Settings and Layout

1. Camera Sensitivity

Most top-tier Combat Master players use high sensitivity which helps them achieve quick reflexes. This enables fast movements and tight turns essential for rushing objectives and circle-strafing opponents. At the same time, a sensitivity capped at 70 prevents overshooting targets. For ADS (aiming down sight) sensitivity, 100 to 200 is ideal.

Camera Sensitivity for Combat Master
Imaga via Alfa Bravo Inc

ADS controls precision aim so higher sensitivity values allow micro adjustments when aiming that extra headshot. The sensitivity tab shared below is for non-gyro players who prefer very high presets for lightning-fast aim transfer. New players are advised to try lowering these numbers and play around the numbers till they find their sweet spot.

2. Gyro Sensitivity

Gyro Sensitivity in Combat Master
Image via Alfa Bravo Inc.

Gyro sensitivity has a comparatively higher response than camera sensitivity in the game. If you are a gyro player, do not try to match your gyro sensitivity with your camera. Instead, start by setting it at 1/4th of your camera sensitivity. Below is a preset that you can try your hands at first.

3. Layout

For layouts, the default layout works well for thumb players, especially if you’re new to FPS games on mobile. Customize the grenade throw and melee attack buttons to positions that are comfortable for you.

Layout for Combat master
Image via Alfa Bravo Inc.

Putting these in easily accessible positions makes priming and throwing grenades in the heat of battle simpler. However, players who prefer more advanced layouts can try claw layouts shown in the image below.

4. Customize your Crosshair

Under the General tab, you can fully customize your crosshair color, size, opacity, and position on the screen. Make your crosshair large and bright so you can always see it. Adjust the position so the crosshair doesn’t block your view. An accurate crosshair placement helps you line up shots faster.

Final Thoughts

With these optimal settings for visibility, control, and speed, you’ll move effortlessly across the map and secure more kills. It takes time to tweak Combat Master’s expansive settings to find what works best for you. But once dialed in, you’ll react quicker and outmaneuver opponents with pro-level movement. Use this guide as a starting point to lock and load your way to victory.

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