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Cookie Run: Kingdom Cookie Alliance game mode Guide and tips

Find out all about the new game mode in Cookie Run: Kingdom!

After a long wait, Cookie Run: Kingdom’s first update of the year is finally here. This update comes as a celebration of the game’s first anniversary and is jam-packed with new events and content. The update introduces a new game mode called Cookie Alliance to Cookie Run: Kingdom, where players can deploy multiple Cookie teams to fight the War Under Shattered Skies. Similar to the Super Mayhem mode, Cookie Alliance is seasonal and will only be available for a limited time. 

 Cookie Alliance
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The mode can be unlocked after clearing the World Exploration Stage 10-31 and will require Alliance Tickets to play. These Tickets will refill over time and can be purchased with Crystals. They will not disappear at the end of the first season, allowing players to use them for future seasons. The first season will end on February 14.

How do the battles work

A Cookie Alliance campaign is divided into chapters with four waves of enemies each. Players will need to form five teams of five Cookies, requiring 25 unique Cookies in total. Battles are played in auto mode only but players can manually switch between the teams, with a cooldown period between each switch.

When a team is defeated, the next team selected will continue fighting immediately. Players can also quit the campaign mid-battle and choose to either restart the campaign or resume from the same wave. The campaign ends when all five teams are defeated. 

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In each campaign, special buffs or debuffs will be applied, such as “Increased Max HP”, “Decreased Healing Received” and the like. Special Shadow Effects may also be encountered, buffing the enemies and making them harder to defeat. 

How does the Beacon of Valor work

The Beacon of Valor grants two kinds of buffs in the Cookie Alliance mode. Coins are used to activate one of the two buffs and ignite the Beacon. The Beacon flames will burn for the selected period of 7 or 28 days, regardless of the season. When the flames die out, the Beacon will no longer offer the buff effects and can be reignited with Coins again.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Cookie Alliance
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Effect 1 of the buff temporarily upgrades Cookies in the Cookie Alliance to level 60 for the duration of the campaign. Effect 2 of the buff starts Cookies in Blast Mode, of which duration will depend on the number of Cookies upgraded to level 60 outside of the Cookie Alliance mode.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Cookie Alliance rewards

Points will be earned based on your wave progress, the number of enemies defeated, and your total playtime. The further and quicker you get into the campaign, the better the rewards will be. At the end of each campaign, players will be given two reward chests to pick from.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Cookie Alliance
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These chests will contain a relic that can be donated to your Guild Museum, a new feature added to the Guild content. Players can also choose to spend an Alliance Ticket to open the other chest to claim both relics. Lastly, season rewards can be earned based on the player’s individual and guild ranking tier.

Tips to progress further in the Cookie Alliance campaign

During the campaign, players will face different enemies that they would have encountered in the World Exploration mode. It is thus recommended that players optimize each team to specialize in countering different types of enemies. For example, in Chapter 1: Wave 4, players will fight Mala Sauce Cookie as the boss enemy while in Chapter 2: Wave 8, players will encounter the Red Velvet Dragon. Having a team that specializes in countering Cookie enemies and another team that specializes in taking down one big boss would increase efficiency in defeating enemies for the Chapter Completion Time bonus. 

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