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Cookie Run: Kingdom Caramel Arrow Cookie Guide: How to unlock, Best Toppings, and more

Use the Caramel Arrow Cookie to her strengths!

A new cookie has been released in the Cookie Run: Kingdom She’s available in her own featured gacha banner, where players get an increased chance of getting her. The banner runs for 36 days, so you can get her from there until May 2, 2022 (+9:00 GMT). If you’re lucky, you can get her from the normal banner too, and soulstones for her might pop up in the Arena Medal Shop from time to time. This Cookie Run Kingdom guide will help you to know how to use Caramel Arrow Cookie.

If you want to get her, this is your best chance, since she won’t be available in the Mileage Shop for at least an update or two. If you have a lot of crystals saved up, try getting multiple copies of her in the featured banner so you can get some promotion rewards for her in a few weeks.

Caramel Arrow has a skill that’s similar to Sorbet Shark Cookie‘s skill, since it deals damage relative to the enemy cookie’s health, making her a valuable character in Arena and Alliance Mode. However, unlike Sorbet Shark, she does not deal with True Damage.

Caramel Arrow's Skill Cookie Run Kingdom Caramel Arrow Cookie
Image via Devsisters
  • Sorbet Shark deals damage to cookies that ignores their DMG Resist substat.
  • Caramel Arrow deals damage, which gets deducted from by their DMG Resist substat, meaning her total damage to cookies is a little lower than the one shown in her skill.

Still, this doesn’t make her less desirable to use than Sorbet Shark, since her cooldown is significantly less (Sorbet Shark has a 17-second cooldown while Caramel Arrow has 10 seconds) and this means she can use her skill a lot more frequently than Sorbet. While she does less damage per skill, she ends up doing more damage than Sorbet Shark in the same amount of time.

sorbet shark cookie
Sorbet Shark Cookie (Image via Devsisters)

If you’re trying to beat double tank comps in the arena, it’s a good idea to use both of them in a team comp so you can obliterate their front cookies as fast as possible. You can also add Pumpkin Pie Cookie for her reduced healing, making sure that the enemy’s cookies won’t be able to heal the damage back in time.

It’s worth noting that Caramel Arrow’s skill is a debuff. This means it can technically be cleansed by the Bookseller’s Monocle and Herb Cookie‘s skill, so if you fight a team in the arena that’s hiding Herb Cookie then you’ll do a lot less damage than expected. Expect the same when fighting a team that uses Monocle.

parfait cookie
Parfait Cookie (Image via Devsisters)

Parfait Cookie also counters the skill, since she has 40% Debuff Resist, almost reducing the damage done by Caramel Arrow in half!

The Caramel Arrow Cookie can use Swift Chocolate, Searing Raspberries, Whole Almonds, or Juicy Apple Jelly toppings.

1. Swift Chocolate Toppings

Using a full Swift Chocolate topping set allows her to use her skills as frequently as possible, and gives her a 2-second start, which is especially useful in Arena since a lot of teams have specific cookies that require a 3-second start. Having Caramel Arrow without cooldown stats might jeopardize the skill casting order since Arena is always played on auto.

Examples of cookies that are beneficial to have at a 3-second start are Strawberry Crepe Cookie, Cocoa Cookie, Dark Cacao Cookie, and Kumiho Cookie (for kumiscam comps) since this helps provide your team with some defense before the enemy team starts their attacks. Sometimes Eclair Cookie and Pomenagrate Cookie are also given a 3-second start, but these are for highly offensive teams, and doing this will end up sacrificing some defense and survivability.

Swift Chocolate Cookie Run Kingdom Caramel Arrow Cookie
Image via Devsisters

The minimum cooldown required for a 2-second start is 16.7% CD. If you’re really lucky with topping substats, you can try out a mixed set of 3 Swift Chocolate toppings and 2 Searing Raspberries, Juicy Apple Jelly, or Whole Almonds.

Note that a single maxed Epic Swift Chocolate topping provides 3% CD, and the maximum cooldown substat you can get on a topping is 2%. This means that for a mixed set that contains 3 Swift Chocolate toppings, you’ll need an extra 7.7% total CD in substats alone. If you’re a newer player without a lot of good toppings, it’s a lot better to go for a full set instead of a mixed one.

2. Whole Almonds Toppings

Whole Almonds Cookie Run Kingdom Caramel Arrow Cookie
Image via Devsisters

For a more defensive build, you can put Whole Almonds on her so she’ll be able to withstand more damage than usual, especially since she’s at the front of the team lineup, and can be vulnerable to attacks from time to time when not using her skill. Additionally, due to her high HP, she can sometimes be targeted by Sorbet Shark Cookie or even an enemy Caramel Arrow, so putting a lot of DMG Resist on her is great for survivability.

3. Searing Raspberries Toppings

If you want to use Caramel Arrow as a DPS, then Searing Raspberries are the way to go. This gives her more attacks, and if you use the full set and activate the set bonus, Caramel Arrow will be a terror for your enemies. This preset makes her efficient for burst or scam comps, where you want to deal as much damage in the first skill cast as much as possible.

Searing Raspberries Cookie Run Kingdom Caramel Arrow Cookie
Image via Devsisters

It’s also great for speed comps, but make sure that the Librarian’s Robes treasure is working on her, otherwise, the team comp won’t be as impactful. Aside from the attack boost from Lilac and Mint (other important members of the speed comp), the treasure is also a good fit for Caramel Arrow since she has a long attack, and speeding it up can help her defeat enemies a lot faster.

4. Juicy Apple Jelly Toppings

While it’s not advisable to run a full set of Juicy Apple Jelly on her since she’s still good without a high crit chance, it’s a good idea to add a few pieces in a topping set for her, especially with Searing Raspberries since she deals really good damage. Be sure to equip the Grim-looking Scythe treasure when you do, for an added crit chance bonus.

Final Thoughts

The Caramel Arrow Cookie shines particularly in Arena and Alliance since her skill is most useful against fighting other cookies. A lot of the top players in the arena leaderboard are currently using her, usually in tandem with Dark Choco Cookie.

Is Caramel Arrow Good
Image via Devsisters

While Caramel Arrow is a front cookie, she’s not suitable to be a solo tank since she has a lower DEF stat than usual and frequently jumps to the back when using her skill, which can leave your team defenseless Pomegranate Cookie, who was recently buffed. She now provides better heals and gives a 30% ATK boost to your team instead of her old version, which only had 20% ATK.

Caramel Arrow is arguably one of the best Ranged cookies currently in the game, and she’s even replaced Pastry Cookie in the current meta speed comp. That’s all folks for today’s cookie Run: Kingdom guide on how to use Caramel Arrow Cookie.

Did you find our Cookie Run: Kingdom guide on how to use Caramel Arrow Cookie useful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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