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Cookie Run: Kingdom Clotted Cream Cookie Guide: How to unlock, Best Toppings, and more

Tips to use the Clotted Cream Cookie efficiently in the game!

A new cookie has been released in the Cookie Run Kingdom! Clotted Cream Cookie is the first Super Epic in the game, and he’s available in the special event gacha, where you use Consul’s Emblems you received from missions for a chance to get him. If you’re lucky enough to have Clotted Cream, you might be curious about how to use his skill and what toppings are great for him. Luckily, this Cookie Run: Kingdom Clotted Cream Cookie guide has some tips to help you out!

The special gacha is available until June 13, 2022 (+9:00 GMT), but if you don’t get him by then you can still get him from normal banners in the game for a 0.060 % drop rate.

The Clotted Cream has multiple facets to his skill. He attacks the front-most target (prioritizes cookies), locks them in a Light Cage, and deals damage that’s relative to a percentage of enemy HP, as well as 20% HP True Damage. The former is damage that can be subtracted from via DMG Resist, but the True Damage part of their skill ignores DMG Resist completely.

Cookie Run Kingdom Clotted Cream Cookie 2
Image via Devsisters

This means that if you’re using Clotted Cream against a cookie with 50% DMG Resist, the first part of their skill only does half of the intended damage, while the second part will always take away 20% of their total HP. The Light Cage removes buffs from the target, and nearby enemies will also receive periodic damage as well that lasts for 22 ticks.

Clotted Cream Cookie's Skill
Image via Devsisters

This skill makes him extremely useful against tanks. A popular use for Clotted Cream is countering Tea Knight Comps, which rely on Tea Knight outliving their teammates and defeating his enemies when he’s the only cookie left in his team. Clotted Cream defeats Tea Knight early on in the match, making the rest of Tea Knight’s team useless. Additionally, Clotted Cream gains an extra 17.5% DMG Resist while using his skill, making him take less damage from enemies.

Since Clotted Cream has a lower DEF stat than a lot of cookies, he can be a little fragile. His weaknesses include high-damage enemy teams that have heavy attackers, such as Eclair, Sea Fairy, and Frost Queen. To counter this, you can use Whole Almonds on him, have Strawberry Crepe on your team (applies an extra 50% DMG Resist), or use the Swan’s Shining Feather treasure in your team as a way to revive Clotted Cream if he gets defeated too quickly.

Generally, Clotted Cream Cookie uses either Whole Almonds or Searing Raspberries.

1. Whole Almonds Topping

Most of the time, you’d want to put Whole Almonds on Clotted Cream. This is because he’s a Magic cookie, which is usually known for being the most fragile class in the game (examples of Magic cookies include Frost Queen Cookie and Pumpkin Pie Cookie). While his recent buff gave him an extra 17.5% DMG Resist while he’s casting his skill, he’s still vulnerable to enemy attacks before and after his skill.

Whole Almonds
Image via Devsisters

Additionally, since the majority of his damage to enemy cookies is calculated by HP percentage instead of a set amount (similar to Sorbet Shark Cookie and Caramel Arrow Cookie), extra attack substats on him won’t be that necessary. Top players in Arena use a full Whole Almonds set with 40% DMG Resist or more, with CD substats. For a more defensive build, you can put Whole Almonds on him.

A full Whole Almonds set provides 20.5% DMG Resist, and an additional 5%  from the set effect bonus, totaling up to 25.5%. Since the maximum DMG Resist, you can get from toppings substats is 6%, in theory, you can have 50.5% DMG Resist on Wildberry. However, most experienced players “settle” for around 45% to 49%, since it’s hard to get good topping substats.

2. Searing Raspberry Topping

A Searing Raspberry topping set on Clotted Cream Cookie is usually recommended for Kumiscam comps. A popular variant of this team has Gingerbrave, Kumiho Cookie, Caramel Arrow Cookie, Clotted Cream Cookie, and Sea Fairy Cookie. The goal of this team is to wipe out tank-heavy comps since the top teams in the arena tend to have teams with multiple fronts and Whole Almond sets with high DMG Resist.

Searing Raspberry Toppings
Image via Devsisters

Clotted Cream and Caramel Arrow are there to wipe out tanks, while Gingerbrave, Kumiho, and Sea Fairy are there to stun the enemy team, leaving them defenseless. Sea Fairy provides massive area-of-effect damage in this comp since her skill can target 5 enemies at a time. When you’re using Searing Raspberry on him, try to use toppings with ATK and CRIT substats, since this will help you deal more damage.

While an extra 1.7% ATK on a topping might not seem like much, it can be the difference between winning and losing in close battles! Another substat you’d want to look out for is DMG Resist; while it’s not as necessary since Kumiscam comps aren’t known for longevity (it does a big burst of damage, but sacrifices survivability) some extra DMG Resist won’t hurt, especially if an enemy cookie or two survives your attack and you want to outlive them before you can do a second attack.

3. Swift Chocolate Topping

While it’s not as advisable to use a Swift Chocolate set on Clotted Cream, if you want to try to provide him with a 3-second starting skill then you’ll need 22.3% CD. Remember that this includes the Swift Chocolate topping set effect (5% cooldown bonus), so you’ll only actually need 17.3% CD.

Final Thoughts

While he wasn’t as used in the arena before, Clotted Cream is starting to be used more in the arena due to them receiving a buff. Aside from Kumiscam, another popular team that includes Clotted Cream is the Anti-Tank Comp. This team has Clotted Cream, Sorbet Shark, Pumpkin Pie, Cotton, and Parfait.

Final Thoughts
Image via Devsisters

This is a useful comp against tank-heavy teams. Cotton and Parfait use Swift Chocolate toppings so they can heal the whole team a lot faster, while the rest of the cookies use Whole Almonds. It’s particularly good against Tea Knight comps and Quad Front comps.

What is your opinion on the Cookie Run Kingdom Clotted Cream Cookie guide? Let us know in the comments below.

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