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Cookie Run: Kingdom: The complete Magic Candy Guide and Tips

The complete Magic Candy guide!

Cookie Run: Kingdom is well far into the game where there are an assortment and variety of Cookies released. For that, the META is constantly changing and may result in old Cookies performing underwhelming than the newer Cookies. As such, Cookie Run Kingdom introduced a new mechanic in version 3.2 called Magic Candy, a type of material that increases the damage of Epic Cookies and effectively buffs them more than before. 

Players must unlock the Magic Laboratory to produce the Resonant Ingredients needed to make the respective Magic Candies of a particular Cookie. You can only build the Magic Laboratory once your Kingdom reaches Level 35 and you complete the mission afterward.

Cookie Run Kingdom Magic Candy
Image via Devsisters

All the Resonant Ingredients require the same materials needed to produce: 3x Purity Crystals and 16x Jellybean. It will take approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes to produce one Resonant Ingredient. Afterward, players can finally produce the Magic Candy by clicking on the desired Epic Cookie of choice. 

Materials needed for every Magic Candy 

As of the Current Version of 4.12, only about 9 Magic Candies have been released for the Epic Cookies. Additionally, only Cookies that are Level 50 or higher can enable the use of Magic Candy, the Cookies enhanced by the Hall of Ancient Heroes cannot have access to the Magic Candy. 

NameSugar CrystalResonant Ingredient
Espresso Cookie
Espresso Cookie
Arcane CrystalsConcentrated Espresso
Purple Yam
Purple Yam Cookie
Strength CrystalsSpiked Sweet Potato
Vampire Cookie
Vampire Cookie
Swiftness CrystalsAromatic Grape Juice
Milk Cookie
Milk Cookie
Strength CrystalsCalcium-Rich Milk
Rye Cookie
Rye Cookie
Swiftness CrystalsRough Raw Rye
Squid Ink
Squid Ink Cookie
Arcane CrystalsInk-stained Coins
Werewolf Cookie
Werewolf Cookie
Strength CrystalsAsh Moonstone
Licorice Cookie
Arcane CrystalsLicorice Skull Candy
Cream Puff Cookie
Cream Puff Cookie
Arcane CrystalsPuffy Little Cream Puffs

Materials needed for each Magic Candy 

Here are the materials needed to fully level up each Magic Candy. The Soul Essence can be obtained through World Exploration. The Sugar Crystals on the other hand can be obtained in various ways through Balloon Expedition, Seaside Market, Gacha in the Guild, and Cookie Alliance, and can even be produced in the Magic Laboratory. 

LevelsMaterials NeededCoins Required
Level 120x Epic Soul Essence,
100x Sugar Crystals,
20x Resonant Ingredients
Level 2-588x Common Soul Essence,
224x Sugar Crystals,
14x Resonant Ingredients
Level 6-9120x Common Soul Essence, 294x Sugar Crystals,
30x Resonant Ingredients
Level 10-13136x Rare Soul Essence,
380x Sugar Crystals,
52x Resonant Ingredients
Level 14-17200x Rare Soul Essence,
489x Sugar Crystals,
84x Resonant Ingredients
Level 18-2238x Epic Soul Essence,
812x Sugar Crystals,
140x Resonant Ingredients
Level 23-2762x Epic Soul Essence,
1105x Sugar Crystals,
200x Resonant Ingredients
Level 282x Legendary Soul Essence,
265x Sugar Crystals,
46x Resonant Ingredients
Level 294x Legendary Soul Essence,
282x Sugar Crystals,
48x Resonant Ingredients
Level 306x Legendary Soul Essence,
300x Sugar Crystals,
50x Resonant Ingredients
Total208x Common,
332x Rare,
120x Epic,
12x Legendary Soul Essence,
4251x Sugar Crystals,
1686x  Resonant Ingredients

There are about 30 Levels in a Magic Candy which means the damage multipliers of the chosen Epic Cookie will increase 30 times. The different buffs include more damage. Be sure to remember that the success rate of leveling up the Magic Candy acts just like the Toppings. The higher the Level is, the lower the success rate of upgrading the Magic Candy (As indicated by the green bar rightwards).

Cookie Run Kingdom Magic Candy
Image via Devsisters

Unlike upgrading the Toppings, all the materials that you used such as the Soul Essence, Sugar Crystals, and the Resonant Ingredients will be refunded back. You only lose Coins in the process. Additionally, with every failed attempt to level up the Magic Candy, the success rate increases to 5%. 

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