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Cookie Run: Kingdom: The Complete Star Jellies Guide and Tips

Earn more Star Jellies and utilise them efficiently in the game!

Cookie Run: Kingdom– Kingdom Builder & Battle RPG game is a new addition to the famous Cookie Run RPG game series. It was released in January 2021 and is available on iOS and Android platforms. One can easily download it from Google Play and the App Store. This game is about building a dream Cookie Kingdom while fighting against evil desert monsters. Star jellies are an important resource in the Cookie Run Kingdom. You’re constantly going to level up cookies in the game, so it can be easy to run out of jellies, but thankfully there are multiple ways to get them in the game.

Star jellies give cookies experience points. They are necessary for leveling up your cookies. You’ll need to level up your cookies to advance in story mode and get into higher ranks at the arena. The maximum level for a cookie is Level 60.

Star jellies Cookie Run: Kingdom Toppings
Star jellies

Leveling up boosts your cookie’s stats, like HP, defense, and attack. While there are other ways to upgrade your cookies stats like landmarks, toppings, promotion (unlockable by having several soulstones of the cookie),  cookie bonds, and equipping certain treasures, these other options won’t affect your cookie that much if you don’t level your cookie up first.

To level up a cookie, you just go to the Cookies tab, select the cookie you want to level up, and choose the star jellies you want to use. Leveling up costs more and more star jellies, so it’s wise to only use them for your main cookies, instead of trying to level up every cookie you have.

Star jellies come in different levels, ranging from Level 1 to Level 8.

Star Jelly levels
Cookie Run: Kingdom: Star Jelly levels
  • Level 1 gives 14 XP
  • Level 2 gives 60 XP
  • Level 3 gives 150 XP
  • Level 4 gives 400 XP
  • Level 5 gives 800 XP
  • Level 6 gives 1,600 XP
  • Level 7 gives 3,000 XP
  • Level 8 gives 8,000 XP

Levels 1 to 6 can be easily obtained in the game from shops and as rewards, but the last two levels are significantly rarer. They’re usually only found in packages at the store (bought with real money) or are given as rewards on special events.

Here are all the current ways to get star jellies.

The cookie houses are your most reliable source of star jellies because they provide them over time with minimal management. Just remember to claim the jellies when it gets filled (you can see how long it takes a cookie house to reach full capacity by tapping on it.) It’s advisable to level up your cookie houses at the highest level you can because this way it produces jellies for longer. Note that the maximum cookie house level you can have at the moment is dependent on your castle level.

Cookie Houses
Cookie Houses

Also, since you would probably need to build a lot of them, it’s helpful to merge houses with the same level (starting at Level 5) so that it would take up less space in your kingdom.

2. Fountain of Abundance

Fountain Of Abundance Cookie Run: Kingdom Star Jellies
Fountain Of Abundance

The fountain is your secondary passive source of star jellies. It also gives you a lot of other things too, like coins, crystals, materials, and speed-ups. Upgrading the fountain lets it produce for longer periods of time. Currently, the fountain can only be upgraded up to Level 15.

3. Tower of Sweet Chaos

Tower Of Sweet Chaos
Tower Of Sweet Chaos

This game mode is a good way to get jellies, especially when you reach the middle levels which give you at least 30,000 XP on successfully finishing a tray for the first time, with the maximum reward being 80,000 XP for completing the final tray.

4. Tropical Soda Islands

Tropical Soda Islands Cookie Run: Kingdom Star Jellies
Tropical Soda Islands

This is also a good mode to get star jellies from, seeing as just re-doing an island can give around 20,000 XP while finishing an island for the first time gives you even more XP. Also, conquering star jelly islands will provide you with a few additional star jellies every 8 hours.

5. Story Mode


It’s not advisable to go on story mode just for XP grinding, because it doesn’t give a lot of jellies. For example, clearing a stage in World 12 only gives you thirteen Level 3 jellies, which only amounts to 1,950 XP. So it’s good to focus more on farming for toppings or soulstones (in dark mode).

6. Wishing Tree

Wishing Tree
Wishing Tree

While doing wishes is mostly beneficial for getting coins, the daily rewards are still great because they give out XP, gems, and rarities. Be on the lookout for burning time, where the chest gives 5x the usual rewards, giving you more XP jelly!

7. Guild Gacha

Guild Gacha Cookie Run: Kingdom Star Jellies
Guild Gacha

The guild gacha is an unreliable source of jellies. You’ll need a bit of luck to get the type of rewards you want, because there are a lot of possible options in the gacha, for example, toppings, the monocle treasure, and Cream Puff soulstones.

8. Daily Gift

Daily Gift
Daily Gift

Remember to claim your daily gift! You can find it in the Gacha tab, and press the Daily Gift tab (right below treasure gacha.) It also gives you xs toppings as well, which are useful for breaking down into topping pieces.

9. The Once-a-Day Free Package

Once A Day Free Package Cookie Run: Kingdom Star Jellies
Once A Day Free Package

While the shop is mostly packed that is bought with real-life currency, there’s actually a free daily package that provides you 600 XP and 30 gems. It’s nothing grand, but it’s a nice bonus considering that it barely takes any effort to get.

10. Events


There are always ongoing events happening in the Cookie Run Kingdom, and star jellies are one of the most common rewards to get from them. Always check out the events tab, and additionally you can check the calendar too; it lets you see upcoming events and their rewards, which is useful so you can get ready in advance. Remember to look at your mailbox too, because sometimes you’ll receive XP gifts, and they expire in a few days if you don’t claim them.

11. Buying Star Jellies with Mileage, Arena Medals, and Rainbow Pearls

It’s not recommended to buy jellies with in-game currency. Mileage can be used to buy epic soulstones or treasure tickets. Medals can buy ancient soulstones, which are really difficult to obtain otherwise.

Buying Star Jellies Cookie Run: Kingdom Star Jellies
Buying Star Jellies

Rainbow pearls can buy legendary soulstones and are hard to collect because you need to produce a lot of goods, and the number of rainbow pearls you can get in a day is limited to 1,500. However, you can still buy star jellies if you want, for example when the cookie you’re building is only a few thousand XP short of leveling up.

12. Kingdom Pass

Kingdom Pass
Kingdom Pass

The kingdom pass provides a lot of benefits, such as increasing daily bounty attempts and reducing the arena refresh time. Buying the kingdom pass usually comes with a landmark that produces level 2 jellies over time (but it’s not always the case, for example, a previous landmark gave out topping pieces instead.)

13. Store

Store Cookie Run: Kingdom Star Jellies

Lastly, you can buy packs in the store. There are some good deals in the store from time to time so make sure to be on the lookout for them. Still, at the end of the day buying packs isn’t really a necessity and you can always play the game without spending any real money.

Did you find our Cookie Run: Kingdom Star Jellies guide useful? Did you find our Run: Kingdom Star Jellies guide helpful?  Do let us know in the comments below!

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