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Cookie Run: Kingdom: The Ultimate Treasure Guide and Tips

Know your Treasures and upgrade them accordingly!

Cookie Run: Kingdom– Kingdom Builder & Battle RPG game is a new addition to the famous Cookie Run RPG game series this game is about building a dream Cookie Kingdom while fighting against evil desert monsters. Just having great cookies isn’t enough; if you’re equipping terrible treasures on your cookie team, then you won’t be using your team to its maximum potential. A lot of beginners and intermediate players underestimate treasure in the Cookie Run Kingdom just because they aren’t as flashy as using Legendary and Ancient cookies. But don’t make this mistake! Sometimes, just changing your treasures would help you defeat a stage that you’ve been stuck on for ages.

Most treasures are obtainable from the Treasure Gacha. However, Bookseller’s Monocle and Insignia of the Indomitable Knights can only be found in the Guild Gacha. Here is a tier list of all the current treasures:

The following tier list should only be taken as a reference because different strategies and compositions can yield different results for players. The treasures marked under (S) are of utmost necessity and you can certainly avoid the ones tagged under (D) and choose not to upgrade them at all!

Best (S) Good (A) Decent (B) Average (C) Bad (D)
Squishy Jelly WatchBear Jelly’s LollipopBlind Healer’s StaffMiraculous Ghost IcecreamJelly Worm’s Sticky Goo
Old Pilgrim’s ScrollLibrarian’s Enchanted RobesSacred Pomegranate BranchDurianeer’s Squeaky Flamingo TubeCheesebird’s Coin Purse
Gatekeeper Ghost’s HornSeamstress’s Pin CushionBookseller’s MonocleElder Pilgrim’s TorchGinkgoblin’s Trophy Safe
Grim-looking ScytheInsignia of the Indomitable KnightsPriestess Cookie’s Paper Charm
Pilgrim’s Slingshot
Sugar Swan’s Shining Feather

1. Squishy Jelly Watch

This handy treasure decreases the cookies’ cooldown skill. It helps your cookies deal damage more frequently. The fact that this treasure is a common drop from the Treasure Gacha is amazing since it’s definitely one of the best ones. Cookies like Frost Queen and Pure Vanilla have exceptionally long cooldowns, so this treasure is a must.

Squishy Jelly Watch
(Image via Devsisters)

(It is worth noting that, unlike cookies and toppings, the “rarity” of the treasure has nothing to do with how good it is; two of the most useful treasures in the game are Commons, yet there are a LOT of Epic treasures that you would barely have any use for.)

2. Old Pilgrim’s Scroll

Old Pilgrim's Scroll
(Image via Devsisters)

Even at level 1, this treasure boosts your team’s ATK by 30%, which is already such a powerful buff. You won’t find a team in Masters that doesn’t have this treasure upgraded to a high level. It’s an Epic treasure so you’d have to be a bit luckier to get this as compared to the other treasures in this list, but it’s so much worth it.

3. Gatekeeper Ghost’s Horn

Gatekeeper Ghost's Horn
(Image via Devsisters)

At Level 12 this treasure gives your whole team a 45.4% DEF increase, which is so useful especially in higher adventure stages where enemies will deal tons of damage to your team. In tandem with DMG Resist toppings, this treasure will aid your tanks to absorb big amounts of damage.

4. Grim-looking Scythe

Grim-looking Scythe
(Image via Devsisters)

If you’d rather go for a more offensive route, Scythe is the way to go. It increases crit chance for your whole team, which is a really nice bonus for your attackers and healers. It is also good to pair with Twizzle Gummy Cookie, whose skill relies on her using a crit attack.

5. Pilgrim’s Slingshot

Pilgrim's Slingshot
(Image via Devsisters)

While this treasure isn’t as needed in other parts of the game, it’s such a huge necessity for defeating boss stages that you’d definitely want to level this treasure up as much as you can. At the maximum level, this treasure will decrease the rearmost enemy’s defense by a whopping 69.6%!

6. Sugar Swan’s Shining Feather

Sugar Swan's Shining Feather
(Image via Devsisters)

Used mostly for the arena, this treasure revives your first fallen cookie. It’s not as suggested for playing in adventure mode because it can only activate once in a match, so you’d be better off using the horn. Leveling up this treasure would increase the amount of health on the cookie when revived.

1. Watch, Scroll, Horn/Scythe/Slingshot/Feather

Watch and Scroll provides the most powerful boosts in the game, so most of the time you can’t really take them out of your treasure set. The last slot is more flexible though, and it’s up to you to figure out which one you would need for that particular match.

Scythe/Slingshot/Feather Cookie Run Kingdom Treasure
(Image via Devsisters)

Horn is for a more defensive team, but if you want a more offensive approach then you can use Scythe. These two are used for normal stages in adventure mode; if you’re facing a stage with a tanky boss at the end (or you’re playing guild battle), then the better treasure to use is Slingshot because it decreases the rearmost enemy’s defense, and added with Dark Choco cookie’s 30% DEF decrease skill this significantly helps you kill the boss faster.

Feather is for Arena, because most of the time the first cookie who’ll die on your team is one of your damage dealers, and the instant revival plus cooldown reset will let you deal more damage to the enemy team than just going for Horn.

2. Scroll, Robes, Feather/Scythe/Watch

Scroll, Robes, Feather/Scythe/Watch Cookie Run Kingdom Treasure
(Image via Devsisters)

This set is used for Speed comps, which utilizes Lilac Cookie, and often times Mint Choco Cookie and Pastry Cookie too. This set is inadvisable for any other team setup though because ATK speed isn’t as useful of a cookie stat as ATK, DEF, or crit.

3. Watch, Scroll, Pincushion

Watch, Scroll, Pincushion Cookie Run Kingdom Treasure
(Image via Devsisters)

This one is for using the Summoners comp. Seamstress’s Pincushion is only good for this team setup, because it only boosts ATK of summoned creatures, so using it on a team with no summoners would be a waste of a treasure slot.

4. Scroll, Lollipop, Robes

This is mostly used by Scam comps in the arena, where you’d want to deal the most amount of damage you can at a time, hoping to take away a massive amount of health from the enemy team. (It’s a “do or die” situation, because if the enemy team survives your initial attack then you’re probably going to get defeated.) Scroll and Lollipop are there for obvious reasons (use Lollipop instead of Scythe because for scam comps you’d be relying on your main attacker’s damage, instead of your team as a whole.)

 Scroll, Lollipop, Robes Cookie Run Kingdom Treasure
(Image via Devsisters)

Robes might seem like the most puzzling addition to this set, but it makes sense because Watch’s cooldown decrease doesn’t apply to your cookie’s starting skill cooldown, and boosting two cookies’ ATK Speed would be more beneficial than using Watch since scam comps don’t have a lot of survivability anyway so you wouldn’t be needing the cooldown boost.

Did you find our Cookie Run: Kingdom Treasure guide useful? Did you find our Cookie Run: Kingdom Treasure guide helpful?  Do let us know in the comments below!

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