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Crasher Nirvana Beginners Guide and Tips

Your complete guide for the journey through Nirvana

Crasher Nirvana is a new MMORPG title by XiaoMa, the game offers a variety of options and features in terms of gameplay. The game offers different classes of characters to choose from along with a variety of enemies to compete against at the same time. All these added features in the game make it a bit challenging for new players at times. To tackle this situation we have articulated this Crasher Nirvana Beginners Guide to share some tips and ease up life for new players.

Gameplay Overview

The title Crasher Nirvana Offers a slightly complex gameplay interface for new players to understand. MMORPGs have a slightly different approach than other genres, here we would try to make the interface a bit user-friendly with our analysis. The developers provide 5 attacking options each offering a certain special ability for the players to utilize.

There is a basic attack option that can offer minimal damage but in a continuous manner, the others offer more damage but are not very regular in frequency. The players can also see the progress their character has made, on the very top left-hand side of your screen you will see the character’s level as well as its damage score. The further you will progress into the storyline the more rewards you will receive.

Complete Quests spread all across the open world

The game like other MMORPGs offers a vast open world where the quests are spread across the map. There are different NPCs each offering a quest of a sort, whether it be the main one or the side quests. Under the mode of the open world, you can travel around a vast map and enjoy a wonderful visual feast. A fantastic land is waiting for you to explore.

Crasher Nirvana Beginners Guide, Crasher Nirvana
Image via XioMa

You can press the main quest icon to make sure that the AI does the work for you and direct you in the quest’s direction. The map is huge and it is pretty easy to get lost in the open world. By using Auto Mode you can also save time and focus more on the main storyline.

The enemies keep on spawning in between the battleground hence while being a good source of farming experience points, these enemies should not be engaged as they can’t be eliminated permanently. Auto mode can help you to ignore these enemies and focus more on the quest side.

Crasher Nirvana Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After investing multiple hours in the game we have come across the following tips and tricks for new players in the game to have a more rewarding and enjoyable experience in the game.

1. Complete various Instances to level up faster

Instances in the game are just like the dungeon systems in other games, they offer a great number of opportunities for players to work their way through different unique opportunities and get rewarded equally. There are 3 types of Instances in the game for players to explore, namely main story instance, advance instance, and Experience Instance.

Crasher Nirvana Beginners Guide, Crasher Nirvana
Image via XioMa

Each instance has its own number of missions that the players can go through and experience, once completed pre-defined rewards are associated with each of the missions which the players can then redeem for themselves. One thing to remember is the attempts, they can only be done thrice a day individually hence make sure you make each attempt count.

2. Keep track of the Bounty list to get better equipment early

Bounties include smaller quests that can be completed to achieve goals that are defined by the developers in a bid to secure better equipment and rewards in general to help the players. These achievements are accessible through the in-game character’s menu and should be kept in check by the players to make sure they redeem the rewards in time while aiming for the better ones.

Crasher Nirvana Beginners Guide, Crasher Nirvana
Image via XioMa

There are other small-time quests by other names as well in the game section such as Daily events as such which can also provide rewards on a regular basis, but bounty rewards are way higher and provide way more experience points for the players.

3. Utilize the Awakening system to level up your player

The awakening system is the common leveling-up system in the game, players can through the help of the in-game resources spend money on their character and help them level up. As you level up in the game, your whole statistics for the player increases and so does the battle power which defines the attacking strength of the character.

Crasher Nirvana Beginners Guide, Crasher Nirvana
Image via XioMa

Keep on increasing the battle power and eventually, it will actually be easier for players to tackle the other challenges that the game has in place to test the mettle of the characters.

4. Have pets accompany you in your Quests

Pets can provide players with a decent amount of firepower in the game, there are different and uniquely developed pets in the game with each offering something different for the players. As you keep on progressing further and further in the storyline these pets keep on getting stronger and stronger. In an event of a total brawl these additional pets can provide decisive blows to turn the tide in your favor.

Crasher Nirvana Beginners Guide, Crasher Nirvana
Image via XioMa

Pets can be upgraded as well using the in-game resources higher ranked pets of the same class offer higher damage.

5. Use Mounts to travel faster in the game

Mounts are a great addition to the game as well. They can highly increase the mobility of the player in the game. There are different mounts in the game each offering different perks and strengths to the player’s statistics. Mounts while offering mobility can also add up to the total Battle power for the character in the game. As players will move up deeper in the storyline better mounts will be unlocked for them to use.

Crasher Nirvana Beginners Guide, Crasher Nirvana
Image via XioMa

Mounts can be upgraded as well using the in-game resources higher ranked Mounts of the same class offer higher damage.

Final Thoughts

The game, Crasher Nirvana offers a lot many details and features for players, and this makes thing complex for the newcomers in the game to get the gist of all the things. The game offers Pets and Mounts for the players to enhance their experience and also offers a lot of customization options to give it a unique feel to it. We hope that this Crasher Nirvana Beginners Guide was able to help the new players get the best out of the game.

Did you find this Crasher Nirvana Beginners Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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