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Crasher: Nirvana Character Class Tier List for March 2023

Be sure to select the best from the rest!

Crasher Nirvana is a mobile MMORPG with a martial arts-based theme featuring open-world exploration, and smooth and fantastic real-time combat. Being an MMORPG there are a few different character classes for the players. The character classes in the game more or less offer very similar statistics and the choice depends on what sort of gameplay the players would prefer. In this Crasher: Nirvana Class Tier List we would aim towards bringing out the details that each character class has to offer.

Crasher: Nirvana Character Class Tier List for March 2023

As mentioned earlier each class offers more or less the same statistics when it comes down to damage and defense. However, the difference comes in where the gameplay comes into play. Each class has a different approach to the game, there are archers, wizards, and lastly swordsmen. To simplify things even further we will divide the characters into 3 different tiers namely Strong (S)Good (A), and Average (B)

Strong (S)Monkey King,
Good (A)Swordsmen,
Average (B)Saint,

Best meta classes in Crasher: Nirvana for March 2023

Now to make the selection process even easier we will try and feature additional criteria for the election process. Now we will list the best classes from each tier we have listed out. Be sure to go through the details carefully as once the character for the game has been selected, you won’t be able to change it and will have to start the game over.

To make a better-informed decision make sure to get the details right before selecting the character. Hence it will be better to be aware of what characteristics each character offers before making the selection process.

S-Tier characters: Monkey King

Monkey King offers the most balanced gameplay option out of all the other characters on the list. The character has pace, high damage per strike along with a high rate of attack. The character can dodge heavy attacks coming from enemies while having his own say in the battle. The highly damaging attacks combined with a fast-paced attack are a deadly combination for the players to have in the game.

Image via XioMa

The character owning to the fast pace and high damage has very good crowd control and can easily stand on its own in the game given that the enemies swarm around it. Players new to the game or genre can surely go for the character as it is easy to play the game with Monkey King.

A-Tier characters: Swordsmen

Swordsmen is the regular brawler in the game, the character offers medium-range attacks in terms of damage and can be used by players who like a bit of melee action. Unlike Monkey King, the attacking pattern of Swordsmen is defined and predictable. The character offers somewhat high damage but at a slower rate than the Monkey King.

Crasher: Nirvana Class Tier List, Crasher: Nirvana
Image via XioMa

The disadvantage with swordsmen is that this class is specifically a melee expert and they have to be in close proximity to the enemy to make the most of their attacks. This puts them in grave danger of exposing the character too much to the enemy’s attacks.

B-Tier characters: Ksiti

Ksiti is the mage warrior class of the game. The character struggles big time with the rate of attacks but still is better than Saint class. The character offers decent damage per strike but as said earlier the lack of pace in attack brings down the total damage dealt to an awful low toll. Ksiti’s powerups are very complex to use as well and even then don’t deliver much damage to the enemies.

Image via XioMa

There is a bright side to the character, as the character is a mage, it offers decent ranged combinations as well in the combat system which doesn’t expose the character to much of the attacks of the enemies. However, all in all, players should opt for the other characters ahead of Ksiti.

Final Thoughts

The game offers a total of 7 classes as of now, there are very high chances of new classes getting introduced for the game. When anything such will happen we will update this article with updated rankings. Be sure to select the characters carefully because the game only lets you choose once in the beginning regarding the classes. We hope that with this Crasher: Nirvana Class Tier List we were able to break down what the different classes have on offer.

Did you find this Crasher: Nirvana Class Tier List useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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