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Destiny Oracle Beginners Guide and Tips

A Guide to be the best Commander!

Step into the enchanting universe of Destiny Oracle, an idle RPG provided by YOULE NETWORK TECHNOLOGY. Immerse yourself in the Land of Eileen, where goddesses await your command, and mysteries of ancient civilizations beckon. In this Destiny Oracle Beginners Guide, I will walk you through the basics, helping you navigate the Land of Eileen with ease and make the most of your journey.

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Destiny Oracle Beginners Guide Gameplay Basics

Battle Basics

In Destiny Oracle, winning battles is more than just using hero skills it’s about understanding them and using them wisely. Arrange your hero lineup smartly, and deploy ultimate skills at the right time to ensure victory and earn great rewards. Surpass recommended team levels to surely win the battle for valuable rewards. Although battles happen automatically, your intervention in using skills strategically is essential.

Oracle Destiny Battle

Before the fight starts, organize your lineup and check out the enemy’s team. I’ve learned that success starts before the fight even begins. Take a moment to organize your lineup and size up the enemy’s team. Winning battles isn’t just about having strong heroes, it’s about strategic planning and skillful execution. So, as the battle kicks off, make sure your lineup is solid and your strategy is on point

Upgrade your Hero

To level up your hero and enhance their abilities, navigate to the Hero menu and select the desired character. Use experience points gained from battles to advance your hero’s strength and effectiveness. You can also promote heroes to increase their rank using other heroes and items, and you get back all the resources you invested in that hero.

Oracle Destiny Hero Upgrade

Don’t forget to equip your heroes with gears, I’ve learned the vital importance of equipping powerful gear. The gears and accessories I collected during my adventures make a real difference in boosting my hero’s strength. Regularly upgrading my hero with these enhancements is key, especially when you are up against tougher challenges.

Complete Quests

In Destiny Oracle, quests are your path to both adventure and rewards. Head to the Quest menu to find various tasks waiting for you. Completing quests not only moves the story forward but also earns you valuable items like diamonds.

Oracle Destiny Knight Emblem

Remember to finish all the quests in the Knight Emblem too. I’ve learned the importance of finishing all the quests in the Knight Emblem. It’s not just about ticking off tasks it’s about unlocking the best rewards. I can say that upgrading it gives the most valuable rewards like summoning tickets and Goddess Heart, making you stronger in the game, and helping you summon powerful goddesses.


Unlocking and upgrading goddesses is a key aspect of empowering your heroes. You’ll need a Goddess Heart, which you can get from the Knight Emblem, to unlock a goddess. Every goddess you get gives a nice boost to all your heroes’ stats. To make a goddess even better, upgrade her stats.

Oracle Destiny Goddess

In my own battles within Destiny Oracle, using goddesses in battles turned out to be a game-changer. Upgrading these divine characters makes their skills even more powerful. When a goddess’s rage is full, she automatically uses her skill in a fight. The team with more Combat Power (CP) starts with more goddess rage, and defeating enemies also adds rage to your goddess. I can say that Goddesses are so helpful in battles, especially their skill.

Summon Heroes

In Destiny Oracle, you can summon heroes to enhance your gameplay journey. Initially, you’ll unlock some heroes through progress in the campaign mode, but they might not be sufficient for the challenging stages ahead. To strengthen your lineup and face formidable enemies, the summoning system becomes a valuable tool. You can use different summoning currencies to summon one or ten heroes at a time.

Oracle Destiny Summon

I discovered the game’s cool pity feature. After ten pulls, you’re guaranteed a UR or SSR hero, a total game-changer. Acquiring higher-tier heroes is challenging due to their lower appearance rates. Typically, rarer heroes have lower chances, while common ones have higher probabilities. Strategically, it’s advisable to save your tickets until you reach ten pulls to ensure a guaranteed SSR/UR hero, making the most of your resources and enhancing your overall gaming experience.

Destiny Oracle Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After spending a considerable time in the Land of Eileen, here are some of the best tips and tricks we came up with that I wish someone had told me before I started with Destiny Oracle:

1. Quick Idling for Faster Leveling

Level up faster with Quick Idling, this feature lets you instantly claim rewards from 120-minute idle sessions, helping you gain experience quickly. I’ve employed this efficient method to speed up my game progress. Take advantage of this efficient method to progress through the game at a faster pace

2. Regularly Upgrade your Heroes

Make sure to upgrade your heroes regularly in Destiny Oracle. Boost their levels, unlock new skills, and give them powerful gear. This way, your heroes stay strong and ready for any challenges in the Land of Eileen. Keep upgrading to keep your team at its best!

3. Join Events for Rewards

Don’t miss out on valuable rewards, make sure to actively participate in events. Engaging in events not only adds excitement to your gameplay but also grants you special rewards that can significantly boost your progress in the Land of Eileen. Keep an eye on ongoing events and dive in to reap the benefits for your team.

4. Joining a Guild

Teaming up with a guild is a good move. Joining a guild allows you to work together with other players, take part in guild battles, and exchange helpful tips. It’s a great way to boost your overall experience and make progress in the Land of Eileen.

5. Redeem Codes for Exclusive Rewards

Keep an eye out for Destiny Oracle redeem codes as they provide an excellent way to score exclusive rewards. These codes, often shared through official social media channels or community events, unlock special items, in-game currency, or other valuable bonuses. Stay connected to these channels to ensure you don’t miss out on the chance to enhance your gaming experience with fantastic rewards.

Final Thoughts

Get ready for an exciting adventure in Destiny Oracle’s Land of Eileen. This guide equips you with handy tips to navigate challenges, summon strong heroes, and make the most of your journey. Stay active in events, team up with guilds, and use redeem codes for extra rewards. As you uncover ancient mysteries and face tough enemies, may your time in Destiny Oracle be filled with victories and shared experiences.

That’s all from us for the Destiny Oracle Beginners Guide! Did you find our Destiny Oracle Beginners Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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