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Devil Hunter Idle Beginners Guide and Tips

The complete guide to slay monsters in style!

Devil Hunter Idle is a new RPG title by the developers Mobirix, the game is a level-based Action idle RPG where the more enemies you kill the more experience your character gets. The game offers hack-and-slash gameplay where there are an unlimited number of enemies in each level and you unlock the boss battles once you have reached a specific point threshold in each round. In this Devil Hunter Idle Beginners Guide, we will try and list out the basic tips and tricks for players to help them get the best out of the game.

Gameplay Overview

The gameplay is pretty simple in Devil Hunter Idle, as mentioned earlier the game revolves around a level-specific idle RPG style where you keep on fighting the monsters in the game and fight the bosses in the game once enough experience points have been accumulated for your player. Coming to bosses, there is a vast collection of bosses present in the game for players to test their mettle against. Each of them has a diverse and unique skill set for players to tackle.

Devil Hunter Idle Beginners Guide, Devil Hunter Idle
Image via Mobirix

The combat system in the game allows the players to have a quite diverse arsenal of skills as well as different combat options like melee and ranged available. The game allows players to experience action-packed pleasure through the Midair Evasion Action, Parrying, and Counter System.

Introducing the in-game Monsters

There are different types of monsters in the game which players encounter during the normal course of the game. It will definitely come in handy if players have a brief understanding of what the dangers and weaknesses of different characters would be before making the journey into the game.

To be very specific, there are in total 5 types of monsters in the game, namely fire-based, water-based, wood-based, light-based, and darkness-based. In a similar way for each class of monsters, there are the same class-based attacks for the playable character in the game. Players also have attacking options divided into fire-based, water-based, wood-based, light-based, and darkness-based powerups.

Devil Hunter Idle Beginners Guide, Devil Hunter Idle
Image via Mobirix

Players can use these powerups to exploit the weaknesses of the enemies. As a general concept, Fire based powerups trump Wood based, Wood based trumps Water based, Water based trumps Fire based and the cycle repeats. On the other hand, Light trumps Darkness-based, and Darkness-based trumps Light-based powerups. Be sure to keep this general format in mind to exploit the monsters and make it easier for you to fight them off.

Mastering the Boss fights in the game

Boss fights are the ultimate goal in Devil Hunter Idle. The game, banks on the fact that it offers multiple uniquely developed bosses in the game, which makes it interesting for the players to keep leveling up and keep on discovering what new monsters the game has to offer.

The first step towards defeating the bosses in the game, Devil Hunter Idle is to understand the pattern in which the bosses attack. Despite having different class systems in the game, the basics of attacks are more or less the same for each boss in the game and thus are predictable making it easier for players to strategize against the attacks.

Devil Hunter Idle Beginners Guide, Devil Hunter Idle
Image via Mobirix

Bosses apart from the basic slash attacks use regular special attacks which have lasting impacts on the players such as stun, reduced health, bleeding effects, and many such effects. However, there is a time-specific option that flashes just before the bosses are going to cast their special attacks in the game. Just before the special attack is done, there is a bright-colored gauge that appears on the screen, pressing which can make the players parry the special attack of the boss.

After successfully praying the attacks, players can use the shoot button to have a counterattack on the boss, casting devastating damage. Bosses regularly use heavy attacks on the players too, which can be dodged by swiping the screen in the backward direction. Dodging the attacks is purely based on timing, which makes us ask the question of when to know the arrival of heavy attacks, every time the boss is going to cast a heavy attack the eyes will flash, making it obvious that a heavy attack is coming your way. Dodging the attack in the nick of time is essential for surviving longer in the game.

Utilize the pieces of Equipment to their fullest potential

The game offers two types of equipment to be used by the players, melee and long-ranged. Both types have different varying types of equipment offering different bonuses and abilities. Players can also equip their characters with different sets of accessories which helps to offer different skill and power enhancement perks helping in further improving the chances of survival in the game.

Devil Hunter Idle Beginners Guide, Devil Hunter Idle
Image via Mobirix

Both the equipment and the accessories can be enhanced by the players to give a better cushion against the attacks of the bosses and other enemies in the game. The enhancing process can be done by using the enhancement stones which are available by completing the in-game milestones set by the developers. Now do remember that each item has a limit to which it can be upgraded, however with the help of a wedge of awakening items players can increase the limit of these items and further upgrade them for a better chance of survival.

Devil Hunter Idle Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After investing multiple hours in the game, we have come across the following tips and tricks in our Devil Hunter Idle Beginners Guide for players to use and enhance their Devil Hunter Idle experience.

1. Use the Growth system to have better chances against high-level bosses

The main playable character in the game has different aspects in the game which can be upgraded to give better statistics to the character. These upgrading options can be unlocked via the growth system accessible from the in-game menu.

The growth system in the game has different perks and skill-based powerups each offering a different perspective to which the game can be played. There are different perks for the range and melee combat system. For instance, under the melee system, there is melee attack power, melee attack critical rate, melee attack critical damage, melee attack speed, etc. Here, there are various categories of traits, and once you unlock them for the character, you can level them up using relevant materials.

Devil Hunter Idle Beginners Guide, Devil Hunter Idle
Image via Mobirix

The powerups once equipped can be further developed and honed to the utmost potential for devastating effects. Here, there are various categories of traits, and once you unlock them for the character, you can level them up using relevant materials.

2. Complete Quests to get better rewards

The quest system in the game offers different in-game missions which are both permanent and time specific in type. Permanent quests are more difficult to overcome but offer better rewards in general as compared to the timed ones which are easier to navigate.

Timed quests are subdivided into weekly and daily, obviously, the rewards are higher on the weekly list, The rewards you can achieve through these weekly quests are higher than the daily quests. The daily quests are the type of quests you must accomplish through a relevant day.

Devil Hunter Idle Beginners Guide, Devil Hunter Idle
Image via Mobirix

Then there are permanent quests, which are basically item-collecting quests these are also referred to as repeated quests in the game as they never end and keep on respawning giving a steady source of coins and experience points to the players.

These repeated quests reward better and are very useful in progressing faster in the game. Also, there is no specific time duration to complete these repeated quests and when comparing the rewards, you can obtain the most significant rewards through completing these repeated quests.

3. Demonize your Character to deal more damage

Character demonization in the game is nothing but evolving your character to a better and more powerful version for a span of time during which both defenses and offense of the player enhance to a devastating level dealing heavy damage and absorbing more damage. In the Demonization menu, there are multiple stages, and you can unlock the upper stages only after your character reaches the relevant rank. 

Demonization is a skill unlocked via the growth system in the game. Now, this can only be unlocked after reaching a specific level in the game. When the story starts you will be having just a basic humane version of the character with basic skills and attributes. However once you have progressed deep into the game, you can unlock the growth system through which the Demonization skills can be unlocked.

Devil Hunter Idle Beginners Guide, Devil Hunter Idle
Image via Mobirix

Even in demonization, there are different stages through which you can make your player evolve by equipping different perks. The higher the stage of the Demonization, the higher the power level your character will receive through achieving these transformations. Hence it is absolutely necessary for players to not ignore the Demonization skills while playing the game.

4. Complete and fight off Monsters in dungeons to have more experience points

Dungeons provide the players with better opportunities and higher-level enemies to test their mettle against. The players hence get better experience points since experience points are directly proportional to the level of enemies you face.

Although providing ample amount of opportunities in terms of leveling up the player, the dungeons are not open for all. They require a specific level for players to be on and also require various entry tickets for every different dungeon. There are various stages when you enter the dungeons, and each dungeon needs a recommended combat power to enter. Combat power can be increased with better skill sets, better levels, and ultimately better equipment.

Devil Hunter Idle Beginners Guide, Devil Hunter Idle
Image via Mobirix

The dungeons in the game are based on a percentage basis, they end once all 100% of enemies have been eliminated from the dungeon. The rewards are high enough to take the risks, each dungeon keeps on getting harder and harder as you keep on progressing further down the line. Each dungeon gives you many rewards, and the rewards you can obtain in various stages of the dungeons can be seen before entering the stage. Dungeons are a very important way of improving the chances of the game and hence should not be ignored.

5. Summon Allies and get more firepower by using Magic cards

Magic cards can be used to summon more allies to the game along with different perks for the game if the situation gets out of hand in the game. Magic cards can be used or summoned via the summon option in the game menu. Allies like Valentina the angel can be summoned and different powerups like a temporary boost to attack defense and other such perks are also offered with each summon.

Devil Hunter Idle Beginners Guide, Devil Hunter Idle
Image via Mobirix

In the game, players can equip up to 3x Magic Cards at a time, with each offering different sets of skills and summoning power. There is an overview option that comes with each magic card which can give the option for the player to actually see what the card has to offer and decide how to use them in the middle of a battle.

Final Thoughts

Despite giving many options to the players regarding player development, equipment, and abilities to use, the game struggles with linearity at times. The bosses have a similar attacking pattern which while being helpful for the players is also a bit boring from the neutral point of view. However, with that being said, we hope that this Devil Hunter Idle Beginners Guide was able to fulfill its role of helping out new players of the game with some basic tips and tricks in order to tackle the difficulties and challenges one can face in the game.

Did you find this Devil Hunter Idle Beginners Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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