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Digital Girls: Idle RPG Beginners Guide and Tips

Begin your journey like a pro!

Digital Girls: Idle RPG is an RPG game developed by Winway Entertainment Limited. This game is unique because here you will collect heroes known as monsters who can evolve from one level to another until they become a Goddess. In this game, you need to complete each chapter in the Joint Venture of the 6 heroes in your team. In this Digital Girls: Idle RPG Beginners Guide, we do a detailed walkthrough of the game, and explain the basics with additional tips and tricks.

Introducing the basics of Digital Girls: Idle RPG

Here are the basics you should know before playing the game:


Before fighting the enemies in Venture, you will set up the formation first, where there are a lot of formations that need to be considered because here there are 10 positions that can be deployed with 6 different types and we will deepen them below.

Digital Girls: Idle RPG Beginners Guide
Image via Winway Entertainment Limited

The formation in this game is divided into 3 rows, there is a front that contains tanks, there is a mid-row that contains damage dealers, and there is a back row that contains supports.


In playing an RPG game, heroes are an important key in your survival playing this game. Here, there are more than 100 heroes that you can use with various existing elements such as wind, water, fire, earth, light, and dark.

Digital Girls: Idle RPG Beginners Guide
Image via Winway Entertainment Limited

Apart from elements, there is also a class called class and this is used as an indicator for managing deployment in a team formation, which consists of Attack, Support, Dexterity, Controller, and Defense. Then you can also do the evolution of the hero which will become a goddess which means it changes shape and will become even stronger.


Image via Winway Entertainment Limited

When you are in battle, above your formation there must be a human and some kind of dragon accompanying the heroes. So that’s your character, this character is quite helpful when in battle, because he has a weapon that can be used and strengthened as well. There are 5 weapons that you can unlock through the Way of Evolution.

Battle Mechanism

As the name of the game, Digital Girls: Idle RPG, means you don’t need to do anything during the battle and you just have to enjoy it. But what is certain, your hero will attack according to the order of the largest CP in the team.

Digital Girls: Idle RPG Beginners Guide
Image via Winway Entertainment Limited

Apart from that, there is also a kind of mana that can be used to deploy skills on weapons, but each skill requires different mana and to collect this mana, you just have to wait for each round to finish, which will increase by 2. Then for rounds in this game, there are 15 rounds.

Digital Girls: Idle RPG Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in the Digital Girls: Idle RPG Beginners Guide to help you newbies kickstart your journey.

1. Keep upgrading your Hero

To make it easier for you to complete each stage, high combat power is needed which is by using and upgrading the heroes that you use in the team. One of the easiest ways is to level up using Hero EXP and Gold.

Then when each of your heroes reaches level 30, there will be a change, namely Tier Up which is useful for increasing Infancy and unlocking the latest skill of the hero which requires resources in the form of Tier up Stones.

hero upgrade
Image via Winway Entertainment Limited

Besides that, you can also do Star Up, but you need to have a clone of the hero and also several heroes with the same tier and elements. This is quite difficult because of course, you have to reroll first to get the heroes. Then for this gear actually for newbies, it’s still not needed, because the enemies are still practically easy with makeshift heroes. Then to unlock the gear, you need lv 60.

2. Take advantage of Dungeons

Image via Winway Entertainment Limited

To upgrade your heroes, you need a lot of materials and resources, so dungeons are provided for this. You can move to the Suburbs section first, then select the Hero Cultivation Material, there are 5 types of choices that you might need. First, there is Gold, EXP, Demon, Hero, and Empower Dungeon. Each dungeon has its difficulty level and reward where the difficulty level is unlocked according to your character’s CP.

3. Set the right Formation

As explained a little earlier, this game has 6 formations. Each of these formations will determine how you deploy heroes. First, there is Origin with 1 front row, 2 mid rows, and 3 back rows. This formation is suitable for those of you who want to prevent AoE attacks because the middle is quite hollow.

Then there is Blackhole, this formation is suitable for those of you who have heroes with good skills in damage dealers and support because their position is more dominant at the back and blends in.

Digital Girls: Idle RPG Beginners Guide
Image via Winway Entertainment Limited

Then there is Starcloud, this formation is suitable for those of you who want full damage, you can put it in the mid-row and tanks can be filled in front and support can be filled in back. Then there is Termination, this formation is quite balanced, so it’s not that dominant for each hero. Then there is Photon which is the opposite of Blackhole and Reverse is the opposite of Origin.

4. Utilise the Element Restraints

If you lose in terms of enemy power, then one way is to use elemental restraint or counters. Here there are 6 different elements and each of these elements is not the most powerful, because each element has its restraint. First, there is wind restrains water, water restrains fire, fire restrains earth, and earth restrains wind. Then for light and dark elements, they restrain each other.

element restrains
Image via Winway Entertainment Limited

If your hero’s element restrains the target, increase your hero’s Crit Rate by 10%. But, if your allied hero’s element is restrained, it reduces their Crit Rate by 10%.

5. Activate the Special Element Aura

Digital Girls: Idle RPG Beginners Guide
Image via Winway Entertainment Limited

Just like Element Restraint, you can use it to get additional effects that can be given when activating it. You can deploy at least 3 heroes with the same element in a team to activate it, or if you want to maximize it, you can use 2 teams of heroes of different elements, such as 3 water and 3 fire. Then you can activate special effects in battle.

Final Thoughts

Digital Girls: Idle RPG is a game that is very concerned with your heroes, so make sure to always upgrade and if indeed your resources run out, you can take advantage of dungeons. Apart from that, you can also maximize it in terms of element restrain and the special buff as well to make it easier for you in battle. 

That’s all from us for the Digital Girls: Idle RPG Beginners Guide! Did you find our Digital Girls: Idle RPG Beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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