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Digital Girls: Idle RPG free redeem codes and how to redeem them (May 2023)

Redeem your free rewards in no time!

Digital Girls: Idle RPG is an RPG game developed by Winway Entertainment Limited. This game is unique because here you will collect heroes known as monsters who can evolve from one level to another until they become a Goddess. Therefore it takes several resources and items to be able to get an upgrade to these heroes like a diamond, EXP, Summon Ticket, etc, which can be obtained through redeem codes. In this article, we will discuss the codes available in Digital Girls: Idle RPG and the rewards along with step by step to redeem these codes.

How to get free redeem codes for Digital Girls: Idle RPG

Redeem Code is your chance to get rewards for free by entering the given code. You can find them from various sources like Facebook, Youtube, Discord, and more. This redemption code is an interesting thing, because the developer usually offers exclusive prizes not available anywhere else, but does not preclude the gift to be in currency or only material.

Digital Girls: Idle RPG free redeem codes and rewards

Digital Girls: Idle RPG redeem codes
Image via Winway Entertainment Limited

Below are several codes that you can exchange to get some rewards. We recommend that you redeem the code as soon as possible. There is a possibility that the code will expire or you can no longer use it. Here is a list of codes from Digital Girls: Idle RPG that you can redeem:

Free CodesRewards You Can Rewards
HAPPYLABOR2 Intelligence Ticket, 20k Gold, and 80 Diamond
VIP2023Advanced Summon Ticket, 10k Gold, 5k Hero EXP
VIP999Intelligence Refresh Ticket, 10k Gold, 5k Hero EXP
VIP88810k Gold, 5k Hero EXP, 50 Diamond
VIP777Starry Silver, 10k Gold, 5k Hero EXP
SVIP999100 Tier-up Stone, Advanced Summon Ticket, 20k Gold
SVIP888100 Tier-up Stone , 20k Gold, 50 Diamond
SVIP777Intelligence Refresh Ticket, 20k Gold, 50 Diamond
DG6889Advanced Summon Ticket, 20k Gold, 80 Diamond
DGDCLOVEAdvanced Summon Ticket, 20k Gold, 60 Diamond
DGFBLOVE2 Starry Silver, 20k Gold, 100 Diamond
DGL999Arena Venture Ticket, 10k Gold, 10k Hero EXP
DGL888Intelligence Refresh Ticket, 50 Diamond, 5k Hero EXP
DGL777Arena Venture Ticket, Intelligence Refresh Ticket, 50 Diamond
DL999Arena Venture Ticket, 20k Gold, 5k Hero EXP
DL888Arena Venture Ticket, 20k Gold, 50 Diamond
DL777100 Tier-up Stone, Arena Venture Ticket, 20k Gold
ID999100 Tier-up Stone, Starry Silver, 20k Gold
ID888100 Tier-up Stone, 100 Demon Essence, 20k Gold
ID777100 Demon Essence, 20k Gold, 50 Diamond
ID2023100 Demon Essence, Starry Silver, 20k Gold
PRE999Starry Silver, 20k Gold, 50 Diamond
PRE888100 Tier-up Stone, Intelligence Ticket, 20k Gold
PRE777Advanced Ticket Summon, 10k Gold, 50 Diamond
NAMI52060 Tier-up Stone, Advanced Ticket Summon, 20k Gold
LETSGONOW20k Gold, 10k Character EXP, 88 Diamond
GI7777100 Diamond Essence, 20k Gold, 10k Hero EXP
LP66620k Gold, 10k Hero EXP, 50 Diamond
SS52010k Gold, 10k Hero EXP, 50 Diamond

How to redeem free codes in Digital Girls: Idle RPG

To redeem the code in Digital Girls: Idle RPG is fairly easy, you can follow this method.

  • Tap the avatar of your character on the top left.
  • Select Settings and then tap Pack Exchange.
Digital Girls: Idle RPG redeem codes
Image via Winway Entertainment Limited
  • Enter the code in the list above and you don’t have to use capital letters either
  • Tap Exchange if you have and you will receive the prize immediately without needing to go to the Mailbox.

That’s how you redeem the codes, we will update it in the future if the newest redeem code is available for the game Digital Girls: Idle RPG.

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