Dinosaur Park Primeval Zoo Beginners Guide and Tips

As part of the German federal government’s computer game funding program, upjers GmbH developed Dinosaur Park Primeval Zoo, and the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure co-funded the game. upjers GmbH is a well-known mobile game developer company and its primary focus is on making simulation games. And this newcomer does not differ from that. Primeval Zoo is an online mobile simulation game. Players will get a new type of experience as they have to play the role of a dino zoo owner. In this Dinosaur Park Primeval Zoo beginners guide, we will discuss how you can grow your zoo quickly and understand other features of the game. But, here are some basic things to know before jumping on to the main guide.

Getting Started

First, you’ll have to start with a few breeds in your park. Clean your park and decorate it to gather gold that will increase your level as well. At every new level, you will unlock new dinos and collect more rewards to grow your park. Decorate your dino park in a way so that it looks attractive to your visitors and you’ll get more donations.
You can hire staff to look after the park and can set up shops to sell souvenirs and earn gold. You can invest your profits to keep the registers ringing.

Dinosaur Park Primeval Zoo Guide

Story mode

Upjers GmbH presents an exciting story before its players. From resounding successful research, scientists have found that countless dinosaurs, deep-frozen in the eternal ice, are miraculously alive! They revived the first few and now they need an owner to look after them. This is where your game starts. Enjoy!

Dinosaur Park Primeval Zoo Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Dinosaur Park Primeval Zoo as a game can be pretty hard for new players, but don’t worry we have got you covered. In this game, you’ll have to meet some criteria before making a purchase or adding something to your park. Go through this guide and tips carefully.

1. Earn EXP to boost your progress

Experience Points are very important to level up quickly and by unlocking each level, you’ll get bonus rewards and new breeds to buy. On the upper left side of your screen, you’ll see the old man. Click on him and a pop-up window will take you to the quest menu. Complete them to earn EXPs. Here are some other ways to earn EXP points :

  • Complete achievements from the top-right corner
  • Clean the trashes and decorate your park nicely
  • Water the plants
  • Feed your Dinos and give them toys to play with

2. Be sure to have enough coins before buying Dinos

Always remember that you can’t put a particular Dino in your park if you don’t have its enclosure. So before buying a new breed, remember to have extra coins so that you can put your Dinos in it.

3. Level up your Dinos to get more popularity

You can level up your Dinos from the breeding center. But for this, you must build the breeding center. From the shop, get it and start breeding new Dinos. You’ll need similar level male & female Dinos of the same kind to get a higher level, Dino.

Dinosaur Park Primeval Zoo Guide

4. Gain popularity to get extra visitors

Visitors are a great way to earn more money! By gaining more popularity, you’ll unlock extra visitors. Building shops and upgrading them, adding more Dinos to the park, and upgrading their level will make more popularity.

5. Hire staffs to take care of your Dinos

For this, build the staff housing building first. From the shop menu, buy the staff housing building that costs 5000 coins. Hiring staff will make your work done and level up quickly.

6. Complete Side quests to earn extras

This game features some side quests from which players can add some extra points, level, and other necessary elements. You can receive DNA pieces sometimes from daily reward boxes. For the dinos, you can place toys in their enclosures. Also, watching the ad will give you some extra points.

So, these are all for this basic guide. I hope you’ll follow this guide for tips and tricks and surely they will add more fun when playing Dinosaur Park Primeval Zoo.

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