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Disney Mirrorverse: The complete Formation Guide and Tips

Gain an advantage on your enemies with best Hero Formations!

Disney Mirrorverse is a crossover action role-playing game that allows you to join your fellow Disney heroes to fight against the evil from each universe. You will be accompanied by three heroes that come from a different universe and different classes that will fight against the enemies. We will give you a good insight into the best hero formation that you can try in your team. Our Disney Mirrorverse Hero Formation guide is based on characters synergizing, and their ability to gain an advantage for each other during the combat will help you gain an upper hand in the game.

Best Hero Formations to try in Disney Mirrorverse

1. Merida/ Sullie/ Mulan  

Disney Mirrorverse Hero Formation
Image via Kabam Entertainment

Sullie will become a tank and receive the damage, while Mulan will become a melee guardian and strike enemies with her AoE attack, while Merida with her speed bow will poke enemies HP in no time. Sullie’s special moves will stun enemies, while Merida keeps poking their HP and Mulan will do the finishing attack.

2. Jack Sparrow/ Mickey Mouse/ Snow White

Hero Formation
Image via Kabam Entertainment

This formation will deal lesser damage than the first one, but this one will ensure your survivability with the use of two supports, ensuring that your HP will be at maximum level throughout the battle. Mickey will cast a wide-range attack while Jack and Snow White will stand in the front line.

3. Tinker Bell/ Hiro/ Baymax

Disney Mirrorverse Hero Formation 3
Image via Kabam Entertainment

This formation will rely on Hiro as the core throughout the battle, and relying on the thickness of Baymax while Hiro’s core ability will heal Baymax as your team will be impenetrable, while Tinker Bell will launch the range attack from behind.

4. Frank Wolff/ Jack Skellington/ Aladdin

Mirrorverse Hero Formation
Image via Kabam Entertainment

Aladdin will become the main damage dealer while being supported by Frank Wolff and Jack Skellington. Frank will receive and receive any wound, shock, and poison attacks while Jack will heal Aladdin that will do the all-out attack and also increase his attack by 10% until the end of the turn.

4. Eve/ Ariel/ Anger

Mirrorverse Hero Formation
Image via Kabam Entertainment

This is a full knock heroes formation and you will give no time for your enemies to strike back due to all of their ability to knock enemies, so you can do the nonstop knockback attacks.

Did you find our Disney Mirrorverse Hero Formation guide helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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