Divine Legends: Beginner’s Guide, Tips and Strategies

A lot of games are into play already in early 2020, some of them are instantly getting good reviews by the players and are having high hits in the Apps Market. According to interests, there have been major changes and ideas pioneered by the developers to reach out what type of games players would like to play on mobile. One of the games that were recently released was Divine Legends. Before starting the game in your devices, we have decided to share some important tips and walk-through for the beginners, in our article Divine Legends Beginner’s Guide and Tips. If you have not read our other game guides in our website, please make sure to give it a read.

About Divine Legends

Divine Legends is a Strategy game developed by It was released on 27th March, 2020, across all App Markets. According to the developer’s description, Divine Legends is a strategy-based tower defense game where you have to design your defense route, upgrade your army and then defend your God from losing lives.

How to play Divine Legends

Divine Legends
A view of the storyline

When you open the game, you will get to follow a storyline which will lead you to understand what is thee main intention behind the cutscenes. Here, there are options where you can select, similar to a roleplay. You will be introduced to a map and a museum, where the map shows you the collectibles and the museum includes statues and coins. Museum doesn’t involve in battle activity. Map will have different stages of battles, where you will have to clear them and then upgrade your Player level.

Divine Legends Guide: Understanding the in-game menu and items

For beginners, this may seem a lot to understand, but Divine Legends have a lot of upgradable items within the game, so make sure you learn about them before you hop onto battles.


Divine Legends museum
Museum in Divine Legends

The museum is where your statues are present. There are also many vacant places, where the statues like the wizard are not present yet. This is also the source of collecting silvers, which is generated by Visitors who pay Silvers as a fee. You can Till them and you collect them to upgrade troops, storage etc. Using the ‘Explore’ button, you get to access your map.

Tech and Till

These are options available in the Museum. Till is used to collect the silver all at once, whereas Tech involves in the upgrading of your museum items such as Vault, which is the storage for your silver etc.



The map indicates your point to the next battle, also where you can have your collectibles such as Crystal. In the map, you can also check out your troops available for battles and also your God, where in the game is Pantheon. The map will expand once you complete a particular chapter, so it will open up new challenges along with paths.


Barracks is the section where you get to access your troops. The troops are levelled up using silver you gain in the game. As you go on levelling up, you get to unlock many troops possible. Upgrade them accordingly and then use them for battle.


Pantheon is your game God. In this game, the protection of your god during a battle plays a major role for winning it. There are 9 Pantheon Characters available in game, which includes Odin, Zeus, Athena to name a few who can be unlocked as you move further in Divine Legends.


These are your daily or orderly tasks, which on completion yield you Silver, Crystals and other collectibles, where you can further use them to upgrade items and troops.


Indicates your energy level, which is important in story mode, which will be consumed upon victory. The maximum energy level upgrades as you level up.

Battles in Divine Legends

The main source of rewards in Divine Legends is the battle. To advance the campaign and unlock a new chapter, Battle mode is necessary. In the map, you can see a terrain which will indicate you are ready for a battle. When you select it, you can the menu where it involves the level of difficulty, which can be changed. There are four levels of difficulties namely Easy, Normal, Hard and Infernal. Also, you can see what are the rewards for the battle.

Entering the Battle

divine legends tips and tricks
The battle menu

After you finish the above stage and then enter, you can the menu where it involves the troops in the Deploying Team, which you are going to carry. So, you can take time to view them and then order them which can be manually set by you.

To your left side, you can see the Machineer menu which involves the troops you are going to face and the number of waves of those troops will come in during the battles. For example, if the Wave is 4, then you will face them in four different waves, which can be a big swarm as the wave number increases. Also there involves Suggestions, where it indicates what should be the suggested levels of your God, Unit, Weapon Enhancement and Rune.

Playing the Battle

In the battle, all you have to do is deploy the units you carry on the sides of your defense path to your Pantheon. You have to protect the God from losing his life by eliminating enemy units before they reach your God. On the top left of the battle screen, there is indication of the Gold and the Lives remaining. When you kill the enemy units, Gold will add up, which will help you to deploy your troops. You can also have additional scrolls or spells which has its own advantages.

Divine Legends Guide: Tips and Tricks

Getting to know enemy units.
  • Place your air + ground attacking units in high elevation. These will remove a unit’s minimum attack range and increases the maximum attack range.
  • If there are group of enemies approaching, make sure to have an area attacking unit such as machines which will deal more damage.
  • Know your enemies before you enter a battle. For example, a Bat can be counter only by having a troop which attacks air units. So, Spear Thrower is the counter unit for Bat. Similarly, to know other opponent units and check their counters, use the Monster Codex to get necessary details such as Skills, Target units, Counters etc. By tapping an enemy unit in the battle menu, this can be done.
  • Gold that you obtain is important, so managing the Gold in battles is a key point for a battle’s success. Kill your enemy units to gain gold and then use them in the battle for deploying your units as there isn’t much Gold that is present initially.
  • Complete your Daily Challenges and Quests, these will help you to level up quickly by proving Silver, Crystal etc.
  • Check your barracks and museum, which will help you to upgrade the essential items for your battles.
  • Upgrade the important units in the barrack, which you will carry to the battles. Under-leveled units don’t deal efficient damage to the enemy units.

Have you played Divine Legends yet? If not, do not forget to try out the game and follow our Divine Legends beginner’s guide!

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