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Dragon Trail: Hunter World Guide: Tips to level up quickly in the game 

Move up the leaderboards easily!

Dragon Trail: Hunter World is a marvelous RPG that has great features along with several interesting characters in the play as well. As a beginner, players often think first about how they can level up themselves and rock on the leaderboard just in their initial days. It is hard to top the leaderboards just at the beginning, but yes there are ways through which players can actually climb up the ladder and thus level up quickly. Therefore, let us dive into a detailed piece where we will let you know as a beginner, how you can level up faster in Dragon Trail: Hunter World.

How to level up faster in Dragon Trail: Hunter World 

1. Complete MA Missions 

MA missions are the main considered missions in the game. Thus, players must complete them as soon as possible. This will help them collect more EXPs that will eventually help them to increase their profile level and character level respectively.

Dragon Trail Hunter World Complete MA Missions
Image via TTHmobi

Players just need to tap on the missions and then the character will run along with its companions on its own to complete the mission hence players will get EXPs and will level up themselves. 

2. Go for the Events 

Players must check out some other achievements as well in the events section. The events section comes up with many achievements and thus by completing them players will receive a wholesome amount of EXPs that will help them level up faster in the game. 

3. Count on the Side Missions as well 

Players must go for the side missions as well. These side missions do not involve the main storyline but completing them will let the players get a huge amount of EXPs and thus players can contribute these EXPs upon their profile level hence, players can easily level up themselves through this as well. 

4. Play other Game Modes as well 

The game offers different sets of game modes to the players,

  • Mode
  • Hunt Boss
  • Drill
Dragon Trail Hunter World Play other Game Modes as well 
Image via TTHmobi

Every game mode comes along with several sets of unique gameplays and thus going through these, players also receive a wholesome amount of EXPs that will help out the players themselves to level up quickly. 

5. Enhance the Pets and Refines 

Pets and Refines are one of the biggest aspects players can find out over the game. And for this whole reason, if players keep enhancing these aspects at regular intervals of time, it will eventually increase the power of the character. Thus, this will indirectly help the players to level up their characters and their profile at the same time. 

Final Thoughts

Dragon Trail: Hunter World is a unique and outstanding RPG game that has quite easier ways that can help out players to level up themselves quickly. So, players must follow up all the above-mentioned points and climb up faster over the leaderboard and thus rule over the entire server. 

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