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Dragon Trail: Hunter World: Tips to quickly earn more resources in the game

Easily earn important in-game resources and currencies!

Resources and in-game currencies play a very vital role in RPG games like Dragon Trail: Hunter World. Players need resources and in-game currencies for every single aspect of this game. For a little upgrade as well, players try to save up some resources and then invest in it. If there is much need for resources in the game, there are ways through which players can easily earn up these resources and currencies to utilize them further into the game and progress. Thus, let’s dive into the piece and know about the important in-game resources and currencies along with the best ways to earn them in Dragon Trail: Hunter World.

Introducing in-game Resources of Dragon Trail: Hunter World

  • Silver: Silver is one of the most easily accessible in-game resources players can witness over the game. After completing every set of missions, players will receive silver and thus they can use them in every aspect of the game.
  • Basic enhance: Basic enhancement is mainly used to enhance the gears in the Refine section. Gears are one of the most important aspects of the game and thus players must enhance them regularly thus, this resource plays the most important role. 
  • Diamond: Diamond is the most premium currency in the game and thus players can use them in a few places by paying out a huge amount of diamonds. 
  • Pet Summon Ticket: Pet summon tickets are the tickets that can be used by the players to summon pets in the game. 
  • Luna Deity Fruit: Luna deity fruit is an important food that is fed to pets so that they can be upgraded.
  • Sapphires: Sapphire is just like a diamond, a very premium currency that serves the purpose of some of the resources, and thus players need to pay a lot of sapphires in place of that particular resource.

How to earn more Resources and Currencies in Dragon Trail: Hunter World

1. Complete Events 

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The game comes up with many sets of events after a regular interval of time and thus players can easily complete those events and then claim the resource and in-game currencies in the form of rewards. 

2. Go for the Missions 

Players must go for the missions that are assigned to them in the game. Whether related to the storyline or not, players must follow up and complete those missions so that they can easily earn up these resources and in-game currencies quickly. 

3. Try out the Gamemodes 

Dragon Trail Hunter World Play other Game Modes as well 
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Playing out the game modes can even help the players to earn resources and currencies in the form of rewards. Players just have to go to the Gameplay section and play any game mode they want to play and thus if they complete the stage, they can earn up resources and currencies easily. 

Final Thoughts 

Dragon Trail: Hunter World is an amazing RPG game and players need to earn resources and in-game currencies in every aspect of the game. Thus players need to cope with the ways with the help which they can earn up resources and utilize them further in their progression. So, follow up the easy ways and earn resources and currencies easily. 

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