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Dual Blader: Idle Action RPG: Beginners Guide and Tips

Awaken your dual swords, defeat the Dragon, and save the Dark World!

Dual Blader: Idle Action RPG is a casual RPG developed by SUPERBOX.Inc. where the players act as the Chosen One and save the dark world from the chains of the Devil. Filled with rage at the loss of her mother to a dragon, a young girl trains for years and sets on a journey to defeat the killer. The players need to strengthen and awaken their dual swords and conquer the dark tower with the help of their pets. So, let’s get into this detailed Dual Blader: Idle Action RPG Beginners Guide to learn about the basic gameplay the game has to offer. Also, follow up until the end to receive some valuable tips for beginners to pull through against the Devil.

Gameplay Overview

Dual Blader: Idle Action RPG is an amazing single-character idle game, featuring over 100 powerful weapons. With the help of these weapons and their pets, the players need to fight and kill the monsters of the dark world and turn out to be a legend. The basic gameplay is very convenient for the players as it is set on automatic settings. The main character of the story, the Hero by default battles against the enemies automatically.

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The players do not have to put in extra effort and manually fight the devil’s minions. Apart from the main storyline mode, the other game modes namely Dungeon, Tower, and Arena witness the same gameplay mentioned above. The Hero holds some HP which they need to safeguard while reducing the HP levels of their enemies.

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As soon as the players launch the game, a stage immediately runs on the game screen. Also, the game allows the players to earn in-game resources even when they are away or off the game. Gold and Exp will certainly be earned and the players can increase their skills without any grinding.

Introducing the Basics of Dual Blader: Idle Action RPG 

The Game Modes

Dual Blader provides mainly 4 game modes and all of them require the same gameplay mentioned above. However, the rewards that each mode grants might vary according to the different game modes.

1. Main Mode

The main storyline game mode appears as soon as the players launch the game. This mode as well as the other modes follows automated gameplay where the character fights against enemies. The players need not control the gameplay manually and can begin their journey as a dual blade master from ‘High Graden’ to ‘Lava Cliff’.

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Each chapter is combined with a fixed number of stages. The players while fighting the Boss can activate a special power called ‘Shadow Clone’ to reduce the HPs of enemies much faster. The players must especially keep in mind that a failing stage will repeat the previous stage over again.

2. Dungeon

The Dungeon section is yet another game mode that allows the players to battle against the Boss-level Dragons such as Hydra, Nergal, and many more. This section consists of several challenges that include Dragon’s Nest, Dark Monastery, Tomb of Death, Training Canyon, and Rebel Hunt.

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All these challenges have a fixed time limit to deal damage to the dragons and each challenge offers a different set of rewards that can be used further in various in-game activities. For example, the Dragon’s Nest challenge offers Pet Eggs as rewards whereas the Tomb of Death challenge provides the players with Enchant Stones.

3. Tower

Tower is a side game mode the players can witness in the game. Up in this mode, the players can fight against a lot of enemies that they will be facing in a wave format. The players will be able to challenge the infinity and boss hunting tower from this mode. The more enemies they kill, the faster they climb up to the tower. This mode will help the players to collect lots of in-game currency and resources which they can further apply in upgrading their main character.

4. Arena

Arena is yet another great game mode where players can fight against other online players in the dueling arena across the globe. Here, the players get into the match and let the Hero fight against the enemies. As it is an automated format game, the character will fight on her own and the players will advance based on their skills and specifications. Thus, this section will also contribute a lot to the players so that they can earn all those required resources and progress easily in the


The players can access this section from the bottom part of the game screen. This section mainly depicts the stat and skill percentage of the Hero along with their bonus power skills in Dual Blader. The players also get the liberty to upgrade the Hero’s stats, skills, and artifacts they own.

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They can do so by selecting their desired skill or artifact and clicking on Level Up. The players can be promoted to a higher position when they play a challenge level by clicking on Challenge Promote and defeating all enemies in the match. The player initially stands on the Beginner level.


The Items section enables the players to view all the Weapons, Armor, Ring, and Necklace the players own in the game. They can also see the potential and specifications of each item present there. The players either have the option of Auto Equip or equip manually according to their preference.

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The right and left Weapon can be upgraded using a sufficient quantity of Enchanted Stones obtained from the in-game activities itself. The players can even merge all their equipment to create a powerful bonus weapon enough to finish off the Devil. 


This section can be accessed from the bottom part of the game screen and it allows the players to view all the pets they own throughout the game. The Pets can be unlocked only when the Eggs the players have acquired are set to hatch in the Hatchery.

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The players can start hatching an egg by clicking on Start Hatch and wait for 7 hours for the egg to finally hatch. The players can equip or unequip their desired pet to fight alongside them and defeat the monsters.


The Summon section allows the players to summon Right or Left Weapons, Armor, and Artifacts so that these can provide an advantage during a fight. There are a total of 200 variations of each item. Acquiring all the items will provide the players with a bonus to defeat the monsters even more quickly.

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The players can either summon the items using the Summon Ticket or by using Diamonds. Summoning by the second method also permits two options namely Summon x11 and Summon x55 using 100 and 500 Diamonds respectively.


This section can also be found in the bottom part of the main game screen. The players can view and upgrade various Totems such as Wolf Totems, Boar Totems, and Griffin Totems in this section. Each totem can be upgraded by using the required amount of their respective artifacts and each of them boosts different skills of the Hero.

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For example, the Wolf Totem boosts the overall ATK of the main character while the Boar Totem boosts the overall HP of the Hero. Apart from these, they can advance the various skills of the Hero using the required in-game resources.

Game Pass

Dual Blader offers two types of Passes namely Premium, and Free to the players where the Free pass can be accessed without any hustle and the Premium one is purchased by using real-time transaction money.

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There are a total of 4 classifications that include Time Pass, Hunt Pass, Daily Pass, and Stage Pass where the Stage Pass advances when the player levels up with each stage in a chapter. Each Pass provides different rewards to the players according to their designation and assists the players in developing their game profile.


Image via SUPERBOX.Inc

The players can access this section from the left corner of the main screen. There are two types of missions namely Daily and Weekly. As the name suggests, daily missions will be assigned to the players to fulfill them by the end of the day while weekly missions are meant to be completed within the particular week. By completing these missions, the players will obtain important resources and rewards helpful in defeating the monsters of the dark world.

Dual Blader: Idle Action RPG Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Complete the in-game Missions as soon as possible

The players are advised to complete missions assigned to them in the game. The players can also participate in various events that are frequently held from time to time. Participating in these events and finishing in-game missions will provide the players with various resources such as Diamonds, and other items that will further help the players strengthen their profile. These resources can further be exchanged for other important rewards.

2. Keep Summoning Weapons and Armor

Summoning is a very significant part of any game as it enables the players to own powerful weapons and armor. Dual Blader provides the players with the opportunity to summon over 100 weapons and armor with different powers and skills. The players can obtain various swords and reach their full potential. Also, collecting all the blades will give the players a fruitful bonus that can in turn help in defeating the monsters effortlessly.

3. Upgrade your Weapons regularly

The players are recommended to upgrade their left and right blades regularly. This will ensure the increasing skills and capacity of both blades and assist the players during a battle. They can also level up their armor using the necessary in-game resources. This will help the players deal maximum damage in comparison to that of their enemies and establish a victorious position against the minions of the dark world.

4. Keep activating Buffs

Buffs are some special powers that the Hero holds in Dual Blader. Activating all three sub-buffs will automatically activate the Attack Buffs which provides the players with an additional advantage during a fight against their enemies. The players are recommended to keep the Attack Buffs activated at all times to defeat the monsters and minions of the Devil easily and hold control of the dark world in their hands.

5. Importance of Advance Stats and Skills of the Hero

The players are advised to upgrade the skills and abilities of the main character Hero in Dual Blader. The Hero holds some HP, Atk, Crit Chance, and Crit Atk initially that require upgradation as the players proceed further ahead in the chapter. Leveling up the powers of the character will prove handy while finishing off their enemies. The players can level up their stats using a sufficient quantity of Gold gained from the activities in the game itself.

Final Thoughts

Dual Blader: Idle Action RPG is an outstanding leisure RPG game with easy handling and gameplay experience the players can ever witness. The various changes in skills, easy operation, and cute but powerful pets are some of the factors that attract players to this visually adventurous game. Therefore, follow up on this detailed Dual Blader: Idle Action RPG Beginners Guide and Tips to experience the just destiny of a legend in the Dark World.

That’s all from us for Dual Blader: Idle Action RPG Beginners Guide! Did you find our Dual Blader: Idle Action RPG Beginners Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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