Dumb Ways to Die 4! Beginners Guide and Tips

Keep it Dumb!

Dumb Ways to Die 4 is a relaxing casual game developed by PlaySide Studios Ltd. This game is a series of previous games, but Dumb Ways to Die 4, brings new things such as areas that need to be explored and being able to build several objects around it, various mini-games which are for life and death Beans, Beans who must be rescued from each area, and others. In this Dumb Ways to Die 4 Beginners Guide, we do a detailed walkthrough of the game, and explain the basics with additional tips and tricks.

Introducing the basics of Dumb Ways to Die 4

Here are the basics you should know before playing the game:


What’s new in Dumb Ways to Die 4 are the various areas that you will traverse on this journey such as Grassy Forest, Icecap Mountain, Sandy Dunes, and others. In each of these areas, you need to build several objects such as logs, trees, tree houses, fences, and more.

Dumb Ways To Die 4 Beginners Guide
Image via PlaySide Studios

In each of these builds, there is a progress percentage that you need to complete to move to the next area. However, this build requires coins which you can get through mini-games.

Mini Games

The most famous of all the Dumb Ways to Die series is the mini-games. In this game, you need to complete each mini-game to get a score that can be converted into coins which are used to build in each area.

There are various modes in these mini-games, such as Faster which means you need speed to finish the game, there is Tilt which means you need balance in adjusting the tilt of your device, there is Smack which means you need to hit several targets and many more which we will discuss below. down later.


Beans are the name for the characters in each Dumb Ways to Die game. In this game, there are many Beans available in the Collection and to unlock the Beans, you need to complete certain stages in several areas.

Dumb Ways To Die 4 Beginners Guide
Image via PlaySide Studios

Apart from that, you can also unlock it by buying it with some Gems, and some only need to watch a few Ads. These beans are quite helpful for you when completing stages in the area because each bean has its abilities, such as a +200 Starting Score, a 50% chance to +0.5 second on mini-games, and others.


dwtd quests
Image via PlaySide Studios

Dumb Ways to Die 4 has several quests, especially daily Quests where if you complete the quests, you can claim the rewards. These quests are not difficult because they will be balanced with the area you are currently in, such as placing items in the area, adventure with the beans you have, and others. So every time you play this game, don’t forget the Daily Quests because this is quite helpful in increasing your resources.

Dumb Ways to Die 4 Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in the Dumb Ways to Die 4 Beginners Guide to help you newbies kickstart your journey.

1. Pay attention to Mini-Games

To be able to get a high score in mini-games, you need to complete these mini-games by minimizing failure or death because in these mini-games only 3 lives are provided. As previously explained, in this mini-game there are many types, each of which is different. Here are several types along with tips and explanations:

TiltThis tilt is how you can balance your device according to the game, if there are games that avoid obstacles, you can avoid them by tilting your device. However, if your device does not allow you to play mini-games with this type of tilt, you can disable it via settings.
FasterFaster is how you can react quickly to some of the commands requested by the game
SmackYou can tap or hit certain targets in order to finish the game
ConnectYou have to connect from one object to another quickly so it doesn’t get timed out
HoldOn hold, you can hold your screen to perform reactions, such as avoiding the sea mines or holding the screw to be inserted
DragThis drag requires you to move an object by dragging across your screen according to the directions the game requires

Those are some of the types in the Dumb Ways to Die 4 mini-game there are more however, in general, the above types usually appear for beginners. Then always pay attention to what types are in the game along with the explanation below because that is the clue from the game.

2. Move your Area for new Mini-Games

To be able to play in new or different mini-games, you need to move from one area to another because if you play the same mini-games over and over again you will get bored.

Image via PlaySide Studios

But how do you move the area? You can build what is requested in that area through the coins you have. In each area it usually varies in terms of objects, there are Trees, Logs, Ducks, tree houses, and others

3. Keep collecting the Resources

Resources are important if you want to build quickly. Therefore you need to get these resources from anywhere. One way is to play mini-games and get a high score.

Dumb Ways To Die 4 Beginners Guide
Image via PlaySide Studios

Apart from that you can also complete the Daily Quests which are available in the lobby with a trophy icon, there you can get coins as well as gems too. Then, you can watch Ad to get 100 coins

4. Take advantage of the Bean’s Ability

beans ability
Image via PlaySide Studios

Each of these Beans has abilities that can be used when playing mini-games. Therefore you can take advantage of it and adjust what you want when playing mini-games such as adding time, scores, or something else. But you need to unlock the beans first through a stage in a certain area. In addition, you cannot see the abilities of all Beans unless you already have them.

Final Thoughts

The Dumb Ways to Die 4 game is the same as the previous games, but there is an update that this 4th series has. The most important thing is how you can collect as many coins as possible from mini-games to unlock each area and in mini-games always pay attention to the clues given so there are no misunderstandings.

That’s all from us for Dumb Ways To Die 4 Beginners Guide! Did you find our Dumb Ways To Die 4 Beginners Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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