Epic Apes: MMO Survival Beginners Guide and Tips

Explore the monkey city, craft weapons, and defeat the mafias of Epic Apes!

Epic Apes: MMO Survival is an adventurebased online multiplayer survival game developed by Brickworks Games Limited where human existence is missing and the areas are ruled by monkey mafias. You must explore the various streets endangered by mafias, equip your house with items or weapons, and defeat all uncivilized monkeys to establish harmony. Therefore, keep up with our Epic Apes Beginners Guide to learn about the basic gameplay and features in the Apetown. Also, get some valuable tips at the end of the piece.

Gameplay Overview

In Epic Apes, the mafias rule the streets of the Apetown. You pose as a civilized monkey to eliminate the outcasts that threaten the monkeys. The game follows a storyline where you will be assigned a location for your mission. After clearing out the enemies in your first mission, you can move on to your next area. You can either play as a solo or in a co-op. Your ultimate goal is to be the last one surviving in the match.

Epic Apes-MMO Survival create items
Image by Brickworks Games Ltd

Now, a home is provided to every player including you. The home is the safe zone for you to reside. You can store your extra belongings in the crates at your home itself. You can return to the safe zone anytime to get access to the materials required. Besides that, you can craft items such as weapons, clothing, and other pieces to place at your home and gain style points. 

Lastly, we discuss the gameplay mechanics. You get a joystick on the left to control your movements while on the move. The centermost gun icon on the right allows you to shoot at your enemies in the right direction. Several other buttons on the right help you to switch between your guns, throw grenades, reload your gun, revive your health, and collect loot. 

Epic Apes gameplay
Image by Brickworks Games Ltd

The stealth icon beside the joystick helps you to attack the enemies without being detected by them. There is a mini-map on the top left to keep track of the direction you are moving in. By degrees, you have to kill all outcasts and complete the other miscellaneous tasks in that location to clear your mission.

Introducing the Basics of Epic Apes


The Design section contains the designs or formulas for the creation of different categories of items. The items mainly include weapons, outfits, furniture, decoration pieces, and others. Every item requires a different set of raw materials to be created.

Epic Apes-MMO Survival designs
Image by Brickworks Games Ltd

You simply need to have an adequate quantity of each of the materials necessary for the crafting of items. Finally, you can click on Create to craft your needed piece of equipment, weapon, or housing commodities.


Gear is nothing but the storage section of the Apetown. You can view the items stored in your pockets as well as your backpack. The section also shows your character with the different stats that affect their performance during combat.

Image by Brickworks Games Ltd

For equipping any piece of equipment or gear, you can just select the piece and click on Equip. You must keep on changing between the pieces to see what gear suits you the best while defeating your enemies quickly.


The Task section holds information about all types of tasks you have completed or are yet to be done. The main tasks include the active ones, temporary ones, and completed ones.

Image by Brickworks Games Ltd

After one mission location is cleared of all the dangers, the space is updated with new locations and new tasks. Each of the tasks will help you obtain rewards utilized further. The rewards gained from the task areas are plenty and of great assistance in the game.


The skills section is an interesting feature of the game. You can upgrade the performance of your weapons and consumables based on different stats available within the section itself.

Image by Brickworks Games Ltd

Each category of weapons or consumables has a slot that is affected by stats such as max health, run speed, stealth speed, XP Bonus, and many others. These stats increase the effect of the item by some percentage. You are allowed to add more slots by seeking help from the mentor at the Shopping Center.


The Gang in Epic Apes is the squad part of the game. Your gang can face other gangs in a match and be the last one standing to claim the victory. There are a total of five active members in a gang.

Image by Brickworks Games Ltd

The gang leader sets the gang type to be private or public. You can also send an invite to the other members to join you in your mission to eliminate the outcasts of the Apetown streets.


The map is a general section from where you can view different areas or locations in the Apetown. As you clear a mission, you can access your next mission location from the map.

Epic Apes map
Image by Brickworks Games Ltd

You can also enter the Shopping Center and seek help from the mentor for various purposes. The map allows you to track back to a safe zone, your home, where you can relax and rest for a bit.

Epic Apes Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Survival is the Primary Factor

In this game, defeating the opposing monkey mafia requires you to live to the very end. Before starting a match, you should explore various areas to gather enough loot. Enough bandages, ammo, grenades, and raw materials obtained from the loot help you to draw weapons and other significant items needed for surviving in the land of apes. The ultimate goal is to eliminate every enemy ape, hold onto your supplies, and survive until the very end to win.

2. Keep Crafting Weapons

One of the greatest liberties provided to you is the creation of items using certain raw supplies. The items include weapons, armor, skins, furniture, etc. Firstly, you need to have the correct supplies for crafting a weapon. Each piece requires a different set of materials in different quantities. The materials can be obtained from loot and other rewards. Then, you can carry on with your process of creating stronger weapons to claim your victory effortlessly.

3. Don’t stop Collecting Loot

A land ruled by the mafias certainly has a bunch of hidden treasures including loot items. The loot items comprise cash, materials like wooden scraps, iron plates, metal scraps, ammos, rope, cloth, outfits, and certain weapons as well.

The supplies you collect from the areas can be used in different game activities. The materials can be used to craft some items while the cash and coins can be used for trading or purchasing purposes. So, make sure to grab all loot items and stock them in your crates.

4. Equip the Strongest Gears

Weapons, armor, medications, and grenades are a necessity when embarking on a mission. During combats, these gear affect your total power, damage capability, attack speed, defense, and run speed. It is always wise to keep on switching between the pieces of gear or equipment to have variable and more impactful stats. The strong pieces of equipment will positively affect your performance against your opponents and assist you in achieving your victory swiftly.

5. Complete your Tasks

The Task section displays all the categories of quests you have completed or are yet to be finished. The tasks’ locations can be noted and explored from the map. The tasks are one of the vital features of Epic Apes where you must eliminate all your enemies to clear out and deevilize the particular area. You also obtain plenty of rewards for clearing the area. These rewards are mostly valuable and help you in carrying out other crucial functionalities within the game.

Final Thoughts

Epic Apes: MMO Survival is an interesting survival game. You pose as a civilized monkey set on a mission to eliminate all the mafias threatening the streets of Apetown. Along with the out-of-the-box concept, the game provides you with additional liberty to create items including furniture, weapons, and many others. The features in the game are quite easy to comprehend. Thus, follow our Epic Apes Beginners Guide to gang up, kill the mafias, and rise above the leaderboard. 

That’s all from us for Epic Apes: MMO Survival Beginners Guide and Tips! Did you find our Epic Apes: MMO Survival Beginners Guide and Tips helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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