Everdale Beginners Guide and Tips

Are you ready to build a fantasy world?

No doubt, Supercell always sets a high bar for quality and value. And Everdale is one of the studio’s most recent titles which clearly proves the fact. Everdale is a peaceful building game based on friendship and cooperation. The game is set in an entirely new fantasy universe that is peaceful, relaxing, and enchanted. Additionally, there are no wars or looting, only good vibes, and cooperative efforts. This game is all about peaceful construction and socializing with other pleasant people in a lovely game environment. If you’re new to this peaceful game, keep reading because our Everdale beginners guide contains numerous tips and tricks for you.

Gameplay Overview

In the game, you are in a strange world called Everdale. You begin by establishing your own small village. Your work starts from assigning villagers to gather natural resources such as wood, clay, stone, raspberries, and mushrooms. Not only that, but you also gain the ability to research new buildings, upgrades, and other items such as potions and skills to increase the efficiency and productivity of your villagers.

Everdale deliver gameplay overview
Everdale gameplay overview

The gameplay revolves around managing the villagers in order to ensure they are employed, fed, harvesting resources for projects, and crafting items for trade. The best part is that once you’ve settled into the village’s rhythm, you can join a Valley. Then, you form a team with nine other players, each with their own village. To craft items in the game, you will share production areas and specialized buildings. Additionally, surprising events occur in the valley sometimes, adding life, adventure, and short stories to the game. This Everdale beginners guide will provide you with the essential tips and tricks to master the game.

Everdale Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Keep upgrading your Study

Do you like research projects? Yeah! We too. The Study is where you can gain access to new Research Projects for your villages, such as new buildings, leveling up, materials, and recipes. Players can easily assign a villager to any of the Research Projects they desire. Pretty straightforward, huh?

the study Everdale Beginners Guide
The Study

Also, players have to upgrade their Study level to research techs in higher levels. And the twist is Study level can’t be higher than your current village level. Above all, to increase your Study level, you must first earn Village XP, and then you can unlock additional Research Projects. When the new Research Project is complete, you will be able to implement it in your village. This could be a new upgrade, a new building, or something else entirely. While research takes time, you can expedite it by utilizing Scrolls. Additionally, each scroll accelerates your research by one minute.

2. Join a Valley

When you reach Study Level 4 and conduct research in the Study, you will automatically become a member. The Valley serves as a focal point of activity for multiple villages. A valley can contain up to ten villages.

Everdale Beginners Guide
Everdale Valley

By completing Ship tasks collaboratively, you can advance large research projects. Build new structures or upgrade existing ones to earn Valley XP, just as you would in your Village. The primary question that arises after joining a valley is “Can you invite your friend?” The answer is It depends. Only the Leader of the Valley has the ability to invite new members to the game. Thus, if you are the leader of your valley, feel free to invite your friends whenever you want.

3. Understanding all the Core elements

As you progress through the game, you’ll discover an abundance of items. Discover how resources can be used to grow your valley and village. Let’s take a look at how it all fits together:

  • Scrolls – Scrolls are used to boost up the study process. Each Scroll increases the speed of research by one minute. Scrolls can be obtained through chests and the Reputation Road.
  • Gems – Gems are the premium currency in the game. They are available in the Shop. Replace them with missing materials or use them to purchase items from the Shop, such as resources, potions, villager outfits, decorations, and pets.
  • Shipping Tokens – Each ship task you complete requires a separate Shipping Ticket. When you run out of Tickets, you are unable to take over a task. The good news is that they regenerate. One can increase the number of available tickets via Reputation Road.
  • Reputation Road – Your reputation on Reputation Road reflects the extent to which you have contributed to the valley. You will be rewarded with a variety of benefits upon reaching a certain reputation level. Reputation Road can be accessed by tapping the heart icon in the top left-hand corner of the screen. Earn Reputation Points by completing ship-related tasks at the Harbor and assisting with valley construction projects. Thus, don’t forget to create value for your Valley and share it.
Everdale game-play Everdale Beginners Guide
Everdale game-play
  • Docks – In total, there are three docks: Dock I, Dock II, and the Premium Dock. Valley elders have the option of deciding which trading partners anchor in the first two docks. Any Valley Member, on the other hand, may summon a premium Ship to the Premium Dock. You can summon ships from any known trade partner from the Premium Dock. Summoning a partner will cost Gems, and the cost varies according to the partner.
  • Valley XP – Each time you place a new Valley building or upgrade an existing one, you earn 1 Valley XP. Your valley XP is located in the upper left-hand corner of the valley screen. By upgrading the valley, you gain access to the library.
  • Experience Points (XP) – Earn XP through construction. By constructing a new structure or upgrading an existing structure, you will earn 1 XP point. When you earn enough XP, your village will level up, granting you access to awesome new items.
  • Trade Partner – You can trade goods with Trade Partners. Each one is unique and offers unique opportunities. The more trade you conduct with a partner, the stronger your partnership becomes. A positive relationship enhances the rewards associated with tasks.

4. Food is necessary for everyone

Food is critical, and no villager can survive without it for an extended period of time. That is why your village has a Pumpkin Patch and Kitchen dedicated to it. It is constantly prepared to prepare soup for hungry villagers. Making soup and pumpkin harvesting are purely linked.

 pumpkin patch
Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkins are your villagers’ primary source of food, as they can always be harvested — even by hungry villagers. All you have to do is assign one villager to the Pumpkin Patch, where he or she can harvest pumpkins while also making soup. Soup does not only have to be made with pumpkins. Other food ingredients, such as raspberries and mushrooms, can be used to make soup too. Players can use raspberries and mushrooms to make soup or to trade for coins.

If your villagers are claiming they are unable to work due to hunger. Give them something to eat. If your villagers start revolving aimlessly around the kitchen, it indicates that they are too hungry to concentrate on work. Assign one of them to soup duty in that case. Once they’ve eaten, they’ll immediately return to work.

5. Prioritise keeping your villagers happy

If you have just started playing the game, please try to gather as many food items as possible to prepare enough soup for your hungry villagers. Players can save their time by collecting food items and then preparing soup with the collected items instead of using the Pumpkin Patch.

Village kitchen Everdale Beginners Guide
Village kitchen

Utilizing the food items for soup is less time-consuming as compared to using the pumpkin patch which takes infinity. Moreover, If the villagers are tired or hungry, they’ll deny work, even for a minute. Thus, focusing on their stomach should be the first priority

6. Master trading to earn more coins

Trading is a significant component of your activities in the game and in the valley. Everdale’s world is opened up by merchant ships from distant lands. Eventually, you’ll gain more knowledge about the lands with which you can begin trading. Players can complete their tasks to earn more coins, potion ingredients, and sometimes scrolls too.

Everdale deliver orders Everdale Beginners Guide
Otto’s Trading Booth

Moreover, when a player clears all the tasks, a bonus chest is offered by the Trader. The trader Otto can demand anything like some x amount of wood, egg, Figurine, Wool, Clay, etc.

Ship and events (which appear sometimes) are also other ways to hunt for some coins. No doubt, there are limited opportunities to earn coins. But with these tips, players will surely fetch some benefits.

Know the Important buildings in valley

The Harbor

At the Harbor, ships from distant lands dock and trade. Jill, the harbormaster, is in charge of the dock. Ships will trade and request various goods in the dock. Players must complete their assigned tasks in order to earn a variety of awesome rewards, such as coins, books for the Great Library, and reputation points. One thing to keep in mind is that dock becomes available only after players join a valley (on study level 4).

The Great Library

The Great Library is similar to the study in your village, except that it covers the entire valley. The library, brimming with knowledge, unlocks the valley’s incredible potential. As with the study, you can conduct research into specific technologies, such as new structures and level-ups.

However, how does one upgrade a library? In Everdale, each time you construct a new valley building or upgrade an existing one, you earn 1 valley XP. The top left-hand corner of the valley screen contains the player’s valley XP. Additionally, upgrading the valley enables players to upgrade the library.

Sheep Pasture

Players can direct their villagers to Sheep Pasture in order to collect wool. Additionally, players will earn Reputation points, which can be used to acquire additional villager slots.

Inviting your friends to Everdale

You can invite your friends to Everdale and you will receive up to 1000 Gems in the game. But here’s another twist. You have to Invite 10 friends to claim your 1000 gems. But how to invite friends? When you scroll all the way down in the shop, you’ll notice a button for inviting friends via links. You and your friend will each receive 100 gems for each successful invitation.

Invite friends
Invite friends

Please keep in mind that this feature is only available after you’ve joined a valley. Most importantly, the reward is given when your friend reaches valley level. Players who’ll join the game with our link will be receiving 100 gems for free when they’ll reach the valley.

Other miscellaneous tips for beginners

Here are some of our additional tips and tricks in this Everdale Beginners Guide to enable you to progress faster in the game with relative ease.

  • Locked Research indicates that you must boost your Village XP. Ensure that new buildings are constructed or existing ones are upgraded in the village. If you do not have any available actions, simply upgrading your Study will suffice.
  • To complete Valley research, you must collect Books (formerly known as Research Tokens), which are obtained by completing Ship Tasks. To locate your Valley’s Books, tap on the Library.
  • Complete Ship tasks to obtain Valley Books that will aid in the advancement of research at the Great Library.
  • Short of coins? Coins can be obtained by completing tasks at Otto’s Trading Booth and the Harbor ships, or by purchasing them at the Shop etc.
  • Is their any scene of Infinite things in the game? So yes, as well as no. Evergrove is amongst one of those buildings which produces Infinite wood. The Clay pit also, provides you an infinity amount of clay. A wise player knows how to use them in the right way.
  • Villagers work faster when boosted. Toggle boost on and off by tapping the boost button. Fill your boost meter with nectar if u want to speed up villagers.
  • Never forget to check out Shop because many players are getting free stuff there.
  • For Active players, one of the most important resource is Coins. We’ve already mentioned the ways to get coins easily.
  • Never leave your villager idle. Keep assigning them tasks whenever they complete one. But at the same time, as we mentioned earlier, don’t forget to have enough soup in the kitchen.
  • Increase the number of villagers by constructing new homes. Acquire new residences by conducting research in the study.

Final thoughts

Overall, Everdale is a highly addictive and relaxing game, and while the average player may not encounter any competitive play, it is a game that can be played at one’s own pace. The majority of activity is centered on self-progression and the creation of a beautiful village designed entirely by one.

While this is not the best Supercell game available, it does contribute to the Supercell universe and is worth playing for the peaceful experience. Additionally, you can immerse yourself in local adventures and level up your villagers at the illustrious valley. Above all, players can anytime refer to this Everdale beginners guide to learn the basics for speeding up their progress in the game.

That’s all for today’s Everdale Beginners Guide. Did you find our Everdale Beginners Guide useful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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