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Ezetta Prophecy Beginners Guide and Tips

Save the world of Ezetta!

Ezetta Prophecy is the newest addition to the world of RPG games that goes around the world of Ezetta with all the special and powerful characters moving around the land to accomplish their motto. A group of warriors thus stand in front of the evils to fight for humanity. The game also brings up numerous features to grab sight of the players and has some of the coolest graphics as well. Thus, let us dive into a detailed Ezetta Prophecy beginners guide and know some of the best tips for beginners.

Gameplay Overview 

The game focuses upon a particular storyline where the players need to play connected to the internet and have to choose the server with less ping to have a great gameplay experience. The gameplay mechanics and UI are very easy to understand by the players, while moving from one part to another part over the map, players get a compact joystick over the game screen at the left side of the screen.

Thus players can use them quite easily. Now for the verge of combat, the characters fight against their opponent one by one but the only thing players have to do is, they need to tap on the character after their special ability bar is filled. Then players will get to see some of the rage attacks and tap on them again to use them. 

Ezetta Prophecy beginners guide
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Other aspects such as enhancing characters and skills are very easy to do. There are numerous features and tons of game modes in the game itself that will thus help the players to earn a lot of rewards and progress further in the game. The game comes up with a few in-game currencies which are thus very important as they can be used in summoning heroes and enhancing the characters. 

Introducing the Basics of Ezetta Prophecy


Adventure is the main game section of the game where players can witness many game modes which are related to the arc and non-arc respectively. Apart from the Main Stage, players need to unlock all the other game modes by completing a certain stage of a chapter and thus then they will unlock all the other game modes and play successfully to progress further in the game. The list of game modes are:

Ezetta Prophecy beginners guide
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  • Main Stage 
  • Side Stage 
  • Bounty Task
  • Rift 
  • Lost Ruins
  • Battle of Hyrus 
  • Twisted Maze
  • Dragonfall Treasure 
  • Arena 


Ezetta Prophecy beginners guide
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Summon is the section where players can thus go and summon Heroes for their team. This will gradually help the players to grab up some of the great possible Heroes and thus create a strong one to defeat the enemies and progress further in the storyline. 

Kadra Tree

Image via GaeaMobile

In the Kadra Tree section, players can get their hands on Pets which are known as Fairy in the game. Players can thus unlock them through this section and even upgrade them with the help of resources.


Ezetta Prophecy beginners guide
Image via GaeaMobile

The event is the section where players get some of the sub-sections, in which players get some of the pre-assigned quests which they need to complete. And then by completing those quests players will thus earn resources such as Pyroxenes, Rune, Agana coins, and many more. 


The Hero section is the one where players can check all the Heroes present in the game. They are even categorized as owned and unowned cards so that players can figure out the heroes and then build their team to defeat the goblins. Players can even enhance their heroes by following these easy steps:

Ezetta Prophecy beginners guide
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  • First, go to the Hero section and then tap on thePromoteoption present in the button right corner.
  • Then check for the resources such as Growth Elixir, Apprentice Elixir, Large Growth Elixir, and Telfotin. If they are present in sufficient amounts then tap on theUpgrade option to enhance the heroes. 
Ezetta Prophecy beginners guide
Image via GaeaMobile

There are also some valuable sub-sections such as Weapons and Gear where players can add some of the great weapons and gears to their heroes so that they get an extra layer of protection while fighting. 


The bag is the section where players can check for all the resources they own in a single place. Some of the resources can also be used directly from the bag and thus it will thus save some time as well for the players. 


Guild is the clan section where players can thus join a clan or form one for themselves so that they can help all the clan members and progress together ahead in the game. Players in the same guild can thus summon up together and fight against strong bosses to earn more resources for their betterment. 


The trophy section showcases all the achievements that are being achieved or unlocked by the players. Whenever players unlock a particular achievement, they are also rewarded with certain resources or in-game currency along with the Trophy. 

Ezetta Prophecy Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After investing hours in the game, here are the best tips for beginners that will help them flourish in the game:

1. Summon the most powerful Heroes for your team

The summoning section is one of the primary elements in this game, and with this summoning feature, you may pull out the heroes who are in use of the specified summoning currencies. The summoning section provides a restrained number of gadgets, however, when the game is launched, we are hoping extra heroes can be delivered to the sport for a better variant of play patterns. 

Ezetta Prophecy beginners guide
Image via GaeaMobile

This banner has assured an epic hero within the ten hero summons and a legendary hero within eight hero summons. so you can summon greater heroes and get the top-tier heroes. except for the heroes, you can get weapons too via this summoning banner making this a combined gacha game. Let us see the quotes for every hero tier you could pull out from this gacha summoning feature. 

  • Mythical heroes and weapons: 2.5%
  • Epic heroes and guns: 20.0%
  • Rare guns: 77.5%

2. Keep Upgrading your Heroes

Improving your heroes is one of the pleasant guidelines for your gameplay after Ezetta Prophecy is downloaded. Every hero has a sure set of attributes, and when you beautify your heroes, you can grow the heroes’ attributes nicely, making them very effective. 

Hero Stolas
Image via GaeaMobile

One of the satisfactory techniques to enhance your heroes is, equipping the great equipment portions to your heroes. Equipping the fine equipment portions for the heroes you’ve got is one of the great pointers. Doing so gives your heroes particular extra attributes that cause them to be even more effective. So if you need to strengthen your heroes, you must equip them with excellent gear. 

And also, you can upgrade the extent of your heroes using the EXP potions amassed in various ways in this recreation. You may grow the level of the heroes when you devour enough EXP potions. So ensure to stage up and make your heroes effective.

3. Follow-up Daily and Weekly Tasks

The daily tasks are a set of tasks that you should do in this game every day, and as they are called daily tasks, these tasks are only valid for 20 hours. After the due time, these daily tasks will be refreshed whether you complete them. Every daily task gives you a set of rewards, and you can claim them when you complete them. 

Ezetta Prophecy beginners guide
Image via GaeaMobile

And then, there are weekly tasks that you can complete to earn more rewards, and these rewards are much more valuable and better than the rewards you take from the daily tasks. The weekly tasks are tougher than the daily tasks but don’t worry because you have one week to complete these weekly tasks, as these tasks will refresh after one week. These tasks are like your friend in this game because these tasks help you let you know what to do next in this game. 

4. Join Guilds and Challenge Villains

Guilds are another awesome feature in this game, and these guilds let you gather with players worldwide and challenge bosses. When you achieve a certain player level, you can join a guild, which is a wonderful opportunity for you to learn about the players worldwide. Once you join a guild, you can challenge the bosses with your guild friends for top-level rewards. 

5. Check out the Chests present over the Map

The chests are everywhere when you go through adventures; once you see them, you should take what is inside them. The chests are filled with the best rewards and treasure items. Since these chests provide you with the best items, you should not neglect them because if you miss them, you will miss a greater opportunity to get the best resources for your gameplay. So, when you see chests, just go to them and tap on the Hand icon shown above the chest. Then you will get what is inside of the chests. 

Final Thoughts

Ezetta Prophecy is one of the finest gacha RPG games players will come across in recent days. Thus follow up this detailed beginners guide and go through the tips as well to conquer the server and also make the strongest team among the Guild members to help them out when they are in need. 

That’s all from us for the Ezetta Prophecy Beginners Guide! Did you find our Ezetta Prophecy Beginners Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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