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Fall Dudes Beginners Guide: Tips to win Levels easily

Our typical perception of a battle-royale is that a certain number of players drop onto a relatively big map, gather weapons, and try to survive as long as possible. Video game genres have evolved largely over the past decades, creating multiple sub-genres, hybrid genres, as well as new genres. It seems like even battle-royale has evolved giving rise to a new hybrid genre – platformer battle-royales. The first example that comes to our mind is Fall Guys. While we do not have any official mobile version for the game, we can spend our time with a very similar game known as Fall Dudes. Fall Dudes, published by PepUp Studios, is available for mobile devices. Here is the Fall Dudes Beginners Guide which includes all the levels in the game along with instructions as to how you should play them.

What are the Levels in Fall Dudes?

Without further ado, let’s jump straight into the Fall Dudes Beginners guide. Here is the list of levels in the game and the tips to win them easily.

1. Moving Doors

Avoid the moving doors and reach the finish line before getting eliminated

Most beginners make the common mistake of rushing directly towards the doors and then deciding which doors they should go through. This takes up some time, giving other players a head start. Instead, focus on a single door that you want to pass through, regardless of the fact whether it’s open or not.

Doors will keep on alternating between Opened and Closed. Therefore, as soon as you reach the door of your choosing, wait for it to open in case it isn’t already. Then immediately pass through it without any delay. Be sure to avoid the moving pillars as they will push you away thereby costing you time.

2. Bomb Tag

Get rid of the bomb before the timer runs out

If you do not have the bomb, you need to make sure other players do not hand it over to you. You might think it’s wise to keep them off your back by moving towards obstacles but that poses almost as much risk to you as it is to them. Instead, keep running in a zigzag and round fashion while frequently going around the platform structures. Some players might approach you from the direction that you are running towards. Therefore, keep changing your movement patterns and make your way to a different location every once in a while.

fall dudes beginners guide

Incase you have the bomb, try to approach players who are already being chased by others. Try to anticipate where they are going and approach them from the front. You do not need to target any specific player, therefore, feel free to make dynamic decisions as to whom you’ll hand over the bomb. The best choice would be the one closest to you.

3. Ultimate Reflex

Avoid obstacles until the time runs out

There will be three square platforms next to each other, one of which you will be standing on. You can move between these platforms at will. However, your primary goal is to avoid oncoming obstacles. Obstacles will spawn close to you therefore your reaction time must be quick. Move away from oncoming walls and jump over obstacles as needed.

Try to stay in one place. In fact, you should only move when necessary, that is, to avoid obstacles. Do not walk towards the edge of the platform or else you might fall off. Similarly, do not stand close to the other end of the platform where the obstacles spawn. Stay in the middle. This gives you the best chance to look out for oncoming obstacles while giving you a slight chance of surviving in case you are pushed back a little due to collision.

4. Lucky Door

Find the lucky door and reach the finish line before others

At this level, rushing first before all other players may not be a very good idea. Your objective is to break down and move through doors until you reach the finish line. The best approach would actually be to stay well behind a few players. There will be multiple doors next to each other. Some can be broken through, while others are actually solid walls.

fall dudes beginners guide

Staying a certain distance behind a few players will give you enough time to figure out which doors are real, as the players ahead of you will break through them. Once they do that, simply move through the broken doors. This mitigates your risk of jumping onto a fake door and getting knocked down.

5. Fruit Match

Match the icon on the screen to avoid the fall

This level tests your memory retention skills. There will be multiple square platforms, one of which you will be standing on. You can move between these platforms. Pictures of fruits will flash on the platform. The pattern might change multiple times as they flash. Remember the last pattern as it is very crucial. Once the countdown ends, the picture of fruit will appear on the screen. You will have a very short amount of time to move to the platform that had the fruit flash on it before.

All other platforms will vanish, thereby eliminating any player standing on them. This whole process repeats multiple times. Keep your eyes out for other players. If multiple players are standing on a platform, chances are that they are standing on the right one. Move towards that platform quickly as this greatly improves your chances of survival in case you fail to memorize the pattern.

6. Fruit Dash

Dash through the correct match fruit

Fruit Dash is somewhat of a combination of the Ultimate Reflex and Fruit Match levels. Much like Fruit Match, pictures of fruits appear but this time on obstacles similar to windows. Remember the pattern of fruits on the obstacles. When the countdown begins, the obstacles move towards you in a similar manner like in Ultimate Reflex.

fall dudes beginners guide

However, this time you need to jump through the right window, that is the window that previously had the fruit which is now shown on the big screen. Just like Fruit Match, try to observe the window that most players are aiming for. This whole obstacle course reiterates a few times, therefore, make sure you try to memorize the fruit pattern on the obstacles as depending solely on other players can pose a risk.

7. Roll Out

Avoid the rotating barrels to claim victory

You will be able to move around a circular platform. Your goal is to keep yourself from falling off the platform until all other players get eliminated. Two cylindrical barrels will keep rotating around the platform, with their speed increasing over time. You need to jump over the lower barrels and simply let the upper barrels move over you.

The upper and lower barrels will move at different speeds, therefore, you need to make sure that you are not jumping when the upper barrel is right above the lower one. Keep moving back and forth to avoid such a scenario. Moving around the circular platform is not recommended as it can be sometimes difficult to look out for the lower barrels. Therefore, focus on staying in one place while moving back and forth as required.


That is all about our Fall Dudes Beginners Guide. Fall Dudes is all about either reaching the finish line before getting eliminated or keep surviving the obstacle course until the timer runs out. The game requires you to accurately anticipate what is going to happen as well as your reaction time.

The game features platforming elements and added the concept of battle-royale to create something absolutely new. The credit, however, goes to the creators of the original Fall Guys who came up with the concept. Fall Dudes may be a blind clone, but it is still an enjoyable game. Until an official mobile version of Fall Guys comes out, we have to make do with Fall Dudes.

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