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Fantasy Tales: Sword and Magic Beginners Guide and Tips

Your Guide to a Fantasy World!

Fantasy Tales: Sword and Magic, an exploration MMORPG created by Ling Ren Game Limited. This game seamlessly blends magic and swordplay, offering players a vast world to explore. Venture into uncharted territories, face dangerous monsters, and forge alliances in this captivating open-world experience. This Fantasy Tales: Sword and Magic Beginners Guide will help you kickstart your journey and make the most out of your adventures.

Fantasy Tales: Sword and Magic Beginners Guide Gameplay Basics

Character Selection

As you kick off your journey in Fantasy Tales: Sword and Magic, the game warmly invites you to delve into its captivating lore. After the lore introduction, the focus shifts to selecting your character. I learned that there are six unique characters to choose from, each with its strengths and challenges.

Fantasy Tales Sword and Magic Character Selection
Image via Ling Ren Game Limited
  • Omni Warrior: A defense-oriented melee character, Omni Warrior excels in agility, stamina, and control. Ideal for beginners due to its easier learning curve.
  • Rune Mage: A mage character specializing in both attacking and controlling. With decent agility and stamina, Rune Mage poses a challenge for new players as an area-damage ranged hero.
  • Elven Archer: A DPS ranged archer known for agility, stamina, and control. Although powerful in attack, this character may present a challenge for beginners.
  • Holy Priest: A healing ranged character with good armor and stamina, Holy Priest is considered the easiest character for beginners to handle.
  • Shadow Assassin: The most challenging character, Shadow Assassin excels in attack, stamina, and agility. This burst melee hero requires skill and experience to master.
  • Rosen Knight: Similar to Omni Warrior, Rosen Knight is a guard melee character with strengths in agility, stamina, control, armor, and attack. A solid choice for beginners.

Choosing a character goes beyond looks; it’s about finding one that suits how you like to play. Once I made my choice, I gave my character a name, and the adventure in Fantasy Tales: Sword and Magic was about to begin.

Complete Quests

In Fantasy Tales: Sword and Magic, I’ve learned that leveling up and getting cool rewards is all about checking your quest box. Now and then, you’ll see different tasks there. Just tap on “Available” to see if there are any quests to do.

Fantasy Tales Sword and Magic Quest
Image via Ling Ren Game Limited

If there are, go for it and finish them. It’s not just about leveling up; these quests also give you neat rewards. I’ve found that finishing all the tasks is super important for moving forward smoothly. So, whenever there’s a quest, go for it and make sure you finish it for the best rewards.

Upgrade your Skills

Leveling up and getting better in Fantasy Tales is about upgrading your skills using skill points. I learned that you earn these points by leveling up, finishing quests, or checking out collectibles. And I found that each character has their skill points, what you do with yours doesn’t affect others.

Fantasy Tales Sword and Magic Skill Upgrade
Image via Ling Ren Game Limited

Also, some super rare weapons come with special skills that are super powerful. Don’t forget to equip these weapons to get those skills. If you want to be ready for different enemies, spend some silver to set up more skill plans. That way, you’ve got the skills you need for any challenge that comes your way.

Upgrade your Battle Pets

As you progress through the levels in Fantasy Tales: Sword and Magic, you’ll be accompanied by loyal companions known as Sprites. The battle pets can provide you an additional attributes and can also use their executive talents. But, facing tougher enemies requires leveling up these battle pets to unlock their true abilities.

Fantasy Tales Sword and Magic Sprite
Image via Ling Ren Game Limited

From my experience, whenever you get the chance, make upgrading your battle pets a priority. This not only makes them stronger but also equips them to handle more powerful enemies. Watch out for opportunities to enhance your pets, ensuring they’re fully prepared for the challenges that come your way.

Join Guild

Navigating Fantasy Tales: Sword and Magic can get tricky, but fear not! Joining a guild has been my go-to move for both new challenges and stuck levels. Guilds are player communities where beginners and experts mingle, making it the perfect space to seek advice, share experiences, and gain insights.

Fantasy Tales Sword and Magic Guild
Image via Ling Ren Game Limited

From my experience, being part of a guild not only unlocks in-game tips but also transforms the gaming journey into a collaborative and rewarding adventure. Don’t miss out – dive into the guild experience and level up your gameplay.

Fantasy Tales: Sword and Magic Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Choose the Class that suits your playstyle

Pick a class that suits your style in Fantasy Tales. Since you only get one character, it’s a big decision. Check out our class guide to see which one fits you best, whether you like fighting head-on or supporting your team.

2. Follow the Quests

Progressing through the story unlocks essential features and familiarizes you with the game’s mechanics. While following the quest list streamlines your progression, don’t overlook the importance of understanding the rich lore and world-building.

3. Keep upgrading your Character

Make your character stronger by upgrading to Fantasy Tales. You can improve your skills, weapons, and Sprites. Each upgrade matters, especially when you’re dealing with tough situations. If things get hard, think about upgrading your gear.

4. Upgrade your Pets

Make your Fantasy Tales journey better by upgrading your battle pets, also known as Sprites. These adorable companions become super important as you play, helping you tackle challenges. Strengthen them regularly to boost their skills and make your character stronger overall.

5. Join a Guild

Team up with fellow players and join a guild in Fantasy Tales. Being part of a guild opens up a world of support, advice, and camaraderie. You can share experiences, learn from others, and make your journey through the game more enjoyable.

Final Thoughts

As you dive into Fantasy Tales: Sword and Magic, remember it’s more than just quests and upgrades. It’s about unraveling the story, mastering your character, and enjoying the company of Sprites and fellow players. Whether you’re leveling up your gear, picking the right class, or joining a guild, each choice shapes your unique adventure.

That’s all from us for the Fantasy Tales: Sword and Magic Beginners Guide! Did you find our Fantasy Tales: Sword and Magic Beginners Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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