Farm City Guide: 6 Quick Tips and Tricks for the beginners

Farm City is a simulation-based building and farming game developed by iKame Games. The game depicts very basic farming and farming related activities as tasks with very easy to eye graphics and gameplay. One can easily get around the game dynamics and get in the game. And here in this Farm City guide, we will brief you some basic tips and tricks to give you an edge over your opponents in the game.

The gameplay is pretty simple and players would be doing great if only they remained in the normal game flow. But there are certain Do’s & Don’t to actually speed up your town building.

Farm City Guide: Tips & Tricks

1. Farm only Wheat when in-game

farm city
Farming wheat in-game

Wheat would be the first crop introduced in the game and requires the lowest growing time. So when you are in the game, try to grow wheat as much as possible using all the farming tiles. Wheat may be a low time harvest crop but a very important crop in the initial stage of the game. The next focus would be on growing maize.

Grow other crops when you are not going to open the game for a while. Distribute your crop tiles as per need.

2. Complete the Shipment tasks daily

Farm City Guide
Complete tasks at harbor

There are two shipment tasks; one through the ship at harbor and other through the airplane/air balloon. Focus primarily on completing the ship’s task. The ship brings materials for the construction of community buildings (which helps in increasing the population). You can complete the air shipments if you have plenty of items to spare.

3. Maximize the population

Don’t hesitate to have the maximum population. Having more people leads you to, more farm tiles thus grow your crowd. To increase the population limit, try building the community buildings (University, Police Station, etc).

4. Use money wisely

Use money efficiently

There are two types of currency in the game. One is the coins, which is the normal currency for daily activities and the other is the Money which is the premium currency of the game. Wisely spend the money, for like buying production slots. You would be taunted for buying construction materials using money but spend wisely only when you are not getting the construction materials from shipments.

5. Buy extra Cows and Chickens

farm city cows
Buy more Cows in game

At the start of the game, buy an extra cow. It is can be easily fed also. But we would suggest buying an extra hen a little late in the game as a must buy.

6. Upgrade your Store

Farm City Guide
Upgrade your store

This is important because you need building materials for upgrading and these are hard to come. You may be in a flow of building community buildings, but forget to upgrade the store. There you would come to a pause, wondering what to do now.

We hope that you’ll find this Farm City Guide useful. For more Mobile Gaming news, updates and discussion, make sure to join our Discord server today!

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