FIFA Mobile 20 Hazard Event Guide

As the Top Transfers Event came to an end, EA dropped surprising news by bringing out an all-new avenue to the game! For the first time, they unlocked the ability to train players past 100 OVR! To commemorate the occasion, they are coming out with a brand new FIFA Mobile 20 Hazard event.

Similar to the Prime Icon Zidane and SBC Sancho, Hazard is also a permanent event and therefore is gonna stay till the end of the season. It’s a long way to the top whose reward is an absolutely unreal 104 OVR LW Eden Hazard.

FIFA Mobile 20 Hazard Event Flow

FIFA Mobile 20 Hazard Event is a new way for players to play the game each day, featuring a Daily Warm-up section. Yes, the daily warm-up drills are finally back! Every day, you can earn some extra bonus rewards by playing 3 drills and 2 matches. Then claim some Hazard Points and Rank Shards as rewards.

Completing all your Daily Warm-ups for a week rewards you with even more Hazard Points and Rank Shards! There are absolutely no worries about missing a reset. All progress will carry forward so you can complete the tasks at your leisure without missing out on too many rewards.

104 OVR Legendary Hazard is in-game

Also, as of the Hazard Event launch, you will now be able to train all your players to 101 OVR! No other in-game unlock requirements are necessary, just grab your players and upgrade them all the way to 101 OVR.

Daily Warm-Up

Complete the five Daily Warm-Up skill games and matches to earn rewards and warm-up Scores. You need to complete these each and every day. once you are done, they will unlock the daily bonus which is good for 5 Rank Shards and 5 Hazard Points every single day.

The daily bonus will tally towards your weekly bonus, at the end of the seventh day, you’ll earn the weekly bonus of 10 Rare Rank Shards, 25 Rank Shards, and 15 Hazard Points, along with 3 Gold Players. The rewards for the skill games and matches rotate daily.

Daily Warm-Up Challenge Rewards

Hazard Chapter

Heading on into the Hazard chapter in the event, you will see a big pyramid of achievements. The pyramid requires two different types of unlocking requirements. You can start working your way to the top and eventually claim 104 Hazard! Start from the bottom, spending 20 Hazard Points at a time to claim extra rewards such as Rank Shards, Coins, Skill Boosts, Training XP and other Players.

As you climb the pyramid, unlock additional rows by earning Hazard Keys. You can earn Hazard Keys from other events that are released in-game, such as in the Easter Event launching simultaneously. The keys are not spent but rather collected to unlock more of the pyramid over time.

As it is a pyramid, you will need more than just the keys to unlock the nodes. For every node in the pyramid, you’ll also need to complete the two nodes directly beneath it in order to move up.

FIFA Mobile 20 Hazard Event
Pyramid in Hazard Chapter

Lineup Challenges

In order to earn Hazard Points & Rank Shards faster, there are some Lineup Challenges available. Every two weeks there are two paths to take that require building a squad of players from a specific nation or league to fulfill the conditions shown in-game. All players in the lineup must meet a minimum OVR to play a total of eight matches divided into two sets of four.

Every challenge match rewards with Hazard Points. Before starting the matches you get a set of three skill games that rewards you in-game resources and 10 Common Rank Shards. After beating all the matches with your lineup, you turn them in an SBC for even more Rank Shards & Hazard Points. These Lineup Challenges will refresh with new requirements and rewards every 2 weeks.

The bottom path in the Lineup Challenges is much harder ie expensive as it requires all players 88 OVR or higher. Expect to fork over some big coins to build that team though, most likely the later in the two weeks you go, the cheaper the players will be if you are attempting to finish it.

FIFA Mobile 20 Hazard Event
Lineup Challenge Conditions and Rewards

Extra Match Win Conditions

From the Hazard and Easter event, extra Match Win Conditions are introduced. To win a match from now on, you’ll need to both win the match and complete any conditions included. Each one has secondary condition requirements in the matches. These can range anywhere from requiring a certain amount of passes completed, tackles made, preventing a number of goals being conceded, or scoring goals with specific players, and more! Watch out for them in upcoming matches, as you may need to play them in a different tactic to get the win!

Remember own goals count, it’s easier to go into extra time to gather all the dribbles, passes and tackles required. If you take it all the way to penalties, it is much easier to confirm all the goals you need from midfielders and defenders.

Running the Math for F2P Players

As per calculations the following sums up for F2P Players

EventsHazard PointsTotal Hazard Points (Per Two Weeks)
Daily Warm-Up570
Weekly Warm-Up1530
Lineup Challenges30 per Challenge60
SBC20 Per Challenge40

Total 200 Hazard Points per 14 days and 400 Points per month

FIFA Mobile 20 Hazard Event Tips and Tricks

Similar to the Hazard Blue Star Event of the game’s first season, this event brings back memories.

Adding all the nodes up and you are looking up at a grand total of 1110 Hazard Points. From our calculations, it will take around 72 days, thus a little more than 2 months if one completes all the challenges every 14 days. Therefore you can have Hazard by the end of June.

If one chooses to do only the Top Challenges which are easier it takes 100 days, which is more than 3 months to get the Hazard. If you rely only on daily skill games and choose totally to ignore the challenge matches it will take around 156 days which is more than 5 months to lay your hand on the card, earning 50 Hazard Points per week.

Bonus Tip

For doing the SBC on the Lineup Challenges, remember you do not have to use players on position for the squad you will be trading in. Don’t forget you’ll be getting one card already on the way that you can use. Buy a high rated Goalkeeper that you don’t have to train and use him for all the matches and then sell him before you do the SBC. It may be the cheapest way to go especially for the bottom path every two weeks. So even if you overpay for one player, as long as you can sell him back to the market, you are gonna be better off. Remember, you don’t have to trade the exact squad you used all the way in challenges in the SBC.

Note: The event requires Hazard Keys which will be released as a part of other events. So it can’t be said definitely the exact time one can obtain Hazard Free to Play. The above calculations are thanks to Georik and are subject to change based on future events. We are yet to see if we can obtain all the ten keys within 72 days to get Hazard. We will be updating the same here.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

Hope you find this FIFA Mobile 20 Hazard Event Guide useful. For more guides like this, make sure to follow Gamingonphone on Facebook and Twitter.

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I have missed 2 hazard keys as I was not able to complete Easter event will I get a chance to get back the 2 keys ??


Hi, what could be next set of league and nation requirement for hazard event lineup challenge.

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Can i sell player after finished challenge ? Is it possible to repeat same leauge or nation again ?

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