FIFA Mobile 21 best attackers according to gameplay

Choose only from the best forwards!

When we play FIFA Mobile most of the time we go for big names but don’t realize those players may not have the best gameplay in the game. So, we often struggle and keep wondering while playing H2H or VSA matches. Therefore, we need players with better gameplay than a big name or overloaded stats. So, check out the list of FIFA Mobile 21 best Attackers to know which players one should pick for their team.

How this list is made

Primarily, we have conducted a survey among the F2P players. We asked them to vote/pick (more than one/multiple players) the best midfielders they have played with or noticed a very good midfielder while playing. After a certain amount of votes, we made the list. You may like to note that, we did not go for player’s stats for picking up the best players.

Note: EA Dev team Buffs and Nerfs the players over the season so we will keep on updating the list with the introduction of new events and according to the players’ reviews. This list includes players till the Spring Break Event.

F2P & P2P Saga

You will not see any Prime Icon or UTOTY Players or Any P2P players in these lists. There are 2 main reasons behind that,

  • These ratings are mostly given by F2P players.
  • Those Prime Icons/P2P players are very rarely found/faced in the game. So, very fewer ratings were given to those players to consider them for this list

However, you can consider that the gameplay of those cards is generally very good. EA makes sure their payers don’t regret paying money to bag those players. Additionally, you can build your squad with the best players from our suggestions below!

Best attackers in FIFA Mobile 21

Attackers play a very important role in VSA matches (they take almost 70%-80% of shots of your end). The front line is also significant during H2H matches to dribble past opponent Defenders with pace and score a goal.

Fifa Mobile Best Attackers

FIFA Mobile 21 Best STs

The main responsibility of a Stricker is to score whenever he gets a chance and a good ST will convert a half-chance into a goal. Hence, to selecting the ST we asked our voters to consider Shooting, Finishing, Shotpower, Heading, Dribbling, and Speed of the player.

Player NameOVRProgramAverage Rating
Messi100Spring Break9.4
Cristiano Ronaldo96TOTY9.1
Dembele101Top Transfer9
Inaki Willams96Carniball8.6
Antonio93Spring Break8.3
Erling Halaand88TOTY8.2
Harry Kane92TOTY8.2
Haller98Top Transfer8.2
Anderson Talisca90LNY8.1
Calvert Lewin89Star pass8
Paolo Dybala90TOTY8
Memphis Depay92Marquee8
Kruse98Spring Break7.9
Lautaro Martinez93LNY7.9
Jamie Vardy88TOTY7.8
Jovic96Top Transfer7.8
E. Haaland93UCL7.7
Paco Alcacer95Star pass7.6
Jamie Vardy94Freeze7.5

FIFA Mobile 21 Best LWs

Wingers Deliver Crosses and often invade the opposition box to score. Therefore, while selecting LW we asked our voter to keep in mind Shooting, Crossing, Speed, Finishing, Dribbling, and Curving of the player.

Player NameOVRProgramAverage Rating
Cristiano Ronaldo96Freeze9.2
Leon Bailey95UEL9.1
Neymar Jr91TOTY9
Acosta95Spring Break8.9
Vinicius Jr.92UCL8.6
Griezmann99Spring Break8.5
Rivaldo89Icon SBC8
Timo Werner95UCL7.9
Jack Harrison90Boxing Day7.8
L. Insigne87TOTY7.7
Marcus Thuram92LNY7.6
R. Sterling89TOTY7.6
FIFA Mobile 21 Best Attacker

FIFA Mobile 21 Best RWs

Wingers Deliver Crosses and often invade the opposition box to score. Therefore, while selecting RW we asked our voter to keep in mind Shooting, Crossing, Speed, Finishing, Dribbling and, Curving of the player.

Player NameOVRProgramAverage Rating
Ruud Gullit101Gullit Event9.3
M. Asensio99Spring Break8.7
G. Best90Icon SBC8.6
Yimmi Chara88Beckham Event8.2
Raphinha94Boxing Day8
Douglas Costa94UCL8
L.Moura90Beckham Event7.9
Di Maria90TOTY7.9
Milot Rashica94Match Up7.8
Samu Castillejo98UEL7.7
Diatta92Top Transfer7.6
L.Figo89Icon SBC7.5

That’s the complete list of FIFA Mobile 21 best attackers across all the positions. Try to set out your attack by using the same boost across the positions to cut your costs but never compromise on half-decent players. A tall decent ST can make all the difference in both VSA and H2H, and you already know-how. And if you have come across or played with a good attacker (ST/LW/RW) who is not featured in our list, then don’t hesitate to mention it in the comment box!

So what do you think about this list of best attackers of FIFA Mobile 21? Do you use any of the attackers given on our list? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below!

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Hey, you said we’ll weekly 1050 points from league specials. While the rewarding amount is only 150 if you come in top 10%. Can you help me with thsi

Sayak Mitra

It’s 950 points from the milestones given you to reach the 4000 mark every week, it’s very easy just make your squad and grind it out. And an additional 50+50 from the two weekly leaderboards of that week for just being in the top 100%, that is like the bare minimum. Making the total count to 1050.

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