FIFA Mobile 22 Team of the Week (TOTW) Guide

Find the top performers from the world of football in the new TOTW!

The Team of the Week (TOTW) event is live in FIFA Mobile 22! As players outshine their opponents with their enthralling performances over the weekend, EA releases their in-game versions every week in the Team of the Week (TOTW) promo. Every week a new team of 11 players with high-rated elite cards based on the player’s onfield performances during the last weekend.

Welcome to the TOTW, where you can find the top performers from the world of football! Complete daily and weekly Quests, trade-in players through the Exchange, and store pack open Offers to redeem new TOTW Players every week for your Ultimate Team.

FIFA Mobile 22 Team of the Week (TOTW) Event Description

  • Event Duration: Every Week (7 Days)

FIFA Mobile 22 Team of the Week (TOTW) Event Flow

TOTW Quests

In order to obtain the TOTW Points, you need to complete the Daily and Weekly Quests from the Quests section. Complete various Daily and Weekly Quests to earn your TOTW Points. Finish all your Weekly Quests to receive a massive grand total of 100 TOTW Points.

TOTW Quests
TOTW Quests (Image via Electronic Arts)

The weekly TOTW Quests range from winning 25 Division Rivals matches to scoring a massive amount of 300 goals. Although reaching the Star Pass score for the TOTW Quest is quite achievable, grinding the Division Rivals for the TOTW Points can be difficult depending upon your skill.

Also, remember all of your TOTW Points carry over from week to week until the entire TOTW event ends which can be somewhere near the end of the footballing season. Therefore, it is definitely better to hold up and save your TOTW Points and use them once you have enough to spend them on your favorite TOTW Starter player.

TOTW Store Offers

The Store is where you will be using your TOTW Points, Yes the store, and not any event chapter! Use your hard-earned TOTW Points to open the TOTW Offer for a TOTW Reserve or Starter Player. Every time you redeem the offer, there is a TOTW Countdown that gets closer to reaching 0.

TOTW Offer
TOTW Offer (Image via Electronic Arts)

Yes, there is an irritating TOTW Countdown that starts from 6 and you need to open it 6 more times to get the countdown to 0. Hit 0 on the TOTW Countdown to get a TOTW Starter Point, which is redeemable for a guaranteed TOTW Starter Player! So there is a real challenge to get a guaranteed TOTW Starter Player from the Store.

There are two store offers rewarding a TOTW Player (Starter or Reserve, mostly Reserve) and the Countdown for 100 TOTW Points. Whereas the Starter Player offer guarantees the TOTW Starter for the TOTW Starter Point. Additionally, there are other store packs offering TOTW Points for Gems and FIFA Points.

TOTW Exchanges

With the new Exchanges replacing the SBCs from the game, EA has introduced special TOTW Exchanges. Here you will be using your TOTW Players to the Exchanges to trade them in for TOTW Points and Skill Boosts. Each Exchange has a completion limit that refreshes weekly.

TOTW Exchanges FIFA Mobile 22 Team of the Week TOTW
TOTW Exchanges (Image via Electronic Arts)

There are two Exchanges possible currently for TOTW Players. They require TOTW Players, with 3 players from the current week and 2 players of at least 73 OVR from any week for 100 TOTW Points. There is also an Exchange with a reward of 100 Skill Boosts in exchange for a TOTW Starter from Current Week and 3 players of at least 76 OVR from any week.

There is a total of an additional 300 TOTW Points up for grabs from the Exchanges every week. You can buy the TOTW Players either from the market or grab them from the store pack offers.

FIFA Mobile 22 Team of the Week (TOTW) Event Currencies

TOTW Point

  • Earn them by completing Daily and Weekly Quests, and trading in Players through the Exchange.
  • Use them towards TOTW Offers to earn TOTW Players.

TOTW Starter Point

  • Earn them by reaching zero on the TOTW Countdown Timer.
  • Use them towards the TOTW Starter Offer to earn a guaranteed TOTW Starter Player.

Running the Math for F2P Players

As per our calculations, the following sums up the chances for F2P Players.

Resource Management

Daily/Weekly QuestTOTW Point RewardsRefresh Time
Win 2 Division Rivals Matches35 TOTW PointsDaily
Earn 400 Star Pass Score50 TOTW PointsWeekly
Win 25 Division Rivals Matches50 TOTW PointsWeekly
Score 300 Goals50 TOTW PointsWeekly
Complete 15 Skill Games and/or Matches in Daily Training50 TOTW PointsWeekly
Complete all Weekly Quests100 TOTW PointsWeekly
TOTW Exchanges245 TOTW Points Weekly

You can obtain a minimum of 845 TOTW Points and 545 if you avoid the weekly Exchanges

Keep in mind, your TOTW Points per week depends solely on how efficient you are in completing the Daily and Weekly Quests and whether or not you choose to opt for the TOTW Exchanges.

FIFA Mobile 22 Team of the Week (TOTW) Guide: Tips and Tricks

TOTW is a permanent event in FIFA Mobile, therefore you will get enough time to plan out your strategy. Collect your TOTW points from the quests and exchanges and stack them until your favorite player or a master card (90+ OVR) comes in the Team of the Week.

TOTW Starters and Reserves

Remember, you need to open the TOTW offer at least 6 times to bring the countdown to zero. So at least 600 TOTW Points you will need to guarantee even a single TOTW Starter Player. Yes, the odds are not good at all, and you should horde on till your favorite player arrives in the TOTW.

If opened and obtained players within the first hour of release, the players can earn you a fortune from the market. Make sure to check the demand and supply as it will only go on decreasing till the demand dries out with time.

TOTW Exchanges

The Exchanges should be easy enough if you manage to get three starters from the current week for every set. Since there is no OVR restriction on the starter OVR, take note of the player prices in the market and plan your strategy accordingly with the Exchanges.

TOTW Exchange 2 FIFA Mobile 22 Team of the Week TOTW
TOTW Exchange 2 (Image via Electronic Arts)

So that is it, Team of the Week event in a nutshell. To help you in the best possible way, we will be continuously updating this article with the best SBC solutions after every week of the TOTW release. So keep checking this space for the cheapest and quickest solutions!

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. Hope you find this FIFA Mobile 22 Team of the Week TOTW Event Guide useful.

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