FIFA Mobile 22 World Cup 2022 Tournament mode Guide

Are you ready for the FIFA World Cup 2022 Torunament!!

Finally, it’s that time again! FIFA World Cup 2022 is just around the corner and FIFA Mobile has joined in for the celebrations as well! Just like the last world cup from FIFA Mobile 18, EA will be introducing an entirely separate FIFA World Cup 2022 mode for FIFA Mobile 22. Going live with the upcoming mid-season update on November 08, EA is bringing the FIFA World Cup 2022 Tournament to FIFA Mobile 22!

The Tournament Mode will be available in the upcoming Mid-Season Update. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about this new game mode. Prepare ahead of time and get ready to lead your team to glory!

FIFA Mobile 22 World Cup 2022 Tournament: Event Description

The World Cup tournament mode will feature all 32 Qualified National teams from the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022 as well as the 15 National teams who didn’t quite make it. There will be World Cup commentary, World Cup national kits, match balls, and even authentic stadiums (Al Bayt and Lusail)! Additionally, the game will undergo a complete visual and UI overhaul bringing a brand new FIFA World Cup 2022-themed user interface (UI).

  • Event Duration:  November 08th onwards (Thrice per week)

Introducing Live OVR

For the first time, EA is introducing Live OVR. This is an exclusive feature of the FIFA World Cup 2022 tournament mode which is a real-time shift to the individual player OVRs based on their real-time performances. Winning teams receive +1 OVR and individual players will receive +1 OVR for all of their individual stats.

Additionally on crowned as the Man of the Match, the player will receive another +1 OVR. There will be Community choices awards as well on social media based on voting to boost OVR and stats for fan-favorite players. Yes, you heard right, there may be opportunities on social media to determine additional OVR and stats boosts for fan-favorite players!

FIFA Mobile 22 World Cup 2022 Tournament: Event Flow

Difficulty Settings

Introducing the brand new Difficulty Settings! So the FIFA 22 World Cup 2022 Tournament will have six different Difficulty Settings starting with Beginner and going all the way up to Legendary.  The Tournament offers six difficulty settings to best suit your ability: Beginner, Amateur, Semi-Pro, Professional, World Class, and Legendary.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Tournament Difficulty (Image via Electronic Arts)

To unlock the World Class and Legendary difficulties, you will need to win the Tournament on the difficulty setting just before it. Win the Tournament on Professional to unlock World Class, and win the Tournament on World Class to unlock Legendary. Earn different rewards based on the difficulty you choose.

You can play through the Tournament hence more than once, precisely three times a week and initially, you need to compete on the first four difficulties. To ensure maximum rewards, play on the highest possible difficulty that suits your abilities!

National Teams

Post selecting your difficulty, you can start the tournament by selecting the nation that you want to lead to victory. If you decide to choose one of the 15 additional National Teams, then they will replace one of the 32 qualified National Teams in the tournament. The star rating shows the OVR of your nation. The star rating denotes the players in that team, their OVR, and their stats.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Tournament National Teams (Image via Electronic Arts)

Therefore teams with higher star ratings will have higher OVR players and better stats. Once you select your difficulty, your team, and your lineup it’s time for the main action to begin in the Tournament! Select your team and press the Team Overview button on the bottom left to view the team lineup and details before you make a selection.

Tournament Hub

Now that you’ve selected your team, created your ideal lineup, and selected the difficulty, it’s time to start your FIFA World Cup 2022 tournament journey in FIFA Mobile 22! You will be able to review your group stage draw and even reshuffle it to your liking up to three times maximum before you start if the draw doesn’t suit your prospects.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Tournament Format (Image via Electronic Arts)

Therefore, before the tournament starts, you have a chance to review the group phase draw. By default, the 32 qualified National Teams are placed reflecting the actual tournament draw, but you can reshuffle the draw up to three times if you’d like! Additionally, you also have the option to revert back to the original draw from the Default button if your draws are way too unlucky and unrealistic to reach.

Next advance to the main Tournament Hub, pick your lineup and kick off your first FIFA World Cup 2022 match. Press Continue to advance to the Tournament Hub, where you can change your lineup, view your Tournament schedule/bracket and check out the rewards. You can play the tournament up to three times each week with the option to use FIFA Points for more playthrough opportunities and retries.

Tournament Rewards

The Rewards are based on your difficulty level and your final results. Rewards can include World Cup players and special event currency for the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022 live event that goes live a week after the tournament releases ie on November 17th.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Tournament Rewards (Image via Electronic Arts)

Earn rewards based on your tournament progress and chosen difficulty by completing the Tournament. Once the live event begins on November 17th and onwards, you can earn special World Cup Players for winning the Tournament. Add these hard-earned Players to your main ultimate team!

That’s the World Cup 2022 Tournament event in a nutshell. Beyond that, there isn’t a whole lot to say about this event. All the calculations are at your doorstep there, do with it what you will and plan carefully. The World Cup Tournament goes live on November 08 and the live event comes on November 17th!

That’s a lot going on in the month of November, along with the mid-season update that brings the Advanced Passing and new UI. November is indeed a happening month folks, and you should be pumped up for it! Keep checking this space as we will update this guide with all the calculations and tips as the World Cup 2022 Tournament goes live!

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. Hope you find this FIFA Mobile 22 World Cup 2022 Tournament Guide useful.

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