FIFA Mobile 23 Team of the Week (TOTW) Guide

Find the top performers from the world of football in the new TOTW!

The Team of the Week (TOTW) event is live in FIFA Mobile 23! As players outshine their opponents with their enthralling performances over the weekend, EA releases their in-game versions every week in the Team of the Week (TOTW) promo. Every week a new team of 11 players with high-rated elite cards based on the player’s onfield performances during the last weekend.

Team of the Week is back! The top weekly performers from the football world make their appearances in this returning event. Play Skill Games and Matches to earn TOTW Players and base resources. TOTW will run for the duration of the 2023 club football season.

FIFA Mobile 23 Team of the Week (TOTW) Event Description

  • Event Duration: Every Week (7 Days)

FIFA Mobile 23 Team of the Week (TOTW) Event Flow


In the Main Tab, you will have a choice of playing either of the two paths. You can either play a series of 3 Skill Games and one AI Match every day to earn TOTW Points and a Skip Ticket from the top path. Or you can just play one single AI Match from the bottom path. You will be needing 6x TOTW Players from the current FIFA Mobile 23 season to play that match and alternatively, there is a Skip Match option as well where you can entirely skip playing that match for a Skip Ticket.

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There are also 2 additional ads every day that you need to watch. Play Skill Games and Matches in TOTW every week for TOTW Points. You have the choice between 2 paths: Top Path and Bottom Path. Once you choose to play one of the paths, the other becomes locked. Skip Tickets can be obtained with TOTW Points if you want to skip the match play and quickly receive your rewards.

Both the top and bottom paths give the exact same amount of TOTW Points every day. So if any day you are in a hurry to complete the TOTW chapter and just move on, don’t hesitate to use your Skip Ticket and claim your rewards immediately.


This is the Rewards Tab, you will spend your hard-earned TOTW Points for TOTW Players and in-game resources. Use your TOTW Points towards TOTW Players, Coins, Skill Boosts, Skip Tickets, and Base Players. For the TOTW Player claim, you’ll be able to see the number of TOTW Players remaining from the weekly lineup. These players will refresh weekly.

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Yes, so you will be able to claim one TOTW Player only once from the player pull, thereby making all the players (both starters and reserves included) guaranteed from the pack. With each pull requiring 5000 TOTW Points, it just might be useful to spend them only when you have enough to empty the entire pack to ensure the chances of getting the player with the highest OVR.

There are options for trading in TOTW Points for in-game resources as well including 2000 TOTW Points for 100,000 Coins, 4500 TOTW Points for 50 Skill Boosts, and 1000 TOTW Points for 5x 70+ OVR Gold Base Players. Additionally, you can redeem a Skip Ticket as well from your TOTW Points at an exchange rate of 4500 TOTW Points for a Skip Ticket.

FIFA Mobile 23 Team of the Week (TOTW) Event Currencies

TOTW Points

  • Earn them from Skill Games and Matches in the Main Chapter
  • Use them towards TOTW Reserve+ Offer to earn TOTW Players and other resources in the Reward Chapter.

Skip Tickets

  • Earn them by completing the Top Half of the Main Chapter or by redeeming for TOTW Points from the Reward Chapter.
  • Use them towards skipping the Bottom Half of the Main Chapter to earn TOTW Points quickly

Running the Math for F2P Players

As per our calculations, the following sums up the chances for F2P Players.

Resource Management

TOTW Points (Daily)Skip Tickets (Daily)
Top/Bottom Path4500 TOTW Points1

You can obtain a minimum of 4500 TOTW Points daily from either of the two paths

Keep in mind, your TOTW Points per week depend solely on how efficient and consistent you are in completing either of the two paths without forgetting in that day’s reset.

FIFA Mobile 23 Team of the Week (TOTW) Guide: Tips and Tricks

TOTW is a permanent event in FIFA Mobile, therefore you will get enough time to plan out your strategy. Collect your TOTW points from either of the two paths and stack them until your favorite player or a High OVR card (95+ OVR) comes in the Team of the Week.

TOTW Starters and Reserves

Remember, you need to open the TOTW Reserve+ Offer at least 23 times to guarantee the TOTW Player you are targetting or the one with the highest OVR. So at least 115000 TOTW Points you will need to guarantee your desired TOTW Starter Player with each pull requiring 5000 TOTW Points. Yes, the odds are not good at all, and you should horde on till your favorite player arrives in the TOTW.

With 4500 TOTW Points up for grabs daily, resulting in 31500 TOTW Points weekly you will need at least 26 days ie 4 weeks of playing the TOTW to empty an entire pack to guarantee you, your desired TOTW Player.

You can obtain your desired TOTW Player guaranteed by accumulating TOTW Points for at least 26 days

If opened and obtained players within the first mins of release, the players can earn you some quick cash from the market given there is a demand. Make sure to check that as the demand will only go on decreasing with time. With the market being completely changed to a player-to-player from player-to-bot, it is unlikely you will fetch a huge amount given everyone is opening packs at the same time as well so the demand is always less than the supply.

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Alternatively, one might be better off ignoring packing the players entirely. The Pack offers 50 random Skill Boosts for 4500 TOTW Points. With that exchange, you can be earning a total of 350 random Skill Boosts per week and as the number adds up, 1300 random Skill Boosts in the 26 days, the same time frame that might guarantee you your desired TOTW. In fact, given how plummeted the market is, you are better off sticking to Resources than the players. You can just buy your favorite Player from that week’s TOTW once the prices settle down.

So that is it, Team of the Week event in a nutshell. Beyond that, there isn’t a whole lot to say about this event. All the calculations are at your doorstep there, do with it what you will and plan carefully. It’s just a weekly event to grab some players or in-game resources. Utilize your Skip Tickets as and when required, and never even think of spending your FIFA Points or Gems on the TOTY Store Offers. Just don’t, they are not worth it.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. Hope you find this FIFA Mobile 23 Team of the Week TOTW Event Guide useful.

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Very helpful, But please tell me how many totw points are needed to get the highest number of ovr player

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