FIFA Mobile Champions League Group Stage Event Guide

FIFA Mobile has brought back the champions league group stage event in the game. Its a great opportunity for the FIFA players to grab some handsome rewards. Here we will discuss how you can gain better rewards than other players using the same resources. So, read out until the end.

Event Description

  • Duration: 3rd December to 7th January. [total=36 days]
  • Energy refill rate: 1/ hr [max holding capacity= 24]
  • Energy from ads: 6/ 2ads [12hrs refresh]
  • Daily challenge: 24hrs refresh

Event Calculation

  • Total Energy: (Preloaded 24) + [24 x 36days] + [2 x 6 (from ads) x 36 days]=1320
  • Number of Skill games: 1320/3 = 440
  • Total Path Points: 3520

Daily Challenge

Log in to daily to play the FIFA Mobile champions league group stage daily challenge mode. Every day a new team (out of the 30) will be selected randomly for playing. The refresh timer will start after finishing the match of the current assigned team.

After winning the match you will be awarded the kit of that particular team and one “Match Win” point. using this match win point you can claim 7 days challenge or 30 days challenge reward.

Fifa Mobile UCL Group Stage
Champions League group stage teams

UEFA Champions League Group Stage

In the FIFA Mobile Champions League group stage, there are three types of currencies are there viz Energy, Path Token, Group Points. Use Energy to play Skill game/VSA/H2H and to earn path-token. Now, you have to use your path token to progress through Novice/Advanced/Pro path and during the journey, you will get Coin, XP, Skill Boosts and group points. This group points can be used to claim various players.

Energy Management

TypeEnergy Cost [win]Path Token [tie]
Path Token
Path Token
Skill Game38NAloss of energy (3)

Note: It is suggested to only play Skill games if your team is not enough stong or if you think you can’t win all the VSA/H2H matches.

Fifa Mobile point management

Path Points Management


The total path point required to complete a path is (1090+1840) 2930 and path point cost is the same in every path ( Novice/Advanced/Pro ). Hence, it is most profitable to play Pro Path. Even if you need to spend some coin we suggest you play the pro path if you can.

Novice Path requirement and rewards

fifa mobile

Advanced Path requirement and rewards

Pro Path requirement and rewards

Group Point Management

You need to target the players and resources according to the path you choose to play. The cost of the weekly rotational players has been shown below (in the table).

Path ChosenTotal Group Points

Note: It is highly recommended to play the pro path if you can meet the requirements and you may use gems to grab 2500 group point cost players.

Use of Group points

Each week there will be a new set of player
@> 5 new players will be introduced every week
@> 2 static players will be there as well 90 ovr & 95 ovr

rotational players, FIFA Mobile Champions League Group Stage

UCL Reward Players Details

FIFA Mobile Champions League Group Stage
FIFA Mobile Champions League Group Stage


FIFA Mobile Champions League Group Stage

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