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Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Beginners Guide and Tips

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One of the most anticipated Android and iOS games in 2023, Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis has recently been released. Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is a mobile RPG developed by Applibot and published by Square Enix that reimagines the classic Final Fantasy VII story in a modern episodic format. For all the enthusiastic fans of the game, here is our beginners guide outlining the battle system, gacha system, and various enhancement and growth systems in Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis.

Understanding the in-game Battle System

The game features a mix of turn-based combat and uses the ATB (active time battle) system. The ATB system allows the players to select an action at any point during their turn instead of waiting for the opponent’s turn to finish. This makes the battle immersive and keeps the player engaged to time their skills and magic to outplay the enemies.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Skill Points Meter
Image via Square Enix

The skill points meter in the middle of the screen is the main mechanic with which skills and magic can be cast; when the required amount of skill points for skills or magic is met, the skill or magic can be used. For example, casting Cure might cost three bars in your meter, so once those bars light up, you’ll be free to cast Cure. The meter fills up over time as the battle goes on.

1. Targeting enemies’ weak points

With the reintroduction of the elemental system in Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, the use of the right magic becomes the most efficient way to win a fight. Players can view the elemental weaknesses before playing a mission with just one click on the magnifying glass and then re-equip their material to match the enemy’s weaknesses.

2. Maintaining Stance of Party Members

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Stance Management
Image via Square Enix

Maintaining the stance of party members throughout the fight is the key to executing devastating blows or saving yourself from critical attacks by enemies. On the right side of the screen, the stance button is present. Switching stance is as easy as clicking one button. You just have to tap on the stance button to change it anytime.

3. Party Management and limit breaks

Party Management
Image via Square Enix

You can switch between characters by tapping their profiles in battle, but you can only control one character at a time. Limit Breaks (a character’s ultimate attack) are represented by the golden gauge below the health bar, which keeps charging. Once the gauge is full, the character’s ultimate attack can be used. These powerful abilities can be chained together to inflict extra damage.

Utilising the in-game Gacha System

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis has also added gacha mechanics to its arsenal. With the introduction of the gacha system, players can draw for different types of weapons for their characters to boost their combat score, and increasing the combat score is very impactful for a player’s account as it will help you to ace through the game content and enjoy the fabulous story with no hindrance.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Special Draw
Image via Square Enix

Currently, we have 3 banners, which are “Release Celebration: Special Draw”, “Featured Draw”, and “Tickets Draw”. Special Draw and Featured Draw have similar drop rates for weapons.

Special Draws


  • 5 Star Weapon: 7.5%
  • 4 Star Weapon: 22.5%
  • 3 Star Weapon: 70%
  • You are Guaranteed to obtain one 5 Star Weapon within 10 Draws.

Although they have similar drop rates, the difference between Special Draw and Featured Draw is that in Special Draw only Red Crystal (paid currency) can be used to draw weapons, whereas in Featured Draw both Red Crystal (paid currency) and Blue Crystal (free currency) can be used to draw weapons.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Featured Draw
Image via Square Enix

Also, if you summon x10 in the Featured Draw, you will also obtain a stamp. After collecting enough stamps, you will be able to obtain the featured characters Weapon and Cosmetic. Stamps also have their own rates.

Stamp Collection Rates

  • 12 Stamps = 0.01%
  • 6 Stamps = 0.55%
  • 5 Stamps = 1.5% 
  • 4 Stamps = 2.02% 
  • 3 Stamps = 15.92%
  • 2 Stamps = 35%
  • 1 Stamp = 45%
  • Every time you summon x10, you will obtain a random number of Stamps (From 1 to 12). 
Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Ticket Draw
Image via Square Enix

Last but not least, the Ticket Draw in Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is a special banner that lets you obtain a variety of weapons based on the ticket you use. There’s a ticket that lets you acquire a 5-star weapon and others that let you acquire any kind of weapon or a specific weapon from the featured main story chapter. But it should be noted that these special banners will be hidden until you have acquired a ticket, and you can only summon them with tickets.

Standard Draws


  • 5 Star Weapon Tickets
    • 5 Star Weapon: 100%
  • Standard Weapon Tickets
    • 5 Stars Weapon: 7.5%
    • 4 Stars Weapon = 22.5%
    • 3 Stars Weapon = 70%
  • Main Story Featured Tickets
    • 5 Stars Weapon = 7.5%
    • 4 Stars Weapon = 22.5%
    • 3 Stars Weapon = 70%
    • Pity = None

To draw and add more weapons to the roster, you will need premium currency, which you can obtain from in-game purchases. But worry not, you can also obtain the premium currency from completing story mode, achievements, and daily loot to perform draws and further strengthen your account for maximum efficient progression.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Beginners Guide: Enhancement and Growth System Explained

As you play through the episodes, you will notice the recommended combat power for each episode, and falling too far behind in combat power could be troublesome for your team.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Combat Power
Image via Square Enix

You essentially have to try to stay equal to or above the recommended combat power rating; that way, you will have no problems beating bosses and mobs during your playthrough.

Materia Mechanic

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Materia Mechanic
Image via Square Enix

Just like in the original Final Fantasy VII, Ever Crisis prominently uses materia, the crystallized essence of the planet, which gives magical powers to the user. You will need to synthesize materia by combining different items together in certain recipe combinations. Materia is a very important element of Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis; it grants your characters new skills and magic, as well as sub-stats.

Upgrading Weapons

With our basic knowledge of RPGs, we all know we have to upgrade and level up our weapons to get stronger. The same goes for Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, where you have to upgrade and level up your weapons to increase the combat score of the team so as to achieve or get higher than the recommended combat score of the episodes and be able to complete the story with ease.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Weapon Upgrades
Image via Square Enix

The combat score can also be increased by equipping higher-rarity items. To level up the weapons, materials are required, which can be obtained by completing solo content missions.

Solo Content Missions

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Solo Content
Image via Square Enix

Solo content missions are essential for the growth of your account. By grinding the solo content missions, we can obtain the EXP items to enhance weapons and improve materia. So it is strongly suggested to play the solo content missions and get stronger faster. To unlock more missions for solo content, you must complete chapters and episodes in story mode.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

  1. You have the option to add up to 5 weapons to your Wishlist which will increase your chances of obtaining them every time you pull.
  2. It’s important to stay active by using your daily stamina, completing daily objectives, and collecting free items from the shop. After that, use your remaining funds to level up and increase the capabilities of your weapons to maintain your combat rating.
  3. In order to be successful in battle, it’s crucial to switch between offensive and defensive stances frequently.
  4. Once the golden gauge (limit break gauge) is full, characters can unleash their ultimate attacks, which are incredibly powerful. You can even chain these attacks together for even greater impact.
  5. It’s best to focus on enhancing your weapons rather than searching for the perfect materia early on in the game. Grinding for materia is better suited for mid-game.

Final Thoughts

It has been a blessing for both the new Final Fantasy fans and the veterans since the release of Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis. Fans can finally experience the complete Final Fantasy VII compilation in a single game. So let’s start this journey together to delve into the amazing world of Final Fantasy VII and fight alongside our favourite soldier, Cloud, and his company.

That’s all from us for the Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Beginners Guide and Tips! Do let us know in the comments!

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