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Five Stars Beginners Guide and Tips

The only guide you will need to have a five star experience in Five Stars!

Five Stars is a new tactical RPG title by the developers SkyPeople, the game offers strategic gameplay for the players to explore and brew up their strategies when they come up against formidable foes in the game. The game offers an all in all strategy experience where there are multiple characters in the game with each offering something different for the team and it is the responsibility of the players to utilize their potential to the utmost level. This Five Stars Beginners Guide will aim to help the players with some tips and tricks to get the best out of the game in the early phases.

Gameplay Overview

The game basically revolves around players grinding to collect as many heroes in the game as possible and testing their might against the unique bosses available in the game. It offers an engaging story as well where players are tasked with the revival of the fallen empire and fighting against the hurdles in form of the dark forces.

Five Stars Beginners Guide, Five Stars
Image via SkyPeople

The game offers a turn-based RPG card battler experience where there are different character cards waiting for redemption with each offering different stats. Players can go through these cards and select the best-suited characters to battle it out with the enemies in the game.

Introducing the basics of Five Stars

The game offers a strategic experience where Mana and Rage points define the attacking options available with a character in the game. The game does allow for the rage and mana points to be carried around to the next phase hence players will have to strategize and utilize the points accordingly making the best use of the points in the game.

Five Stars Reroll guide, Five Stars
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The choice in the game would completely lie down with the players ultimately whether they would want to spend all of their action points at once to deal massive damage or save some action points for more flexible movement and strategy. Different moves of the characters cost the points according to their effectiveness. Rage points are used for attacking players in the game whereas Mana points are used for magic and support characters in the game.

Test your might against various bosses in the game

the game offers the players a variety of different bosses in the game with each having its own strengths and weaknesses for players to explore and exploit. Do make sure of the fact that bosses with a class and stats advantage will counter-attack the advances made by the players in the game on a random basis. Do make sure that you fight the bosses with the right character in your squad.

Five Stars Beginners Guide, Five Stars
Image via SkyPeople

You will have to defeat all the enemies, the boss, and his foot soldiers in order to complete the challenge and level eventually. Our advice would be to try and concentrate the attacks of your whole squad on the most dangerous enemy in the mix and try to eliminate them as soon as possible. By doing this not only will you be defeating the enemy but also making sure that the enemy’s attacking options are reduced to a controllable limit.

Fight and defeat real-time players in a PvP environment

The game hosts multiple PvP tournaments for the players in order to give them opportunities to test their strategies and battle experience against real-time players within the game. Needless to say that the tournaments offer great rewards and experience points which are very useful and rewarding, especially in the initial phases of the game.

Five Stars Beginners Guide, Five Stars
Image via SkyPeople

Tournaments are held on a weekly basis with each having its own milestones to complete and offering different rewards such as in-game resources and different skins in the game for different characters.

Five Stars Beginners Guide: Tips and tricks to master the game

After investing multiple hours in the game we have come up with the following tips and tricks in our Five Stars Beginners Guide for new players venturing into the game to have a better experience.

1. Have a diversified team

It is always advisable to have one character of every class in the game, there are different character classes in the game like the healer, the wizards, the brawlers, and the ranged archers. Having a perfect blend of all the characters in your squad will allow you to have a flexible strategy going into the battles.

Not every character card in the game offers everything for the players in battle, hence it is always better to have a diversified team of heroes at your disposal. Healers and wizards can provide good cover to the frontline brawlers in the game. Whereas brawlers do get a statistical boost when paired with wizards, all of this adds to the reasons why there should a perfect mix in the team.

2. Level up and equip your character with the best gear possible

Leveling up is part of the job, your character stats keeps on increasing as you level up with the character, and you can also equip the character with solid pieces of equipment in the game which would also boost the statistics of the card making it more resistant to enemy attacks.

New gear can be acquired by completing various different tasks or events in the game, as you will progress further in the main storyline, you would also come across better resources and better gear. Hence it would be a wise decision for anyone to save money in the earlier stages and spend them wisely in the later stages.

3. Test your skills in various dungeons of the game

There are plenty of dungeons having different sorts of challenges in the game where players can test their might and rack up kills in the dungeons while clearing one obstacle at a time. The dungeon system is a level-based setup in the game where with each round you clear the difficulty of the game increases along with the levels you clear in the game.

Five Stars Beginners Guide, Five Stars
Image via SkyPeople

There are two types of dungeons in the game, the regular and the special. The difference is the level of rewards you can get in the game. off-course the level of difficulty is also different. The regular ones are easy to navigate through with lesser density and lower-level enemies while the opposite is true for the special dungeons with more dense battles along with more difficult boss fights.

4. Don’t forget to join a clan in the game as soon as possible.

Clans are an important part of Five Stars, they offer plenty of options for new players to test their mettle against similar players of their level and find where they stand as they bring their own sets of side missions and challenges that keep on refreshing on a weekly basis.

Five Stars Beginners Guide, Five Stars
Image via SkyPeople

As players keep on completing these challenges, more new objectives and bonus missions can also be accessed via Clan Chat which can give access to more experience points which are very important to level up faster in the earlier stages of the game. Joining clans also helps the players to stay updated as to where they stand in the game as the leaderboard in the clan system acts as a benchmark for the players in reflecting their progress.

5. Sell your unused gear in the market for some free diamonds.

Five Stars Beginners Guide, Five Stars
Image via SkyPeople

You can always sell off the unwanted gear and the gear which are not in use by your character to the in-game shop to exchange them with diamonds in the game, this is a very useful trick in the game because diamond is a pretty useful resource in the game and can be used to level up characters as well along with buying some summon coupons in the game for better heroes.

Final Thoughts

The game, Five Stars offers a very strategic and tactical gameplay experience for the fans to experience and hence makes it interesting to play because of the number of characters and features that it offers. However, along with making it interesting it also increases the complexities of the game hence making it a bit hard for beginners in understanding the basics of the game. We hope that with this Five Stars Beginners Guide, we were able to simplify things well enough for players in understanding the game.

Did you find this Five Stars Beginners Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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