Football Manager 2021 Mobile: How to play with real player names in the game

Play with real player names in FM21!

Football Manager 2021 Mobile is a popular football manager game developed by SEGA. Despite its great quality, there is still one flaw in the game, the player names from non-licensed teams are all randomly generated. A ton of players from all the big clubs are present, however, their names are different. In a way, this slightly ruins the experience. It would be much better if you could manage your team by seeing the names you are familiar with. If only there was a way. This step-by-step guide will show you exactly how to play with real player names in Football Manager 2021 Mobile. Do keep in mind that you will need access to internal storage, which is easy on Android, but difficult on iOS. You may need to access a computer/laptop to get into the FM21 in-game files on iOS.

How to play Football Manager 2021 with real player names?

1. Download the team file you would like to play in the game

Since you can’t change the actual game data, you are unable to download a singular file that modifies the game for you. However, you can download game saves.

Football Manager 2021 Mobile real player names
Football Manager 2021 Mobile real player names

Here are the links to the data files of the teams that are available. You can download the file for whichever team you would like to use. However, if the team you are willing to choose is not available on this list, then, unfortunately, you will be unable to play with the real names of that team.

2. Locate the game folder

This part is where you will need to access the saved files. As said previously, finding them on Android is easy, but o iOS is difficult. For this, you will need access to an external computer/laptop. Once you can get into the internal storage of your mobile device, head over to the Documents folder. Inside there, you should see a folder called Sports Interactive.

Then click Football Manager 2021 Mobile, then click normal, then click games. This is the folder where all the save game files are saved on your device. However, if the Sports Interactive folder does not appear for you, you may need to first go into the game and start a career. Moreover, this will automatically create the folder for all the game saves.

3. Extract the .fms file into the folder

The file you downloaded in Step 1 should be a .zip file. Inside there, you should see another file that has a .fms extension. This is the game save file. Furthermore, copy this file and paste it into the games folder you found in Step 2. That’s it!

4. Go into the game and load the save data file

now, open the game (make sure to restart it first) and hit Load Game. In the saved games sections, you would see a new file. The new saved game will have the name of the manager for the club on it.

Football Manager 2021 Mobile real player names – Arsenal save

So if you chose Arsenal, you’ll see Mikel Arteta, if you chose Chelsea, you’ll see Frank Lampard, etc. The saved game should also have a hashtag (#) and a number next to the date on the left. This ensures that this is a manually saved game, not an automatically saved game. Once you know which one it is, load up that save and start your career in FM21!

That’s all about how can you play with real player names in Football Manager 2021 Mobile! Let us know your opinions about this article in the comments section below!

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Pls Liga Argentina: Boca, River, Newells, Velez, etc.

Sayan Sengupta

MLS clubs like Inter Miami , Los Angeles FC pls.


Please how can i play the challenge mode with real player names


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Obidi Clinton

Please I want to start the challenges but the FM data I downloaded doesn’t work. How do I do it?


There is no game folder when i clicked sport interactive then fm21 mobile. I did start a carrer and there is saved datas but i can’t find game folder

Ayotunde Ismai

Can I download FM 21 for free?


Please what should I do to get the real players

The terabyte

Thanks a lotttttt. It worked!


Is telling me file not found


How can I get man united new players

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