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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7: Where to search for Clues at Steel Farm

Find the clues of the Steel Farm like a Pro!

In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 players will have to play a new set of Legendary Challenges every week, which must be completed in under 7 days. These tasks offer a great deal of XP which provides huge aid to your quest for the Battle Pass rewards. However as well as the physical benefits, these challenges also form a part of the Fortnite storyline which has always been drawing in players with its dynamic nature. Each Challenge adds more to the Fortnite timeline. If you are interested in the storyline, these challenges are a must to compete. In the Week 4 legendary challenge, Farmer Steel is missing, and it’s up to the players to find him. Here’s where to find the clues at Steel Farm to complete the Week 4 Legendary challenge of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7.

This whole set of Legendary challenges revolve around the curious case of the missing Fortnite character, Farmer Steel. Of course, the aliens have invaded the Fortnite world along with the Season 7 update. Now though, it now seems that individual characters are being quietly dealt with. Farmer Steel has randomly disappeared and so his cousin, Cousin Steel, has tasked Fortnite players to search in and around his farm for possible clues.

Clue Locations at Steel Farm in Fortnite

There are a total of 4 clue locations which are shown on the map below. However, players only need to search for any 2 of them. Fortunately, you should be able to complete this challenge quite quickly. Epic Games have dropped some more loot around these locations which should help you prepare for the later game too.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 Steel Farm Clues
Clue Locations on Steel Fam in Fortnite

The safest route would be to traverse from the clue at the cliff edge, around the edge of the farm towards the bridge. In a hot-drop, the farm would be the ideal looting place, so you’d avoid that with this route. If that isn’t an issue, you can go across the farm from the cliff edge towards the crop fields. This route would allow you to gather loot along the way too.

This challenge will reward players with a very tidy 45k XP, helping towards the quest for the Battle Pass skins. On the storyline, unfortunately, players will return empty-handed. The search will still continue though, as Cousin Steel will then ask for players to look around at Farmer Steel’s favorite locations in the next challenge.

Have you searched the clues at the locations in Steel Farm in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 yet? Let us know in the comments sections below!

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