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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1: Tips to align stars in the game

- Watch the moon cycle and finish the quest!

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 has some of the coolest quests and challenges in the game. This ongoing chapter has provided players with a lot of thrill and excitement. The developers of Fortnite have made sure that the players are always engaged with new quests and challenges. Fortnite has introduced a quest where players will have to align stars and watch a moon cycle. This quest throws the players on an interactive journey that starts with finding unique locations on the map. Players will then have to interact actively with the environment around them and solve an immersive puzzle to complete the quest.

How to align stars in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

First and foremost, players will have to find the star sensors which are scattered all across the island. Follow the locations given on the map here to find them easily. After finding them players must follow a few steps to align the star sensors in the popular battle royale game. Follow the steps given below:

Fortnite Align Stars
Image via Epic Games
  • First set up the star sensors in the holographic locations at the base of each stone. 
  • After placing the sensors, you’ll need to damage the sensors. To do so just set them down as they appear on the monitor in the middle. 
  • Once they are set down, they will take on the appearance of the moon going through its different phases.
Fortnite Align Stars
Image via Epic Games

While aligning the star sensors players will need to be very cautious since enemies can easily sneak up on them while they are distracted. To avoid getting ambushed by enemies players can hire the NPC that walks around that area. The NPC will then cover you from enemies as you try to figure out the puzzle. The final step of the quest involves shooting the last sensor and interacting with the monitor. The quest gets completed as players watch the moon cycle.

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