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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 MEGA: All fish locations and how to find them

Sometimes even a Fishing Rod can make a difference!

Fortnite is one of the most iconic Battle Royales from recent years if not the most iconic, one of the reasons for the success of the game is the fact that it keeps on coming up with creative ideas for the fans to enjoy. One such invention was the introduction of fish, which were added a couple of years back in Fortnite. Recently however the benefits have changed and fishes offer a variety of perks and buffs to the players who catch them. Here in this article we will try and list the number of fish available and their locations in Fortnite.

Fishes in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 MEGA

Fishes have been part of the Fortnite universe for quite a few seasons now, making players aware and used to fishing in between the battle royale. One thing which changed is what these fishes offer in the game now. Earlier the fishes were just useful for healing purposes where they offered increased HP and helped in recovering the lost HP. However, with the latest updates, these fishes have also got a decent amount of updates to them resulting in more variety and added perks.

Fortnite fish
Image via Epic Games

Now with the new updates in order things have changed drastically in terms of the number of fish players can come across in the game. Depending on where you’re on the map, you’ll have a chance at catching unique fish that come with exciting buffs. These buffs can vary in terms of duration, effectiveness, and damage. Fish perks can add the extra spark needed by the players in the game to secure victory.

All fish locations in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 MEGA

Here are the fish locations in the current Fortnite season.

Fish Name Location
Orange FlopperAnywhere
Green FlopperAnywhere
Blue FlopperAnywhere
Pink FlopperAnywhere
Teal FlopperAnywhere
Blue SlurpfishAnywhere
Yellow SlurpfishDesert Areas
Purple SlurpfishMountainous Areas
Black SlurpfishCoastal Areas at Night
White SlurpfishSwamp Areas
Pro Fishing Rod is required to catch White Slurpfish
Slurp JellyfishAnywhere
Dark Vanguard JellyfishAnywhere
Cuddle JellyfishSwamp Areas
Peely JellyfishMountainous Areas
Pro Fishing Rod is required to catch Peely Jellyfish
Purple JellyfishCoastal Areas
Black and Blue Shield FishAnywhere
Black Striped Shield FishCoastal Areas
Pink Shield FishAnywhere
Green Shield FishForest Areas
Light Blue Shield FishAnywhere
Molten Spicy FishAnywhere
Drift Spicy FishForest Areas
White Spicy FishMountainous Areas
Southern Spicy FishSwamp Areas
Sky Blue Spicy FishCoastal Areas
Light Blue Small FryAnywhere
Tan Small FryAnywhere
Purple Small FryAnywhere
Black Small FryAnywhere
Blue Small FryCoastal Areas
Drift Hop FlopperAnywhere
Coho Hop FlopperForest Areas
Atlantic Hop FlopperMountainous Areas
Pro Fishing Rod is required to catch Atlantic Hop Flopper
Chinook Hop FlopperSwamp Areas
Chum Hop FlopperCoastal Areas
Pink Cuddle FishAnywhere
Blue Cuddle FishAnywhere
Green Cuddle FishAnywhere
Orange Cuddle FishAnywhere
Red Cuddle FishAnywhere
Midas FlopperThe Ruins and The Authority
Pro Fishing Rod is required to catch Midas Flopper
Vendetta FlopperAnywhere
Silver Thermal FishDesert Areas
Pro Fishing Rod is required to catch it
Green Thermal FishForest Areas
Purple and orange Thermal FishAnywhere
Raven Thermal FishCoastal Areas
Pro Fishing Rod is required to catch them
Red and GreenForest Areas
Snowy FlopperAnywhere
Crystal Zero FishAnywhere
Volcanic Rift FishMountainous Areas
Butterfly Rift FishAnywhere
Black spotted Rift FishNight Only
Sandstorm Rift FishCoastal Areas
Pro Fishing Rod is required to catch them
Galactic Rift FishAnywhere
Blue Stink FishAnywhere
Clown Stink FishAnywhere
Purple Stink FishAnywhere
Tiger Zero FishCoastal Areas
Leafy Zero FishForest Areas
Crimson Zero FishMountainous Areas
Skull Zero FishSwamp Areas
Locations for catching fish in Fortnite

As stated before, Fortnite is all about having an edge over your enemy, the fishes in the game offer the exact spark needed to make the difference. The fishes in the game offer a variety of perks and buffs that are needed to outclass the enemy, these perks range but are not limited to increased damage, increased precision, no fall damage, and increased speed.

Fortnite fish
Image via Epic Games

With all the locations of the fishes listed in the table above we hope that players will find it easy to have their own customized loadout and succeed in securing the ultimate dub.

Did you like our exhaustive list containing all locations of fish in Fortnite? Let us know in the comments below!

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