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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 MEGA best landing spots 

Where to go and where not to go?

Fortnite is the most popular battle royale game of Epic Games and one of the most popular games out there in general. One of the reasons why it has been able to maintain its popularity is because it never becomes boring. The developers keep on bringing frequent updates to the game which means it is constantly evolving and remains fresh. Now that the new season of Fortnite named MEGA has been released, there have been several new additions and changes to the game. The map has received quite some changes too and a futuristic Japanese-themed city has been added to it along with a new biome. Players are confused as to what are the best landing spots on the new map and this guide will help them decide on it 

List of Best Landing Spots in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 MEGA

The new season has been freshly released and all these locations will receive a lot of changes as the days go by. The best landing spots might change depending on the favorites of the majority of the players. For now, this is what we think were going to be the best landing spots in Fortnite MEGA.

1. Mega City

Fortnite Mega City
Image via Epic Games

This location has been the USP of the new season of Fortnite as it has been used to sell the new theme of the game which is futuristic and Japan-inspired. There have been various leaks of this POI and it is going to turn out to be a fan favorite for the players as they will get large amounts of loot over here along with new vehicles and grindable rails which they will be able to use to get out of intense scenarios more easily than other locations.

2. Knotty Nets

Fortnite MEGA Knotty Nets
Image via Epic Games

This POI is located on the east coast and has an island with a lot of houses that are filled with loot. It will be a little more peaceful over here while looting when being compared to the likes of other places such as Mega City because the houses are more spread out over here and not congested like the latter mentioned. This means that players can be well-prepared before they need to go into action.

3. Brutal Bastion

Fortnite MEGA Brutal Bastion
Image via Epic Games

This is the second biggest POI standing behind Mega City. In this location, players will be able to find loot in various areas and they can also avoid running across many opponents while doing so as it is quite big and spread out. This means players can peacefully gather up their supplies over here before going into battle. Another advantage of this POI is that it has no bosses which mean there are no chances of coming across any NPC to reduce the chances of the players winning the game too.

4. Steamy Springs

Fortnite MEGA Steamy Springs
Image via Epic Games

This location is a medium-sized village with plenty of houses for the players to search for loot. It is a great place to go to at the beginning of the game as players will find a lot of covers while looking for more loot as in the start they might not find what they want. There’s also the river going through a village which means players will have a quick escape route if things get too intense.

5. Kenjutsu Crossing

Fortnite MEGA Kenjutsu Crossing
Image via Epic Games

Kenjutsu Crossing too is a single-building location much like the Citadel near it though it does have a couple of houses in the west. This location is for the players who want intense fights from the moment they land on the map as in this place players will always have to put up a fight if they want to get to the loot beforehand.

Did you find our guide on the best landing spots in Fortnite MEGA landing spots helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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