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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 WILDS: Tips on how to get the Kinetic Boomerang

Get yourself an explosive boomerang!

Fortnite introduces new weapons during every new season and Chapter 4 Season 3 is no different. Kinetic Ores have been in the game for a while and the developers have launched several weapons such as the Kinetic Blade in Season 2 which uses the properties of the ore in the weapon. Now a new weapon with the name of Kinetic Boomerang has been introduced in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 and here’s how players can find it and use it on enemies and wildlife in the jungle.

Where to find the Kinetic Boomerang in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 WILDS

The Kinetic Boomerang is a weapon with Epic rarity but still, players won’t have much trouble finding one if they know the right places to look at. In general, the Kinetic Boomerang can be found as regular loot on the floor and in chests. It can also be obtained by searching in Boomerang stands.

Fortnite Kinetic Boomerang
Image via Epic Games

These stands can be found at many places in Shady Slits which is one of the new POIs which have been added with the new season. If players come across a Kinetic Boomerang stand, they’ll need to go near it and then press and hold on to the search option. This will make the boomerang fall to the ground after which players can pick it up. Players can also purchase it for 250 gold bars from Guardian Amara who sells it and can be always found at Brutal Bastion.

How to use the Kinetic Boomerang in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 WILDS

The Kinetic Boomerang works like any other boomerang which means that players can throw it and it will return to them after a few seconds. The catch is that it’s not a normal boomerang as it has some kinetic properties which come from the kinetic ore filaments inside it which makes it commence an explosion just before it returns to the player. 

Fortnite Kinetic Boomerang
Image via Epic Games

It deals 60 damage to enemies and 100 damage to structures which is not a lot when compared to other weapons but it has a bigger radius covering ability which makes it a great option to have in certain situations where the players are too far away to be shot with short-range weapons.

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