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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 Last Resort: Tips to find the Sticky Grenade Launcher

Utilise the Grenade Launcher to your benefits!

Both a rocket launcher and a grenade launcher were once present in Fortnite, but they were eventually vaulted and now only sometimes make an appearance during holidays like Halloween and Easter. The Grenade Launch has returned to Fortnite with some changes, and this time, players can now launch Sticky Grenades at their adversaries instead of grenades. The Sticky Grenade Launcher is a weapon that can be very useful in both the Battle Royale and the Zero Build game types of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4.

Where to find the Sticky Grenade Launcher in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4

Players may run into difficulties when looking for the Sticky Grenade Launcher in Fortnite because it isn’t exactly a common weapon. Thankfully, it has a chance to spawn in a variety of places and containers to offset its extreme rarity.

Fortnite Sticky Grenade Launcher
Image via Epic Games

The Sticky Grenade Launcher can be found in ordinary chests, holo-chests that players can open for keys, heist bags, POI capture points, and within flying drones at hotspot locations. Players do have the chance to locate it almost anywhere, even though, like the majority of items, its likelihood of spawning is entirely dependent on RNG.

How to use the Sticky Grenade Launcher in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4

A grenade will launch out of the barrel when players fire the Sticky Grenade Launcher, which is comparable to the Grenade Launcher. Nevertheless, because it contains a Sticky Grenade, it won’t continue to roll until it explodes; instead, it will adhere to anybody or wherever it lands and explode a short time later.

Fortnite Sticky Grenade Launcher
Image via Epic Games

The Sticky Grenade will do 10 damage right away and an additional 70 damage when it explodes if it attaches to an opponent player. There is nothing a player can do to prevent the explosion of one of these grenades once it is tied to them.

The Sticky Grenade Launcher fires every 0.84 seconds, reloads in 6.5 seconds, and can fire 4 grenades before needing to reload. Its explosion has a good enough radius to hit several adversaries at once, making it ideal for eliminating low-card security during a heist or when attempting to take control of the Forecast Towers visible on the map.

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