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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4: Tips to get the Rocket Ram in the game

Last Resort, the newest Fortnite season, has already kicked off on August 25. This new season brings with it a new battle pass, additional Reality Augments to spice up the island’s battles, and amazing Vault-direct weapons are all coming. The Rocket Ram is one of the weapons added to Fortnite with the release of Chapter 4 Season 4 and here’s how to get the Rocket Ram in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4.

Where to find the Rocket Ram in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4

With the launch of Chapter 4 Season 4, new weapons were added to Fortnite, including the Rocket Ram, which is not only effective against foes but also comes in handy while conducting searches. Due to its Rare/Blue rarity, players shouldn’t have too much trouble locating the Rocket Ram when exploring the battle royale island.

The Rocket Ram can be found in standard chest loot and as floor loot, but there is a technique to dramatically improve your odds. The current treasure pool in Fortnite is enormous, and a huge variety of weaponry can show up as floor loot or chest loot. However, since a Heist Bag only contains items that might be useful during a heist and not all the stuff this season, searching one makes it much simpler for players to find a Rocket Ram.

How to use the Rocket Ram in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4

It’s probably worth getting the Rocket Ram since it’s a useful tool, especially if players intend to visit one of Kado Thorne’s strongholds. The Rocket Ram is a tool, but it also doubles as a weapon when necessary.

Players can launch themselves into the air with the Rocket Ram by simply pressing the Shoot button after aiming in the direction they want to travel. A player’s Rocket Ram will do 50 damage if it hits an opponent.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4, Fortnite Rocket Ram
Image via Epic Games

The Rocket Ram can be used by gamers to destroy sturdy buildings and constructions. Only the Rocket Ram is capable of piercing the cracked walls of the Strongholds; the device offers a simple means of entry into some high-security regions as well as a speedy escape whenever the location goes into lockdown as there are also several cracked walls within.

In addition to being destructive, the Rocket Ram may also be utilized as a mobility tool, which is always useful, particularly since the Grappling Glove was elevated at the beginning of Season 4. Players will be able to reach great heights with the Rocket Ram if they aim it in such a way that makes a smooth acute angle, and if they don’t tilt the camera downward, they will be able to utilize it to travel a fair distance.

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